Former Bully Sends Powerful Apology To Classmate 20 Years Later


An apology that one man received from an old classmate reminds us all that it’s never too late to right your wrongs.

chad“There were times I’d walk down the hallway and groups of guys would follow me, threaten me, humiliate me, push me,” Morrisette, who now works as a brand consultant and visual designer in West Hollywood, California, told the outlet.

logo_phpBBBut earlier this month, about 20 years after the bullying occurred, Morrisette received a message from Louis Amundson, one of those bullies. This time, it was far from cruel.

The Apology Message


The apology had a huge effect on Morrisette

pencil-pencil-drawing-sketch-smiley-emoticon-000729-largeโ€œIt unlocked something in me I didnโ€™t realize Iโ€™d been holding onto,” the visual designer told Yahoo. “I cried a little bit. It was so moving.โ€

Morrisette’s response

Morrisette replied, thanking his former bully for the redeeming act and accepting his apology.



More of Morrisette and Amundson’s conversation.

Amundson was relieved by the forgiveness he received and says that though it took a while for him to go forward with it, it was worth it.billard

โ€œYou canโ€™t change your past, but you do still own it,โ€ he told Yahoo. โ€œI canโ€™t take back the names I called him, and the threats I made toward him, but I can apologize. It doesnโ€™t excuse my behavior as a child in any way, but as an adult itโ€™s the best I can do to try to make it up to him.”

Article BY The Huffington Post | BY Kimberly Yam Posted: May 19 2015


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