Will You Kill Me Now – Anti-Bullying film


My pain may be the reason for somebody’s laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody’s pain.  ~ Charlie Chaplin

Anti-Bullying film stars Peaky Blinders actor and Chris Kamara
Anti-Bullying film stars Peaky Blinders actor and Chris Kamara


A Peaky Blinders star and footie pundit Chris Kamara are among the big names recruited for a gritty anti-bullying film by two former Bromley schoolboys.

George Cowin, 22, and Sam Ewen, 21, teamed up to write and direct “Will You Kill Me Now”.

Access worker George said: “The feedback has been incredible.

He added: “We thought if we can make a film that people like we can get the message across. You want people to enjoy it first and foremost.”

While they were students at Ravensbourne School, George admitted the pair didn’t always mix in the nicest circles.

He said: “You don’t always realise what you are saying. When you leave school, you realise what you were doing.

“We thought if a bully realised what his victim was going through, would he still do it?”

Will You Kill Me Now? uses that question as its basis – a bully and his victim swap bodies and have to walk in each other’s shoes.

3D-Movie-female-girl-happy-smiley-emoticon-000533-hugeShot in Bromley, Woolwich and Ravenswood, it stars Jordan Bolger from Peaky Blinders, Top Boy’s Malcolm Kamulete and Jeff Stewart, better known to many at The Bill’s Reg Hollis.

The film has been distributed to 150 schools across Europe and is now available to watch online.

Check out the movie below

Article published Friday 19 June 2015 in Film & TV by Jim Palmer, leisure editor

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