Changing the Bad into Good

Bullying Stories

A Ladder in the Dark bookThree years ago, I fell into a depression. This should not have surprised me, as I started a website called โ€œThe Long-term Effects of Bullyingโ€. Unfortunately, I knew that what I wrote was true, but thought that I had been recovered. But it wasnโ€™t so. As anxiety and then depression overwhelmed my whole being, I truly realized, even 5 years after starting this website, that I still needed help myself.

I did have choices. I could continue to do nothing and blame my low self-worth and my anger and resentment on the bullying that happened to me as a youth. I could take medicine that would mask many of the symptoms, but never fully cure me. Or I could seek true help from both books, groups who deal with the same thing, and professionals who knew ways to help people like me.

I think you know that I took theโ€ฆ

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