Why I believe Teaching of LGBT issues are Important and Should be Mandatory in Schools


“The single most power-full element of youth is that they don’t have the life experiences to know what can’t be done” —Adam Braun—


Some have said, I’ve forgotten all about my friends, or warn me not to forget my friends, well that’s not possible now, we are one, on the contrary everything I do, every-time I stick my neck out and speak up for what I believe to be right, Every post I share, I share for a reason, it’s important to me and I think it maybe to you as well, some post take hours depending on how much design and talent is required, some only get half completed because there is a time restraint, yes I read everyone to decide which ones to post, so I do my share of reading.

Moderating a Anti-Bullying website, not an easy or simple task, plus three other related social media sites, the List contains 6 sites total, I don’t do this for any type of personal gain nor am I expecting any future reward other than my own personal satisfaction, “I Love What I Do”.

I started approximately 3 1/2 years ago with a lone facebook page then called “Legislation For Bullying” which is now better known as “The New Bullying Prevention” in case your wondering, right from the start it was never about money and never will be.

Untitled-1I don’t do what I do for me, but rather for you, one thing is for sure though, I have certainly consumed a wealth of knowledge that I shall treasure for the remainder of my days. I can say that at the end of the day same sex marriage will probably not be any benefit to me now, neither will bullying or new harassment & discrimination legislation, once we are finally recognized as a society within a society, will we be free.

I also believe the mandatory teaching of (LGBT) issues & history in schools one day may help show society that teaching about LGBT acceptance is not about teaching about a “sexual lifestyle” rather about their sexual identity and self awareness, to make it easier for them to self identify, embrace self acceptance and enjoy their right to peace & life.

When I first began to realize I was different or strange at a very young age, I new nothing about being “Gay, Homosexual etc” as a matter of fact I had no idea these words existed or what they even meant. So if the solution lays within self awareness and knowing who you are, which may eliminate and or reduce or render sexuality issues non-existence resulting in the ability for all youth to safely learn and be themselves in a safe and accepting school climate, there by the mandatory credit requirement of LGBT issues awareness in all schools, will not only benefit LGBT youth but all youth.

20121127-elton-john-picture-x306-1354042387To begin at a young age would be a important asset to the improvement of life for kids, namely, improving youth relations among one another, increasing grade point averages, enabling more graduates there by increasing the number of entries for college, increasing self-esteem, and also reducing or even eliminating levels of anxiety and depression, not only for today’s youth but for future generations alike producing a more educated and respectful community of youth if given the ability to reach their full potential.

So it’s not about me and I have not nor will I ever be able to forget those who stood with me the last few years “YOU” adults & youth alike, friends and followers, my wish for you is to live life in a safe, respectful & welcoming environment but most importantly the security & safety of future generations of youth to thrive.

In closing my only motive these last few years has been to assist and to shed light on the incredable number of LGBT youth Suicide’s and clear the air on the important issues surrounding the LGBT community, a non violent, law abiding community guided by “LOVE” so as long as I can make a difference and or save one life, young or old, or just make that someone’s day brighter and feel Just a little bit better, that’s enough for me…it makes it all worth while, peace & love.

Article posted July 17, 2015 The New Bullying Prevention by Terry.K

The New Bullying Prevention © 2015

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