Bullying, Cutting and Autism; Breaking Away from Mom; Fears of a Lisp


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Question from Melissa

AmyWPLEASE HELP ME! So there’s this kid who’s badly bullied in my class. Like SERIOUSLY badly. I try to help him out but I can only do so much. He’s got really bad autism and so he gets bullied so much.

He started to text me about half an hour ago, talking about depression. I told him how needed he was and that he isn’t worthless and stuff, but then he said he cut himself last night and then he said that he’s going to do it now.

I just don’t know what to do. Please help. I think he really has cut himself. Please, I need help!


smiley-face-with-fanTell the nearest adult right now. This problem is too big for a child to solve.

First, he must receive immediate help. The grown-ups in his life need to know NOW that he has harmed himself. Tell your parents and have them contact his parents.

Second, your entire school really needs to pull together on this. As a society, we MUST NOT allow children who are slightly different to be bullied. It simply is not OK on any level.

It is wonderful that you are his friend and that he feels he can talk to you. But one person alone won’t be able to affect this kid’s day-to-day reality. However, one kid joining with another kid and another and another, CAN and WILL change everything.

Once you have reported the self harm, start with one of your friends and say, “What can we do to help Trevor?” (I named him Trevor because it’s a cool name, but go ahead and fill in his actual name.) Then the two of you can go talk to another kid, and so on.

Be an agent of change. You can do this. Deep in their hearts, people DO want to be on the positive side of things. But sometimes it takes a great leader to pull them there. You CAN be that leader.


Get your group together and make an appointment to see the vice principal. Go down to the office and explain that this boy is being mercilessly bullied, and that your school desperately needs increased awareness and action plans regarding tolerance and acceptance of every uniquely wonderful kid in your school.

imagesClick here to familiarize yourselves with the terms, the concepts and the programs you would love to see implemented at your school. Then share the website with the vice principal.

Remember that bullying and its prevention are EVERYONE’S responsibility. You have made an excellent first step through your friendship with this boy. Keep walking.

Article By Louise Palanker | @louisepalanker | Published on Aug 08, 2015

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Here is Brendan Metz at TEDxYouth@FHS with more about understanding autism:

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