Screening for Housing First


sleeping-smiley-facesmileys-cz-9“Most families are destroyed from the inside, because they allow themselves to be conquered by others from the outside.”

~ Carlton Young

homelessThe Homelessness Partnering Secretariat (HPS) has developed several directives to assist communities with the shift to a Housing First framework. The first directive states that chronically and episodically homeless individuals should be prioritized to receive Housing First services. Therefore, it is imperative that communities are equipped with the necessary information and skills so as to facilitate the screening and prioritization of homeless individuals into Housing First services.

@AV-free-smiley-faces_de_wink-smiley_winking-smiley_02_400x400A total of 15 tools were assessed using the HUD criteria. The strengths and weaknesses of the tools were discussed by the Housing First Assessment Taskforce, created by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, during monthly meetings. Once the most promising tools were identified, key informant interviews were conducted with the developers and current users of the tools. This process enabled the Taskforce to uncover the specifics of each tool and develop a comprehensive understanding of their use and scope. Based upon this process, the Taskforce concluded that the Vulnerability Assessment Tool was the best brief screening tool available that can assist with prioritization of clients for Housing First programs.

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Article by Aubry T., Bell M., Ecker J., Goering P. ~ Canadian Observatory on Homelessness & Mental Health Commission of Canada ~ For more information, visit:


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  1. As a homeless man for almost six years, and not by choice, living in rooming houses where I fear for my life almost every day and all request for help ignored I find it hard to trust anyone now……………… please refrain from contacting me about politics as I will not be voting in the federal election, an election that will only benefit the upper and middle classes which will leave everyone else in poverty which includes me!!!


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