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23d754e1cdb98ae1b9409cf1da73386cHow can we truly know the love within ourselves, its activity and its fruits, if everything about us is shouting to us โ€˜I donโ€™t want anything but pleasure, if it disturbs me, Iโ€™ll try like hell to keep it away from meโ€™. To want a whole life, one must be a whole human being. But, we push away love that is for us to discover that which is immortal, that which isnโ€™t afraid of what weโ€™re afraid of, that has no agenda concerning what someone, anyone else is or does. It is because that love has its own life that isnโ€™t conditional, and is never-ending produces new beginnings. Newness and love are immortal without time, and we are given something by God that we can participate in, not try to own it.
Whatever disturbs you in your life, you created through resistance. So, stop resisting what is true about yourself. See the perpetual truth of yourself, which is what the love of God is constantly trying to show you, not the โ€˜youโ€™ the way you take yourself to be. It is a completely different order of you that is never not being made in Gods image, the image of love.

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