Workplace Bullying Is A Huge Problem

One of my Neighborhood Bullies……………….

The New Bullying Prevention


“Those who can Do, Those who can’t, BULLY”

Workplace bullying is a serious issue

It’s an issue that I don’t think gets enough attention, considering how big of a problem it is.
I was really shocked and surprised when I learned at how often bullying in the workplace takes place.
A recent survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute shed some important light on this issue.

Let’s look at some of the more interesting numbers from the survey:

  • 27% of Americans have suffered abusive conduct at work
  • 21% have witnessed bullying
  • 56% of the time it was from the top-down (more on this later)
  • Hispanics and African american workers experience more of the bullying
  • Most employers either deny or discount the bullying
  • 38% of co workers did nothing (although I don’t blame them)

These numbers are incredible.

The 2 numbers that really stick out at me, are the fact that 56%…

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