International Day of Peace 2015


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DAYOFPEACEItโ€™s World Peace Day 2015 / International Peace Day 2015 September 21st. Please take a moment at 12pm September 21st in your part of the world to practice a conscious act to spread peace.

The ripple effect of peace and love will create a shift, we believe, not only for the globe, but in our own lives. Watch our video and take Shariโ€™s suggestion to light a candle and meditate or do what you can or feel at that time of day. Even if itโ€™s past 12pm, and you just receive the message, take a moment and send out a loving thought for peace.

Thank you for spreading peace and love to help humanity. Please enjoy 25 peace inspiring images created my members of The Wellness Universe. You can visit each of these world changers by clicking on the image and visiting their page. We hope to introduce you to some inspiring individuals that create more peace, love and joy in your world as they do ours.

Sincerely, The Wellness Universe ~ โ€˜Walk away feeling better.โ€™



Have an Awesome #PeaceDay Everyone ~ Terry.K ๐Ÿ™‚

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