Housing and Homelessness Election Guide 2015


“Poverty is the worst form of Violence”
~ Mahatma Gandhi~

angel-smiley-emoticon-1forgottenHomelessness has grown to be a large problem in Canada, right about the time that the federal governmentโ€™s investment in affordable housing declined. Over the last 25 years investments have declined by over 46%, from $115 to $60 annually per Canadian. Today, over 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness in a year and nearly 1 in 5 households are facing extreme housing affordability issues. In a country as prosperous as Canada, with a broadly shared and strong commitment to social justice, there is no need to accept or tolerate the experiences of poverty, hardship and homelessness. group_smileyIf federal investment in affordable housing increases to just $106 annually per Canadian, an increase of only 88 cents per person weekly, we can see an end to chronic homelessness and help others who are on the brink of becoming homeless.




Article by The Homeless Hub Sept 17, 2015


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One thought on “Housing and Homelessness Election Guide 2015

  1. There is one avenue that though out the years that I had as an advantage, before the government changed the unemployment insurance program to what it is today, when I had no choice but to quit for my own safety or I would have a panic attack and just leave work only to find out the next day I quit without even remembering resulting from harassment & discrimination, or other times to my surprise I was dismissed without reason from employment, so I just picked up the pieces and moved on.

    I would first apply for E.I (employment insurance) which is what it’s called today which you would only be entitled to until you found suitable employment or one year, which ever came first.

    I did always find employment, at times when starting a new job I would have to wait, in most cases for 30 days for that first pay cheque and trying to borrow money for a period of 30 days created more problems then I care to mention at this time as the pay periods would be mostly bi-weekly with two weeks held back.

    This always created a problem for transportation to and from work and finding living accommodations which was impossible without funds to do so.

    So I did on many occasions continue collecting the benefits while working to obtain living accommodations and a means of paying for the transportation to and from the job until I received the first pay cheque, at which time I would report the over payment or wait until the next claim (I always knew there would be a next claim) at which time they would deduct a percentage of the over payment from my earning.

    Now today they call me a thief for doing this, I did pay every dollar back and if need be without question I will do it all over again.

    In closing they changed the E I program so now you are only entitled to E.I if you lose your job through no fault of your own, simply put if you quit your job, you’re up S**ts creek without a paddle. I will also add this is one major cause of being Bullied and harassed at work, the creator of “WORKPLACE BULLYING” so the individual will quit rather then having to dismiss them, putting you at a high risk of Homelessness!

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