Homelessness Is Traumatic: Abuse, Victimization, and Trauma Histories of Homeless Men



(N = 152), this study examined trauma among homeless men.

Homelessness is traumatic, and trauma-informed care is an emerging best practice. Using structured interviews with day shelter clients.

doctor-with-stethoscope-smiley-emoticonThe PTSD Checklist (PCL–C) was used to assess for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Participants’ pattern of PCL–C responses suggested that 23% to 30% screened positive for PTSD. Those with positive PTSD screens had been homeless longer and were more likely to have met time criteria for chronic homelessness.

crutches-5They were significantly more likely to be veterans and to report violent attacks, abuse histories, and mental health problems. Importantly, only 69% of those with positive PTSD screens acknowledged current mental health problems. These individuals were much less likely to report mental health counseling in the prior year.




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