Colombian Constitutional Court Allowing Same-sex Couples to Adopt


“Marriage equality is about more than just marriage, it’s about something greater, it’s about Acceptance” ~ Charlize Theron

rainbow-heartunnamed (1)The Colombian Constitutional Court ruled on November 4, 2015, that same-sex couples in Colombia can adopt children. Williams Institute scholars Abbie Goldberg, Nanette Gartrell, and Gary Gates filed a brief with the Court that reviewed social science research on psychological, emotional and educational outcomes of children of same-sex parents.

6i3zxbkmThe brief explained that lesbian, gay and heterosexual parents show little differences in regard to mental health, parenting stress, and parenting competence, and that there are few differences between children surprise_male_shock_stun_smiley_emoticon_000284_large_answer_1_smallraised by same-sex parents and heterosexual parents in terms of self-esteem, quality of life, psychological adjustment, or social functioning. The research also showed that the quality of the relationship between a child and his or her LGB parents does not differ from that between a child and heterosexual parents.


The Court indicated that scientific evidence and studies presented to the Court in proceedings predominantly showed that adoption by same-sex couples does not negatively impact the development of children, and that no evidence of negative impacts could be found in children living with same-sex couples was proved.

tumblr_n7vgfoXGtE1sp6e2vo1_r1_250The Court determined that given that there is no conclusive evidence as to whether children are negatively impacted by being adopted or by living with a same-sex couple, to deny same-sex couples of their right to adopt would entail restriction on the children’s right to have a family, and not to be separated from it, which would disproportionately go against their best interest.

Click here to read more about the Williams Institute’s testimony.



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La Corte Constitucional de Colombia tomó en cuenta estudios de ciencias sociales para su sentencia sobre adopción

unnamed (1)marriage spanishEn una decisión histórica, con una votación de seis a dos, la Corte Constitucional de Colombia le dio el sí a la posibilidad que los niños sean adoptados por parejas conformadas por personas del mismo sexo. Académicos del Instituto Williams, la Dra. Abbie Goldberg (PhD.), la Dr. Nanette Gartrell (MD), y el Dr. Gary Gates (PhD.), presentaron a la Corte un informe que analiza distintos estudios sobre los resultados, tanto a nivel psicológico, emocional y educativo, que alcanzan los niños de padres del mismo sexo.

Dicho informe demuestra que existen escasas diferencias en lo relativo a la salud mental, es estrés parental y la competencia parental y que existen pocas diferencias entre los hijos criados por padres del mismo sexo y padres heterosexuales en términos de autoestima, calidad de vida, rainbowadaptación psicológica of funcionamiento social, y finalmente la relación entre un menor y sus padres LGBT no se ha encontrado diferente a la de los menores criados por parejas heterosexuales en términos de la calidez de los padres, relación emocional y calidad de la relación.

spanishEl comunicado emitido por la Corte indica que “[e]n primer lugar, la Corte señaló que los estudios científicos y las pruebas aportadas al proceso demostraban en forma dominante, o bien que la adopción por parejas del mismo sexo no genera afectaciones en el desarrollo integral de los niños, o bien que no está acreditada ninguna afectación a los niños que viven con parejas del mismo sexo.”

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