Poll finds many Canadians feel bullied at work

A look back on an article I posted 1 year ago Nov 14, 2014 about an issue many chose to stay quiet about, a new Poll conducted by CareerBuilder.ca suggest Canadians are being bullied at Work and I diffidently concur, it’s a bigger problem than most care to admit, legislation is desperately required to bring it under control!

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Many chose to stay quiet about the issue

987fe6a14f76a535f8c7d0c79ed8-190x250VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) โ€“ Some disturbing numbers about bullying in the workplace are coming to light.

A new poll by CareerBuilder.ca finds nearly half of all Canadians who responded feel theyโ€™ve been bullied at the office, with many blaming their bosses as the main tormenter.

Whatโ€™s really sad about these statistics is one-quarter of respondents say they actually left a job because they felt they were constantly picked on.

Unfortunately, many workers chose to stay silent about feeling bullied. Meanwhile less than half actually reported it to HR, with less than half reporting nothing was done to fix the problem.

โ€œOur results showed that, despite the prevalence of workplace bullying, many workers do not come forward to report it, and many of those who do feel their complaints arenโ€™t heard,โ€ says Mark Bania, Director of CareerBuilder Canada.

More than halfโ€ฆ

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