‘This Changes Everything’ film screenings

this-changes-everythingTwenty-six Council of Canadians chapters are hosting community screenings of the Avi Lewis film This Changes Everything.

thisOn October 5, Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow introduced Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa for the first non-film festival screening of the film.

CBC reported at that time, “The documentary, based on Klein’s book This Changes Everything, follows the stories of communities around the world responding to the impact of climate change and capitalism through activism. Lewis says the film is meant to have a hopeful message about what people can doโ€‹ about climate change.”

As noted on the film’s website, “The film presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montanaโ€™s Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond. Interwoven with these stories of struggle is Kleinโ€™s narration, connecting the carbon in the air with the economic system that put it there. Throughout the film, Klein builds to her most controversial and exciting idea: that we can seize the existential crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better.”



Golden โ€“ November 29
Powell River โ€“ November 29
Regina โ€“ November 29
Hinton โ€“ November 30
Picton โ€“ December 5
London โ€“ December 7
Peterborough โ€“ January 29-31 (Not Available)


Saskatoon – October 10
Montreal – October 5 (where more than 700 people came out to see the film)
Cowichan Valley – November 8

Charlottetown โ€“ November 18
Chilliwack โ€“ November 19
Prince Albert โ€“ November 19
Yellowknife โ€“ November 19
Ladner โ€“ November 21
Inverness โ€“ November 22
Windsor โ€“ November 23
Courtenay โ€“ November 24
Saint John โ€“ November 26
St. John’s โ€“ November 26
Sudbury โ€“ November 27


In just a couple of days close to 50,000 people will gather in Paris, France for COP21, the United Nations conference on climate change.

The event will bring together government representatives, UN agencies and civil society organizations. Expectations are high for countries to reach an agreement that will limit global warming to two degrees Celsius or less. Council of Canadians National Chairperson Maude Barlow will be in Paris, along with Trade Campaigner Sujata Dey, to talk about the links between climate change, the growing water crisis and the threat trade deals can pose to any climate deal thatโ€™s struck.

Here in Canada, on November 29, Council of Canadians supporters and chapter activists will be taking action in their communities to show that the transition to a 100% clean energy economy by 2050 is not only necessary to solve the climate crisis, itโ€™s 100% possible. Consensus is growing for a healthy, diverse economy with low-carbon jobs that would respect Indigenous rights, stop the expansion of the tar sands and halt new pipelines.

To raise awareness about the urgent need for a new way forward, Council chapters have been hosting film screenings across the country of the new documentary This Changes Everything, based on Naomi Kleinโ€™s new book by the same name.

We must all work together for a safer, sustainable and just future for everyone.

Read more and find an event near you.

For more about the film, check it out on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

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