14 Years Old And Living With Asperger’s, Ryan Wiggins Makes Short Film To Document Aftermath Of Bullying



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ryanThis past November, a 14-year-old from the UK, Ryan Wiggins, decided to offer people an immersive, if difficult to watch, look into the consequences of bullying via the release of his short film, โ€œTomorrow.โ€

Three minutes long, the video depicts Wiggins, who was diagnosed with a mild form of autism popularly known as Aspergerโ€™s syndrome at the age of 10, reflecting on the torment he receives from classmates on a typical day. At one point, in g-sbetween returning home from school and taking his medication, the video even goes so far as to display anonymous text messages to his phone imploring him to kill himself. โ€œHow much more of this do I have to take?โ€ Wiggins comments soon after. โ€œWhen will it end?โ€

Originally released to coincide with the UKโ€™s National Anti-Bullying Week (Nov. 16 to 20), Wigginsโ€™s video, which he also wrote and produced using his mother’s video camera, a broken tripod, and a selfie stick, has since gone viral, accumulating a quarter-million views and counting on YouTube. It was released through the autism charity organization that Wiggins has previously collaborated with, Anna Kennedy Online .

thespunkercomemoticonโ€œFrom as early as I can remember, other children seemed to want to have a dig at me. I was constantly teased at primary school, with people calling me names like โ€˜nerdyโ€™ and โ€˜gay.โ€™ Once one started, it wouldn’t take long before others joined in,โ€ Wiggins elaborated on his past bullying experience in an interview with the Daily Mail this November. โ€œAt worse, they would push me around physically and a couple of kids threatened to beat me up in an alleyway. I tried to toughen up and deal with it, but it gets unbearable after a while.โ€

7b49533aaea8d1a7683675e3877e6531โ€œI wanted to make a film that shows people just how helpless and isolated you actually feel when people say and do horrible stuff to you over and over again. It wears you down. I think it’s really important we all keep talking about this issue.โ€ Wiggins said. โ€œPutting my feelings onto film was a big step for me, but I hope it will encourage other kids to come forward if they’re being bullied. It’s so important not to suffer in silence.โ€

December 1, 2015 ~ By Ed Cara

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