A flashback to Feb 2013 and a Courageous Lady

The New B.P


I would like to share the following from a dear friend who is going through a difficult time right now that touched my heart and Iโ€™m sure it will touch yours.

courageTerry,ย Keep up the great work! You are going to help so many people. I am so happy to see there are others writing on โ€œBullyingโ€. I wish there was writings out there when I was a child going through it. I am sorry for the pain you have had to endure in your life because of it. You really can make a difference in someoneโ€™s life.
I am going through a second battle in my life, as I have breast cancer. They had removed ten tumors from me. I was at a Stage 3, Grade 3! The doctors found it just in time but unfortunately even after my cancer removal treatment cancer was still left behind. I am hopingโ€ฆ

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