Anti Bullying Day โ€“ Spreading from Canada to the World

Originally Posted Dec 27, 2014 ~ (UK) Talks Pink Shirt Day

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โ€œSticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never harm meโ€

travis-davidAbove is an English rhyme for children that is reported to have first appeared back in the 1800s. While this line may be true on so many levels but the fact remains that our children are still suffering from hurtful actions and words, otherwise known as Bullying. That is why we need an anti-bullying day!

Not everyone has heard of the event, butAnti Bullying Day is starting to spread in popularity,much of the distribution being due to social media and the ability to explain the event via the Internet. Anti Bullying Day first began as a singular high school event in Nova Scotia, Canada, with a groups of students participating by choosing to wear a pink shirt to school. The color and date were chosen to signify a visual support to protest and stand againstโ€ฆ

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