“Holding The Title of Advocate and Acting As Such”


923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nA topic that I have been wanting to voice my opinion on for some time now. The middle and upper classes of our LGBT+ college’s of the international community, you applaud same sex marriage as our last great battle, guess again, you are forgetting and insulting those who have been completely left behind and struggling to find acceptance, dignity and peace, particularly in the midst and rise of LGBT+ youth suicides and homelessness.be-happyThe LGBT+ community is not with out Greed & Hatred of their own peoples, yes we have with in our own ranks that very same disregard for human existence and the right to life but they claim to be advocate’s for the community! Well your lack of advocating and silence speaks otherwise as I believe it’s only a destination to gain respect from the community, and your silence is a design to protect and draw attention away from your own status.

I was told in a round about way many times by select prominent figures in the North American LGBT+ community to keep quiet zipย ย and go away, one comes to mind as recent as this morning, reminding me I’m doomed for failure. This really astonishes me to the core of understanding how one can be so self centred and look away from how LGBT+ youth are suffering, it’s inhumane to say the lest.

I can only speculate that the reasoning for this was and is to protect their own public standing from being jeopardized. If this is your choice, you should have remained in the closet, and leave us warrior’s to man the front lines.ย smileys-cz-7
Well let me make it clear once and for all, I am “NOT” going any where and I am going to continue advocating for these youth, our future generation of LGBT+ people’s will not endure what I have in my life time or not to the same extreme.
Yes I have had a hard life and my fight at first was for my own life and well being, the reason I decided years ago that it just wasn’t acceptable, and spoke up for my rights as a Canadian citizen and a human only to be tortured myself beyond belief.
As long as there is a breath in me, I just cannot and will not sit back and watch kids being tortured and sentenced to death only because of who they are, a visible minority.
So to my advocate colleges, just go lay on your beach, enjoy yourself and your riches, the sun and all the respect and kindness you can handle, the dignity and fruits of life because I got this!
I will leave you with something to think about,ย A good Example to follow (UNFE)

Debunking the “Bathroom Bill” Myth โ€“ Accurate Reporting on LGBT Nondiscrimination


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