I believe that the Royal Family are a focus of patriotism, of loyalty, of affection and of esteem. That is a rare combination, and we should value it highly. ~ Margaret Thatcher

royalsIn a three-pronged approach, Prince William, Princess Catherine and Prince Harry have all took it among themselves to raise king-smileyawareness on and to tackleย mental illness. According to People Magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge is focusing on children, Prince Harry on service members, and Prince William on young men and adults.

The Duke of Cambridgeโ€™shappy-smiley-crown-design-information-related-to-manifestation-emotions-37906718 focus on mental illness, specifically in the cases of young men and adults, is said to be inspired by his witnessing the different consequences of these, from his work as an air ambulance pilot. During his first3711.jpg months working with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, Prince Wiliamโ€™s crew dealt with some cases on young menโ€™s suicide. Some of the Princeโ€™s missions involved him having to transport medical crews who would in turn aid men whose situations led them to queen.jpgtake their own lives.

It was also earlier reported by People Magazineย that Prince Williamโ€™s eyes were opened to depression and other problems that young people deal with through his work with Centerpoint, a charity focused on homelessness. Prince William was also alarmed at the number of young gay men who have committedย suicide.

Prince William, following The Duchessโ€™ public appearance to tackle the said issue, is to make his first public steps soon as well. The two ill hear numerous stories in person on March 10thย  one of them of Jonny Benjamin, whose life was saved in 2008 by a stranger as Benjamin clipart-king-smiley-emoticon-512x512-7be5was contemplating suicide.

After hearing the stories first hand, the royal couple will return to the Kensington Palace to watch part of a documentary surrounded on Benjaminโ€™s experience. They will be joined by 20 children from a school in South London. Shortly after, Prince William and Princess Kate will engage in a discussion with a small group that has been affected in various ways by suicide.

Article byย Ana Maria Pieraz ย ~ย ย MAR 7, 2016


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