The Italian pupils fighting bullies with music


On the heels ofMabasta‘, there is now another anti-bullying campaign that has been organised by Italian school pupils. It’s called

‘SBAM! – Stop Bullying Adopt Music‘.

abamThe project aims to use a very powerful weapon against bullying, one that has great influence over people: music. mexican smileyThe idea is also from the Galilei-Costa school in Lecce, but this time it’s the third-year students that are responsible.

With guidance from their English teacher, they decided to tackle the problem from a different angle. Two objectives were identified by the young creators behind SBAM, whose slogan is:

“Hit bullying with the sound of music”.

emoticon gif animated smile images 117The first is to identify all songs that deal with topics or situations that may count as bullying actions or attitudes, or any sort of abuse between young people. And, since the majority of the songs are in English, the pupils have to translate them into Italian to understand them.

The second, far more ambitious, aim is to encourage and invite all musicians, especially those with young fan bases, to compose more songs with lyrics geared to stop the phenomenon, telling victims to speak out, telling bullies to stop and saying that ‘spectators’ should intervene.

All texts that the pupils translate, along with songs by Italian artists, will be published in a special section of the official ‘Mabasta’ website.

Article by Beatrice Credi – March 8, 2016

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