Encounter of A Different Kind!

A Personal Summary of my 15 months of Employment with Easyhome

{Oct 23, 2014 to January 16, 2016}

Exibit A

6560263732461568Oct 23 2014, the day I began employment at “RTO Asset Management {easyhome}” as a part-time delivery specialist, even though only part time, it was a very good day for me. After a difficult two years unsuccessfully searching for employment, now willing to take what ever employment I could get and that included even pizza delivery, which also seemed totally out of reach, with my only income Social Assistance, but I never gave up, unaware of exactly what was about to transpire.

5419092595965952Through out my first three months that followed, now already under pressure at work, because of the extreme it had now become, which was obvious they were trying to cause injury or at times, I believed death, so much so, I debated long and hard many times weather to just walk away again, remembering my past decisions in the same situation which were less extreme and threatening, walking away never did get me anywhere, as all these years later I am still faced with the same ultimatum, so again as with SunGard, I decided to try and stick it out, to stay and try to resolve the situation.

doctor3So I continued to do my job to the best of my abilities and block out the negative energy that was being directed towards and around me. I often sat and wondered after analysing the events of the day, how is it possible, people I have never met, complete strangers, to have already formed a negative opinion of me but never had the time to actually get to know me, but rather some choose just to dislike me, also making me aware of it, while others, their actions and intentions were more cruel, so I decided maybe after I reached the end of my probation period I could get a transfer to another store out of the city.

As time pasted by and now having to rise one hour early to mentally prepare myself every morning to block out the negative energy, I continued going to work everyday and being kind and respectful to everyone no matter what, hoping they would eventually come around while every month or so apply for the transfer, also applying for available positions on-line on the company website which were also all in vain as now the harassment was increasing with time.

5169731412164608In April 2015 I did get moved down the street from store #524 to store #556 here in Ottawa, which intensified the situation as the issue was not limited to one store, as all three stores worked closely with one another doing business in the city of Ottawa. The regional manager was never kind or respectful to me either which troubled me but also is when I realized there was something more to what was happening which was hiding in plain site.

The influence of past employers

sungard-harassmentA past employer whom after seven years of service, where I was also a victim of the same ill treatment, in Sept 2009 would decline to renew my contract any longer. Under contract as a small business owner to SunGard, their corporate offices in Wayne PA, USA, I was responsible for all general maintenance and shipping/receiving of their four office complexes in Mississauga, On Canada, one of which houses the corporate offices for my current employer “RTO Asset Management {easyhome}” whom I believe to be partially responsible for the ill treatment with my current employer as retaliation on their part and finally a third employer Richcraft Group of Company’s where I also received exactly the same ill treatment for a six month period from Jan 16 2012 to July 16, 2012 the date they dismissed me also. On November 29, 2012 I filed a claim of discrimination with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, they settled the claim out of court on September 29, 2014, less than a month before I began my current employment at easyhome, it’s like I’m caught in a time-loop.

The Increase in hours

april24-easyhome2On Nov 23, 2015 I was hired as a full-time delivery specialist at the same store with an increase from 20 to 40 hours per week but remained a driver’s helper, with no increase in salary, I did apply for available full time Delivery Specialist positions in other parts of Canada with out a response, so I contacted HR and left messages and sent emails which were mostly ignored but when I did get a response, the individuals weren’t very pleasant to say the least.

Also in November 2015 one employee was transferred out of the store I was working and a new manager started training and finally on the week I got injured at work another new employee was hired at the same store.

The injure and result

workplace-accidentOn Jan 16, 2016 after being injured at work and off on sick leave for two weeks, this was the eye opener, now experiencing a high level of fear and anxiety due to having to return to work. Leading up to the injury Jan 16, 2016, after three days off with the flu I forced myself to go to work Jan 15, 2016, upon arriving at 9:30 am, I went to speak to the manager about light duties while rebuilding my energy level for a couple of days, but rather I was given duties that considering my request was exactly the opposite, I was given an assignment that I felt uncomfortable with being able to complete, so I voiced my concerns about it to the manager, he showed no concern or empathy for my illness, and sent me on the two bedroom apartment furniture move and relocation, so I just tried to complete the task that was assigned to me resulting in the injury.

While on sick leave for the injury from Jan 18 to Feb 1, the official date my doctor returned me to work, during this time off, now realizing that they did not even care about my safety and it wasn’t a concern. As I have done many times through out my 15 months of employment, I decided to again bring my concerns about the ill treatment I was receiving while at work, at which time I also told human resources that I now feared for my health and safety if I were to return to the same store, this time I was taken a little more seriously then the others times. The next day I received in writing a letter from HR informing me I was not to return to work on Feb 1, 2016, to remain off work with pay until they investigate my allegations. The fact that the injure occurred because my health concerns were ignored, I now truly feared for my health and safety while at work, at which time I requested the transfer again.

The Wrap Up

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What seemed like a simple request, to as quietly as possible remove myself and stop a situation from developing any further, a difficult and escalating situation that was all to familiar. According to the little knowledge I had about company policy at the time, and assuming after my three month probation period, which was Jan 23, 2015, I could possibly get a transfer, than everybody is happy, problem solved, life goes on. Shortly after my probation period ended, early February 2015 I sent a letter to Human Resources to officially request that transfer, but to my surprise that request would be continuously ignored or denied leaving me astonished and over whelmed by these revelations that has transpired to date because of that request which defies my understanding and comprehension of my current situation!

On March 14, 2016 the company stopped paying me so I requested my record of employment {R.O.E} but didn’t receive it until April 10, 2016. My copy which showed the reason for leaving as “Leave of Absence” but the copy received by Service Canada {Employment insurance} shows reason for leaving as “Quit”, I believe it is illegal to issue a false R.O.E, is it not?. My last day worked was Jan 16, 2016, my last day paid was March 14, 2016. During the two months I was on leave, I was continuously harassed via email by many employee’s from corporate office.

Until such time as the claim goes before an Adjudicator at the Tribunal,  the hearing to deal with these matters which has yet to be scheduled by the HRTO, I’m sure I will have to continue to tolerate intimidation and harassment a little while longer, but I will have legal council for the hearing.

In closing:

 To believe it is a choice and I choose not to return, is a false assumption, it goes way beyond that now as my reasons for not returning is not by choice, it’s my fear for my health and safety, but most of all, even just the thought and or knowledge of returning to that workplace causes a extreme level of anxiety that is difficult at times to cope with.

How ironic or is it? or is it the acknowledgement and accomplishment of the goal they first set out to archive! regardless because the fact is, I will never be able to return to any of those stores, none of them due to fear of a panic attack, which I suffered from and received treatment which were brought under control until these recent occurrences, so a totally different work environment is the only solution. I don’t hate or blame anyone, nor do I have any animosity towards anyone. But as a result, the now obvious reality is, as with many other places in my past, due to the associated anxiety, I will never be able to enter or set foot again for any reason! The truth is they can say I’m dismissed and they can say I quit but that resolution can only be determined by an Adjudicator now.


Melvin Kinden


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  1. The Canadian Human Rights Commission
    Dedicated to the elimination of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and all of its provincial equivalents. Our individual rights are in serious jeopardy if we continue to allow the existence of these groups.
    Admins:Ryan Pearson (London, ON) (creator)
    April 24, 2011

    …………I sit in horror as i watch the free roaming, undisputed, supposedly fair, “Human Rights Commission” erode away at the very foundation of our freedoms. I write this as a human. race, gender, religion, political views etc. do not matter when it comes to freedom for all. and i have to ask the question when did the HRC become above our very own judicial system, one in which states fairness, and innocence.

    I am deeply worried and troubled as to where MY country will be if we let the HRC continue its almost communist dictatorship against my rights (Morgan Alcock)

    I have been reading outrageous stories about the Human Rights Commission(s) for the past 15 years. After listening to yet another case on the radio today I decided to create this group. The group name speaks for itself. These so called “Human Rights” organizations have no place in a free society. (Ryan Pearson)

    If a group of indivaluals makes a loud enough noice to our elected officals they will create a bill and vote on it in parliment, if it passes it becomes law! (legislation) As with the HRC a group is created but just to satsify that group of activist that wanted the law. The Canadain Human Rights Commission is an insult to humanity!!(Terry Kinden)

    “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.” Dean Steacy, Canadian Human Rights Commission”

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