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relay2I should be a postage stamp, that’s the only way I ever get licked. ~ Muhammad Ali

handsHey Global Citizen, Huge news ~ Thanks to all of your social actions and contributions on the Global Mom’s small-heart Relay pink haircommunity site there have been 387,403 actions taken!

Because we’ve reached this number with time to spare, Johnson & Johnson have just announced that they are upping their maximum contributions from small-heart $350K to $405K!  small-heart

The relay ends June 17th, which means there is still time to take action to help ensure mothers and children everywhere can live healthy lives. small-heart

It takes less than a minute to like, share, or comment. That means it takes less than a minute to unlock a donation from Johnson & Johnson that will change lives. Click here to join the relay.

Thanks for doing what you do, The Global Citizen Team

In the style of a diary entry, 5 trailblazing women share intimate stories of overcoming sexism, harassment and discrimination at a Women Deliver 2016 panel hosted by Global Citizen.


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