Sweetie Darlings! – Patsy and Edina Open An Absolutely Fabulous London Pride!


“Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.” ~ Confucius

‪#‎PrideMonth #SpecialFeature ~ “COLORS” ~ As Pride Month wines down, does not mean we have reached our Goals for there is much work yet to do, this only ends the annual awareness month as the task continues.

patsy&EdniaPublic relations guru Edina Monsoon and Fashion news legend Patsy Stone lady3- - Copy(Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley,) dressed to the nines in completely age-inappropriate designer labels,  opened London Pride today for hundreds of thousands of LGBT and straight ally revelers. The infamous fashionistas had the huge honour of cutting the rainbow ribbon on the huge annual Pride London event.


‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,‘ directed by Mandie Fletcher and produced by Jon Plowman and Damian Jones, will be released by Fox Searchlight Pictures in the US on July 22nd, 2016,  and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie will be released in UK cinemas on 1st July 2016, watch the trailer here.

🙂 small-heart Sweetie Darlings small-heart  😉 as a treat I have included an episode for those who remember and lolfirst-timers are also sure to get a chuckle, as for myself, I never missed an episode, for the most part living in the Gay village in Toronto at the time, a couple of the local bars put “Edina & Patsy” on the big screen every week and if I wasn’t there with friends watching on the big screen, we all gathered every week at one of our homes to watch, so check it out below and enjoy 🙂 Love & Peace Terry.K



Article by Will Kohler ~ JUNE 25, 2016


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