How did London tube riders react to a fake bully?


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Julius DeinJulius Dein, a 21-year-old London-based prankster recently uploaded a video he calls a social experiment, where he clapper-clapper-film-movie-smiley-emoticon-000232-largetests how people on the tube will react if they saw homophobic bullying occur in front of them.

In the experiment, Dein plays a homophobic character who harasses a gay couple, played by actors Adam Ward and Josh Green. Videographer Michael J. Needham captures the reactions as Dein makes comments like, “That’s disgusting, man,” “Are you actually for real?” and throws slurs at the gay couple.

chuckie-tomThe premise is similar to the episode of ABC’s What Would You Do? that centred about gay couples having public displays of affection.

The result is overwhelmingly hopeful, as different people tell off Dein and tell him to get off the subway and mind his own business. One man in particular threatens, “If you don’t get off the train, I’ll throw you off the train.” Another tells him, “That’s love, that’s love, that’s love. There’s love all over this place.”

Watch the video below:

the-world-cup-smiley-trophy-animationThere is, however, one outlier who begins voicing similar sentiments–at one point even claiming, “They’ve got more rights than we have nowadays.” As the individual, whose face is blurred out, continues with his homophobic rant, Dein looks to the camera shocked that someone is agreeing with his character’s insults.

bobbyAt the end, Dein points to the camera and reveals that it was an experiment all along. As those who intervened sigh with relief, we’re also relieved that there are people out there who will stand up for victims of bullying and discrimination.

Article by Charline Jao ~ Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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  1. This is truly remarkable, if we were to confront the majority of Citizens of the world, this would be the result as I have said over and over again, IT”S NOT THE COMMON MAN OR SOCIETY that we queers have the problem with!!!!


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