Parker County Inmates Save Jailer’s Life


โ€œTo see what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.โ€ ~ย Confucius

After a guard suffered a heart attack, a group of inmates broke out of their cell to save his life.

mugshot-smiley-emoticonEspecially in recent weeks, itโ€™s been difficult to escape from all the negative drama thatโ€™s playing out around the world. Luckily, faith in humanity has been restored countless times through the positive actions of strangers, which TrueActivist makes a point to relay, and is inspired once again by this story.

cheifAt a jailhouse in Parker Country, Texas, a group of inmates were awaiting court appearances when the officer guarding them suddenly fell over, unconscious, in his chair. Startled, they called for help. Unfortunately, no one answered.

They were aware that leaving their cell could result in harsher sentences, as well as possibly chuckie-rcmp3endanger their lives if police thought they were trying to escape, ย but they chose to help the armed guard who had suffered a heart attack anyways.

WFAA Newsย reports that the inmates threw their combined weight against the cell door and forced it open. 572320-tn_041Then, still handcuffed and shackled, they continued to yell for help as one of them grabbed the guardโ€™s radio to ask for assistance. Police rushed into the holding room and corralled the inmates before realising the officer on guard was unconscious.

If the jailed individuals hadnโ€™t risked their safety by breaking out of their cell, the guard would likely have died, state the officers. It would have been likely 15 minutes before the crisis received attention.

One of the inmates, Nick Kelton, told the press:

โ€œIt never crossed my mind not to help whether heโ€™s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, Iโ€™m gonna help him.โ€

jailOnce the medical emergency was acknowledged, police performed CPR until paramedics arrived with a defibrillator. Thankfully, the guardโ€™s heart started beating once again and he was transferred to a hospital.

paris_is_free-1140This story has gone viral, not only because of the dramatic rescue,ย but also because it is proof that bad choices in life donโ€™t define a person or their future choices. Good people make mistakes every day; in fact, itโ€™s human to err.


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