When Defiance Over Rules Kindness

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“I apologise if your name appears in my story & in my life, it’s not there because I wish it, it’s there because you put it there” ~ Terry.K

chuckie-rcmp-sad2.10202It is said and believed that I made a grave mistake by moving to this province while working in Ottawa and living in Renfrew, let me elaborate, suitable living accommodation’s were well beyond my affordability in Ottawa.

At the time I was living in Renfrew and it was the same there as it has been here, I really wanted to get out of there so bad due to extreme harassment & discrimination, but not only that, it was partially due to the commuting to Ottawa everyday, a 2.5 hour drive twice daily, after 6 months of doing so and getting very costly, the travelling time was getting to me, not to mention the wear and tear on my now older vehicle, a co-worker suggested I move to Gatineau because the housing was more in line with my income, unaware of rental costs in Gatineau and knowing I could not afford to live in Ottawa, I decided to check out his claims which I found to be true, so on May 1, 2010 I took the plunge and moved here. 


Now after 6 years of living here, in all honesty I now see as the worst decision I have made in my entire life, which to me was no worst then being trapped in hell, my belief that truth, integrity and chatter-box-smiley-emoticonjustice existed everywhere was diminished greatly, as I questioned life and now realised after the results of the last 10 years that I was deceived all my life into believing, that everything I was taught and raised to believe, holds no truth, so much so, I now question the very fabric of life itself, controlled by a man that, instead of using his power of Kindness to assist he choose his power of defiance!

On July 18, 2016 I made the decision to file my formal dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency which is pictured below, I was astonished when an employee of Quebec Revenue brought to my attention that Richcraft Group of Companies knowingly made false entries to my T-4 slip in regards to my employment income which considering they fired me but not before assaulting and harassing me beyond belief.

Taking in consideration that the countless agencies and individuals I have contacted over the pouting-face-smiley-emoticoncourse of the last 8 to 10 years in regards to my disbelief of what was happening to me, the assistance I was requesting  and my concerns were all ignored, what does that say about us as a people? what does that say about Canada as a whole? unfortunately it’s says a lot, what this whole situation shows me is that truth, integrity, honesty and justice is defiant and crime rules.

“When you speak, speak kindly, when you listen, listen wisely” ~ Terry.K

Formai-disput confirmation

I now believe I would have had a better life if I had embarked on a life of crime, it appears so according to the life I now have, repect for Truth and Justise got me nowhere, it also confirm’s my trust in governments and organisations such as Amnesty International whom also turned their back to me, not to mention disconnecting myself from campaigns such as the the Sustainable Development Goals because based on my own concerns being ignored and without resolve.

In my opinion, world peace and achieving the Goals is a long way from ever becoming reality, they are more like science fiction, at this point in time, that is compared to the out come of the chaos in my life which is just pushed aside, honestly riddle me this, how can I possibly have faith in a system and preach it to the world while not believing in it myself, I can’t and won’t do that, that would be considered betraying the people and lying, sorry but that’s just not me.  

Regarding my campaigning for the goals, in essence when they are taken a little more seriously I might reconsider, which I won’t have to reconsider because it won’t be in my life time, don’t get me wrong, the goals are what the world needs to heal but unfortunately right now, today, my belief in obtaining the global goals, it’s probability of success is equal to or has the same result as trying to start a vehicle without an engine, as long as this type of individual is left to create chaos, it just ain’t going to happen, only when we have respect for Human Rights for all humanity as a whole, then and only then will we have a shot at implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, maybe then, the world will know peace. #Peace&Love.. Terry.Ktransparanvy


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