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“Study the past if you would define the future.” ~ Confucius

press-press-female-lady-smiley-emoticon-000235-largeI have posted about my issues this last few years but what would you see if I re-winded my life back to 10 years ago, would my life be different or the same? as I open the archives of my life it only proves how much help I got, take a spin back with an email I sent to The Ministry of Government Services on September 30, 2006, regarding issues that remain unchanged today, they never did respond, well not by email! read it below. ~ Terry.K

Fr: Terry <>
Date: September 30, 2006 at 7:47 PM
Subject: Equifax/TransUnion

crazy-happy-smiley-emoticonThe world wide web reveals how many people there are throughout Canada and the U.S that have had the same experience with Equifax & TransUnion, I have joined forces with a few of them, we will be seeking answers and closure, indeed over the coming months and or years for that matter, you will be hearing more from and or about us the Consumers.

I stated earlier last year to “Adrie Moukas (Senior Specialist) for Equifax Canada” that legislation has to change, any and or all information and or accounts should be verified before being added to a credit file, also confirm with reasoning to the consumer why it’s being added, this is the type of individual required in these important positions, a bias individual.

smilie-rainbow4The positions these people occupy require a exceptional person with an open mind and the arbeitend_0001ability to view consumer complaints and have a bias opinion, a Specialist or investigator holding a degree or specialised training. These are qualities that it seems they may-not process and or use and is just one of the reasons the courts are over loaded, and causes chaos with in society, there seems to be only one objective, compassion for the creditor and a total lack of respect for the Consumer, legislation, and policies & procedures which do exist.

We as Canadian Consumers should be more selective with who occupies these positions being it’s our personal information they are controlling, in doing so, I believe it would also relieve some of the pressure on the court system.

During litigation I just recently completed, my  credit 6i3zxbkmfiles were knowingly & seriously abused by both bureaus to discredit me before the trail, all complaints I filled were investigated or so I was told, of course I had to go to the courts to get results. Knowing that in my opinion I don’t know how that constitutes specialists, in fact they appear to just be individuals holding positions to support & protect the creditors, we are not criminals but Consumers not given the benefit of doubt by a unjust Business & Financial community which needs some improvement and or changes and should be given due consideration by our elected officials.


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