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“Group discipline produces a unified effort toward a common goal.” ~ Pat Summit


together2The Caterpillar Foundation’s mission is to align, inspire and activate partners to alleviate poverty and make sustainable and scalable progress possible for all.

We are dedicated to transforming lives in the communities where we live and work around the world. Together with our partners, we champion programs that support education, environment, and basic human needs – empowering people to rise out of poverty.

blue2Launched in 1952, the Caterpillar Foundation was a natural extension of our employees’ values and culture. Along with our partners, we contribute our time and resources to promote the health, welfare and economic stability of communities around the world. Over the last 62 years, we have invested more than $650 million in organisations and programs all geared towards sustainable progress for all.

The Caterpillar Foundation is the catalyst for the Together.Stronger. platform, initiating, organising and convening impact opportunities through partners. We create the conditions, alignment and tools necessary for collaborative action to take shape and produce impact at scale.


Together.Stronger. is a catalyst for shared prosperity – a collaborative impact platform that unites businesses, non-profits, government, and citizens to combine their strengths to alleviate poverty for millions of people worldwide.

Together is our “how”. Stronger is our “why”.

Our goal is to empower 50 million people to rise out of extreme poverty by 2020. We envision a world of shared prosperity through collaborative action and purposeful partnerships.


Why is Together.Stronger. different?

k10226508Despite decades of serious effort, and billions of dollars, the existing approaches to solving poverty have helped alleviate suffering, but they have not addressed the root causes of the problem.

We believe that no one individual, no one company, no one organisation can break the cycle of poverty alone. That the way to achieve truly sustainable progress is through collaboration, not competition; common sense, not positioning.

That’s Together.Stronger.


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