Model Legislation for Eliminating the Gay and Trans Panic Defenses


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Williams Institute Scholars Provide Model Legislation to Eliminate Use of Gay and Trans Panic Defences 

smilie-borg“Gay panic” and “transgender panic” defences have been asserted by defendants in criminal trials throughout the U.S. since the 1960s.  In these cases, defendants have argued that their violent behaviour was a rational response to discovering that the victim was LGBT

The defences are rooted in irrational fears based on homophobia and transphobia, and send the message that violence against LGBT people is understandable and acceptable.  When successful, these defences have resulted in murder charges being reduced to manslaughter or another lesser offence.
To date, only one state, California, has banned defendants from asserting gay or transgender panic defence by statute.  In this brief, Williams Institute scholars present model language, based on the language adopted in California, that other states may use to eliminate use of the defences through legislation

gayheartThe model legislation offers language to prohibit defendants from using gay and trans panic defences under each of the major defences theories of provocation, insanity/diminished capacity, and self-defence.  In addition, the brief provides an overview of the ways in which the defences have been asserted in trials throughout the last several decades, and evaluates potential constitutional challenges to state legislation eliminating use of the defences.


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