International Day of Peace 2015

small-heartย From last year to this year and all years ahead of you, may Love and Peace surround you… Terry.K ย small-heart

The New B.P


We invite you to post a photo of how you participated on The Wellness Universe Facebook page ~ comment with your image. Please hold a sign with the hashtags #PeaceDay #WUVIP so they can be shared everywhere!


Want to learn more about โ€œInternational Day Of Peaceโ€


DAYOFPEACEItโ€™s World Peace Day 2015 / International Peace Day 2015 September 21st. Please take a moment at 12pm September 21st in your part of the world to practice a conscious act to spread peace.

The ripple effect of peace and love will create a shift, we believe, not only for the globe, but in our own lives. Watch our video and take Shariโ€™s suggestion to light a candle and meditate or do what you can or feel at that time of day. Even if itโ€™s past 12pm, and you just receive the message, take a moment and send out a loving thought forโ€ฆ

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