GLBT Historical Society “Learning From Our Past, Creating Our Future”

Terry Beswickย the executive director of the GLBT Historical Society.ย 

The elections of 2016 have left so many of us disappointed and worried about what’s next, tumblr_n7vgfoxgte1sp6e2vo1_r1_250and while we at the GLBT Historical Society share these concerns, we recognize that we directorhave a special role in creating the change we’d like to see.

Our unique responsibility is to help put our contemporary ย challenges into historical context. In this way, we as a community will be better prepared to overcome obstacles, avail ourselves of promising opportunities and, ultimately, build a better future for LGBTQ people and our allies. This process begins with an understanding of our past and of the ways that understanding can inspire a society of greater respect for all.

Over the last year, the Historical Society has made great progress in preserving, protecting and sharing our history:
  • smiley20deliveryWith strong support from our members and donors, we moved our archives and offices to a new, spacious location in the mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco. We now have over twice as much room for our archives, allowing us to process a backlog of donations and to acquire new collections.
  • freddie-smilieOur volunteer-staffed GLBT History Museum celebrated its five-year anniversary in the Castro, and over the course of 2016, we expanded the calendar of new exhibitions and programming. We’re especially proud of our continuing efforts to ensure the museum better reflects the great diversity of our community.elton-new-smilie8
  • If we meet our year-end fundraising goal, our 2016 budget will surpass the previous year by 50 percent. Some of the sources of this growth: We brought back our fabulous annual gala, raising more than $60,000. And thanks to strong support from the community, our membership increased by 30 percent.

Of course, we have a lot more work to do, both within the LGBTQ community and with the general public. I believe our community is in a unique position to build cultural awareness and understanding among all our families and communities of origin, not only about gender and sexuality, but also about issues of racial, economic and social justice that glbt-historical-societyinevitably affect LGBTQ people.

That’s why the GLBT Historical Society recently launched Vision2020, our four-year campaign to establish a New Museum of LGBTQ History and Culture in San Francisco. We’re working to create a full-fledged educational institution to support dialogue and discovery for locals of all ages and for visitors from around the globe.

We’re aiming to raise $75,000 for our Vision2020 campaign by the end of the year, with the first $30,000 in new donations matched dollar for dollar by three generous donors. We are more than halfway there — and with support from the community, we’ll not only meet the goal, we’ll exceed it. All funds raised will be used to help prepare us to launch a full-fledged capital campaign for the New Museum of LGBTQ History and Culture. Here’s where to make your donation.

As we look forward to exciting plans for 2017, we’re immensely grateful to all those who make our work possible. As always, your ongoing support will be crucial to our success.

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The GLBT History Museum
4127 18th St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 621-1107

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