Employment Standards Claim Kinden v. easyhome (goeasy Limited) #70178062


From: Proulx, Arlene (MOL)  Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 4:56 PM
Subject: Employment Standards Claim #70178062-6 mailed-by: ontario.ca

Good afternoon Melvin:

I received your voicemail Friday January 27 2017 requesting a return call.

chuckie-human2I would like to confirm that we have received a total of 9 emails from you. The emails that have been received have been attached to your claim for review.

Please be advised that your claim has been escalated for further investigation by a higher level officer than myself due to the reprisal allegation. Claims with reprisal allegations are investigated by a higher level officer.

Your claim is currently in the queue awaiting assignment to an officer. Once an officer at the higher level becomes available, your claim will be assigned and that officer will contact you.


Arlene Proulx
Employment Standards Officer #1128
Provincial Claims Centre – Employment Standards Branch
Ontario Ministry of Labour

Who is easyhome?

Also below you will find the regulations and the process taken by the Ministry of labour for allegations of Reprisal under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

Update:  Above is taken from a email received regarding the Ministry of labour Claim yesterday, in regards to my allegations of reprisal, harassment and workplace voilence which 4798are separte issues but the harassment discrimination and violence is another issue that I want closure on as well and I don’t mean money because that solves nothing, I want Justice this time around, I want to pursue these judge-smiley-emoticonmater’s because they did with out a doubt continually refused all my request for a transferr  while the harassment continued. Then when I filed the claim on Feb 1, 2016 at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for arbitration, to ask that they decide if I should be granted a transferr or not, six weeks later on March 14, 2016, easyhome (goeasy limited) terminated my employment in reprisal. The links to the official documents and MOL regulations and legislation are supplied below as well



Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) provides workers with rights and responsibilities. It prohibits employers from penalizing workers in reprisal for obeying the law or exercising their rights.

Under Section 50 of the OHSA, an employer cannot

  • dismiss (or threaten to dismiss) a worker
  • discipline or suspend a worker (or threaten to do so)
  • impose (or threaten to impose) any penalty upon a worker, or
  • intimidate or coerce a worker…

… because a worker has

  • followed the OHSA and regulations
  • exercised rights under the OHSA, including the right to refuse unsafe work
  • asked the employer to follow the OHSA and regulations.

A worker also cannot be penalized for

  • providing information to a Ministry of Labour inspector
  • following a Ministry of Labour inspector’s order, or
  • testifying at a hearing about OHSA enforcement
    • in court
    • before the Ontario Labour Relations Board
    • at a grievance arbitration, and
    • at a coroner’s inquest

Canada & Greeders ~ The Hidden Hatred

A Search for Kindness at easyhome

Learn more about Reprisals and  Section 50 of the OHSA

Ministry of labour Ontario ~ Reprisals (PDF)

Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

Information for Workers and Employers about reprisals (PDF)

Office of the Worker Adviser 


The WorkPlace and Mobbing (SunGard)

A Search for Kindness (easyhome-goeasy)

The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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3 thoughts on “Employment Standards Claim Kinden v. easyhome (goeasy Limited) #70178062

  1. My Thoughts: In 2006 when the judgement was handed down in my favor by the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) between Myself

    Nelson Financial Group
    Outside the Box Financial
    and Westview Auto Broker

    the balance outstanding to me at that time and date on June 26, 2006 was $40,000 plus interest etc. but out of the Goodness of my heart I settled for “0” dollars which has served me no purpose, let me explain.
    The positive result that I thought long and hard about, and went against my morals and friends suggestions but I thought more about forgiveness then monetary value or then my own well being which resulted in today being considered already dead to them but not before defaming my name and taking everything away from me, they would devote the next 12 years, with no empathy or remorse to eventually destroying myself and my entire life.

    So knowing that, let the record show that the matters currently outstanding with the Ministry of Labour and The Federal Court of Canada will not be subject to mediation, I have had enough, I am no longer open to discussion, as it has been tried in the past numerous times and failed. I will not be handed money to go away ever again, I want to face a judge or decider of some sort and get the income back that was illegally taken from me and those responsible brought to face Justice….that’s it that all, this is my last and final decision on the subject!

    Thank you
    Melvin Kinden (Terry.K) 😀 ❤


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