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Business Ethics and Women

It seems the awareness of womenโ€™s treatment in business, politics and culture has never been at a higher pitch. And I canโ€™t seem to escape the thought that womenโ€™s issues are the most important business ethics issues of our time. Considering the competition, that is a pretty extreme statements. Corporations are busily seeking the status of independent nations. A prominent bank paid the government ten billion dollars with six point six billion more โ€œdevotedโ€ to the injured to avoid prosecution for tens of thousands of crimes. Studies are showing that fracking is destroying the health of many and literally destabilizing the earth beneath our feet. And yet here I am claiming that womenโ€™s issues are the most important.


Weโ€™re at a cultural crossroads. You can feel it. Certainly, my female students are expressing a greater degree of confidence and awareness thanโ€ฆ

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