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The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.  ~ Albert Schweitzer

How to Achieve Happiness and Meaning in Life

Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, identifies five endeavors crucial to human flourishing – positive emotion, engagement, good relationships, meaning and purpose in life, and accomplishment.
These elements, which we choose for their own sake in our efforts to flourish, are the foundation of human well-being.
headerSubjective well-being is the scientific term for happiness and life satisfaction – thinking and feeling that your life is going well, not badly. The science of well-being suggests that as well as experiencing good feelings, people need to undertake activities which are meaningful, engaging, and which make them feel competent and autonomous.
Research in Positive Psychology suggests that happiness and meaning are, in fact, essential elements of well-being. Happiness and meaning are strongly correlated with each other, and often feed off each other.
The more meaning we find in life, the happier we typically feel, and the happier we feel, the more we feel encouraged to pursue even greater meaning and purpose. One way to think about well-being is through the formula:
Happiness + Meaning = Well-being.

Why Do We Use Ethics?

We use ethics in our daily lives to improve the quality of our relationships. High quality close relationships contribute to mental and physical well-being. They fulfill our psychological need for intimacy and belongingness.
How we deal with others is based on what we value in relationships.
What we value in relationships should be the motivation for our actions. Ideally, we should strive to turn those values into virtues, or positive traits of character, by applying them to those relationships and, over time, building a strong character.
The ancient Greeks thought of virtue as a trait or quality that is deemed morally good. The Greek term arete, in its basic sense, means excellence of any kind. The term may also mean moral virtue. The presence of moral virtues, then, can direct a person’s behavior to achieve moral excellence and, according to the ancient Greeks, a state ofeudaimonia, the Greek word for happiness or welfare.
However, the Greeks thought of happiness in broader terms linking it to moral excellence and the end state of “human flourishing.” Human flourishing is characterized by a life worth living, the good life, and a state of well-being.

Article Posted June 21, 2018 by Steven Mintz from: 

Examples of How and We We Should be Ethical

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🇨🇦 Part 2 “Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada” (IC.GC.CA}

from: Small, Matthew (IC) <matthew.small@canada.ca>
to: “terr.kinnn2@gmail.com” <terr.kinnn2@gmail.com>
date: Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 12:40 PM
subject: Complaint Ref. # 749596

Mr. Kinden, Further to our phone call yesterday, I am writing you to request new information or documentation in support of your allegations against Pascal Gagnon of Ginsberg, Gingras & Associates Inc.

To summarize our call yesterday, I advised that, based on the information I had available to me at the time, it did not appear that I would be able to “reopen” your prior complaint.  Our conversation ended abruptly shortly after that without me being able to explain what I meant, and without us having discussed your concerns in more detail.  What I was unable to explain at the time, is that we require new information/evidence concerning a trustee’s conduct/administration in order to “reopen” a complaint to which the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) has previously responded.

Please take into consideration that the OSB can only operate within the scope of its regulatory mandate, which is to say that we do not advocate for any party in a bankruptcy proceeding.   Please also note that Ginsberg, Gingras & Associates Inc. do have a right to refuse reappointment to the administration of a bankruptcy estate once an application for bankruptcy discharge has been heard by the Court.  If you are looking for someone to advocate on your behalf you may want to seek independent legal advice or alternatively legal aid.

What I understand of your concerns/allegations so far is that (1) Ginsberg, Gingras & Associates Inc. refuses to work with you, (2) no other trustees is willing to work with you, (3) you cannot afford a lawyer, and (4) the Court in Gatineau is unable to help you.  Please confirm if this is accurate and please provide any additional information and evidence in support of your complaint against Ginsberg, Gingras & Associates Inc.  As noted previously, as the regulator we cannot advocate for you and we have no authority to facilitate your application for discharge from bankruptcy.

If you are unable to provide a response to my request with the requested information by April 26, 2018 I will close your complaint based on the information provided.

Thank you, Matthew Small

Senior Bankruptcy Analyst, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada / Government of Canada
matthew.small@canada.ca / Tel: 416-270-2028 / TTY: 1-866-694-8389

🇨🇦 “Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada” (IC.GC.CA}


“There are few experiences in life as painful and brutal as the failure of a small business. For a small business conceived and nurtured by its owner is like a living, breathing child. Its loss is no less traumatic than losing a loved one.” 
― William Manchee

“To whom it may concern”

On Feb 11, 2011 I retained the services of Pascal Gagnon,Ginsberg Gingras regarding a matter of personal Bankruptcy, after filing I was totally ignored by Mr Gagnon, every phone call, email and voice message and even mail I sent, he or his office in Hull did’t respond.

When the matter went before the courts he did not advise me of the out come and again did not answer to my concerns.
I have had attempts on my life, harassed by Police and put on the street not being able to obtain employment, all other local trustee’s I contacted in the Ottawa/Gatineau region refused to assist, I filed a complaint with the Superintendent of Bankruptcy regarding his lack of ethical professionalism with respect to his dislike for myself which was also ignored.

I sent numerous emails, made phone calls and message after message, after 5 years he finally answered a partial of that email and his exact words is included below.
I relocated back to my home province (Newfoundland) on April 8, 2018 due fear for my safety & health after the local Police in Gatineau forcibly removed me from my home and put me in a holding cell for a charge that did not occur on Feb 20, 2018 losing more than half of my belonging never to return there again. A friend bailed me out.
After returning home I contacted a trustee here in St John’s Newfoundland who gave me the information that he should have given me, “the file was adjourned”.

The last time I contacted him regarding the Bankruptcy was Oct 5, 2016, there was no attachments with his response which follows:

Mr Gagnon’s words taken as is from his last email (10/5/16)

“Hello Mr Kinden,
First, let me tell you that both your tone and your threath are not acceptable.
Second, please note that this will be the last email that I will adress to you. I will not answer to any further email or correspondance from you. You will find attached a copy of the OSB answer to your complaint. As stated in that letter you are free to contact another trustee’s office or your legal councel in order to apply to court for your discharge. Regards, Pascal Gagnon”

I will not deny my tone after 5 years of being ignored, during this time (year 1) I was enrolled in A Trucking program in Montreal

The dollar amount or loss I’ve endured is to far reaching than I could ever estimate, I cannot find a Bankruptcy Trustee that will take on the case to finish or clear up his mess, as I am on social assistance and financially cannot pay the required fees and kindness cannot be found with in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency process.

I would like assistance with the issues of such serious nature of the grief Mr Gagnon has created in my life now living in fear for more than 7 years.

I am finally going to share a short version of my story from 2001 to 2018. The short version is 1 1/2 hours long which is the shortest I could make it, talking kinda fast which didn’t help shorten it so as to be understood. I apologize now all the hums and awes, as I did it once without editing, in da raw. Why? because it’s time, so if you can stand to listen to me for an hour and a half then click play

Article posted April 20, 2018 by Terry Kinden

Part 2 “Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada” (IC.GC.CA}

🇨🇦 Have You Been A Victim of Identity Theft?

Gender Identity and Gender Expression (Canada)

Disorganized Crime Warning

Get It On Credit

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tongueLets take a look at one of the legal firms I contacted for representation, “Howie, Sacks & Henry” on May 7, 2014, the image below is a partial screenshot of the letter I received by email after my enquiry on May 4, 2014. Not only did Mr Dick (gotta love that name) 🙂 reject to represent me, they addressed me as “Ms” this did not upset me at the time because I am more than aware that I will not obtain legal council due to the fact of my sexuality, but I sent a reply anyway just so they were aware of my acknowledgement and requested they make an adjustment as follows:
Hi Mr Dick

Thank you for the letter of acknowledgement of my request in writing, if I could ask you to correct an error in the “To” section which states “Dear Ms. Kinden” I am a homosexual man but currently single so you may address me as Mr.

Thank you for your attention to this Matter.

Best Regards

The change was made and forwarded to me the next day.
Now the next series of four screen shots were taken from my Google Drive, I give all lawyers when requesting representation access to the files, this means they can only view and read the files, unless I unlock the files, as you can see in the bottom right hand corner of each image it says “CAN VIEW” no one is able to share or download any of the files contained within the Google Drive until I unlock them. A short time ago I received a notification from Google that Mr Dick had shared and downloaded 271 of my files without my consent or knowledge. Now I am really pissed because the only way for him to do such an illegal act is to Hack into my computer and my Google Drive, seems that here in Canada corruption, breach of privacy and a total lack of respect for legislation has no ethical value what so ever, I really don’t know who to trust anymore, but than again I may never trust anyone ever again.





I contacted Mr Dick yesterday to ask what his intentions were, I thought maybe he was going to represent me after all, but not, I am very concerned as to whom he has shared all my documents with. According to his email response he says he only downloaded a couple as to review my case and then destroyed the link but the share list clearly shows he shared more than 250 of my documents. This really truly troubles me how he was able to bypass the lock on my Google Drive.

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My Last Day of Employment at Richcraft

This is the inside of the unit taken that same day July 10, 2012
This is the inside of the unit taken that same day July 10, 2012
It was July 10, 2012 and I woke up as usual at 5:30 am and started preparing myself for another day at the construction site in hell. I arrived the same time as I did everyday around 7:00 am, although I wasn’t scheduled to start until 7:30 am, my first task was to unlock the front doors of all the units I was responsible for, there was two general laborers, Yannick and one other Richcraft Carpenter, between four of us we were responsible for unlocking all the unit doors so the contractors could enter to complete their assignments, after which I would Radio Yannick, if he didn’t already contact me, for my daily work assignments which was always sweeping the units and removing all scrap drywall.
I proceeded to my first unit which was pretty much central to the whole site, so I entered the unit, it was empty no contractors present. I was supplied with a push broom, kitchen angle broom and a 5 gallon plastic Garbage can, so I started picking up all scrap drywall and stacking it in a pile in the center of each and every room after which I started to sweep.
Just after lunch the painting contractors showed up which consisted of two individuals, male and female whom appeared to be a couple. After about an hour I received a call from Yannick on my two way Radio requesting I go to another site, as I was working in a unit on Cooks Mill Crescent, he requested I proceed to Riveredge Crescent which was about 9 kms away. I was paid for my mileage and visited this site a few times before, as we had three to four new houses on this street that were close to completion.
worksite2I finished the task I was working on and then collected the brooms and proceeded to my car parked in front, only to find a Dodge minivan was parked behind me, I went back in the unit and asked the painter if he could move his van so I could get out of the driveway, his lady friend grab his keys and moved the van and I proceeded to the other work-site on Riveredge Crescent.
I arrived at the unit and proceeded to the upstairs to start clean up, after picking up all scrap and throwing it out the windows which is the process for removing scrap and garbage from the units, I started sweeping hearing from outside the backhoe driver leveling the grounds.
Approximately one hour later I was startled by someone touching my shoulder, I immediately turned in defense mode and almost punched Bernie in the face, now seeing both him and Yannick standing there. I was shocked and very upset that they were able to enter the unit and make their way to the second floor without my knowledge. I let Bernie know that he almost got a punch in the face and advice him not to sneak up me like that.
That’s when himself and Yannick made their way towards me and pinned me to the wall at which time I told him I was recording everything being said. This was something I started doing a couple of weeks earlier, turning on the voice recorder while at work due to derogatory name calling, physical jesters and not to mention threats.
worksite4At this point I am starting to sweat and shake, the start of an Anxiety attack, as I have been dealing with the attacks for such a long time, I found that getting out of the situation that was causing the panic attack always worked for me, so my main concern now was to find an avenue of escape, not really listening to what Bernie was saying as he spit in my face, I started looking for an opportunity to make a dash for the exit as I began moving slowly towards the exit, at the same time as they tried blocking me, I kept slowly moving toward the exit as Bernie continued talking. It was when he said “I want you to go home now and bring me back a paper from your doctor I felt a small sense of relief, it was the quickest time I have ever exited a room, saying thank you and agreeing with everything he was saying as I made my way down the stairs and out the front door. I never returned to South Ottawa until July 16, 2012 accompanied by a friend at which time I was fired. All my efforts to obtain employment since that day has been in vain.sensplex

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Accessibility and Accommadtion

Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong – Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919)
Terry-courtfrom: Ter Kin terr.kinnn2@gmail.com
to: “HRTO-Registrar (JUS)” ,
date: Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 11:13 AM
subject: Case and Accommodation Request 2012-12852-I


In regards to the file 2012-12852-I and the evidence and Witnesses to appear to be presented at the hearing are as per all emails, Exhibits and evidence contained in the file located on Google Drive (Cloud: Exhibits A-Z) email to follow again. Also a Witness list will not be released until the day of the hearing to protect the innocent from harassment by “The provincial Government of Ontario, now known as the respondent”.

Also we are requesting “ACCOMMODATION” that the hearing be postponed due to lack of legal Representative, due to disability “Mental Health” a direct result of the Respondents actions, Mr Kinden is not willing or able to represent himself. We have made applications to “Quebec Legal Aid Services, Ontario Legal Aid Services, The Human Rights Legal Support Center (HRSLC) and numerous other legal agencies in Ontario and Quebec all Denied”.

Until such time as Mr Kinden can obtain Legal Council or Council is appointed, we are requesting accommodation to that fact.


Melvin T Kinden

A message to Mr Kris Singhal owner/President Richcraft Group of Company’s Ottawa, Ontario
April 7, 2014 at 12:53pm

Everyday at noon I drove off site to the IGA, Mac’s or MacEwen store in the local neighborhood just to get away for an hour, eat my lunch but in early Febuary I was at the MacEwen gasbar and in the washroom and the lady from the front opened the (locked) door & just closed it again, I was shocked and to make it worst she never even apologized, now the merchants even started bullying me when I went in too make a purchase, and would not let me use there “PUBLIC” washroom facilities.
A little more gas but I started at lunch time heading a few KM’S north to a mall parking lot to chill and eat my lunch in peace, I never did go back to any of the merchants (total of 4) in Riverside South area

Mr Singhal..do you think your GOD? because you seem to have a GOD complex, maybe it’s because you own half or more of OTTAWA, do you think your above the law? let me say again, you don’t scare me with all your intimidation and scare tactics. Yes you have money and power to pay people to do your dirty work, I certainly felt and seen that over the last two years. Let me tell you again, Bernie and Yanick assaulted me while at work, I don’t know where your from but here in Canada that’s against the law and I will do what ever is necessary (within the law that is) or until I stop breathing to bring Berine and Yanick to Justice, I will not rest until they are charged for their illegal acts, because I am just getting started..SIR…..

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Laurentienne Bank (The Corruption Within)

SEMC 3MP DSCFor two years since starting working at Richcraft, I drove the vehicle (Junker) pictured here to the left until Sept 12, 2013 when I had to send it to the scrap yard, it was no longer road worthy. The plates cost $280 per year, I was on a monthly payment plan, the SAAQ (Department of Motor vehicles) debited my account monthly for $21.04, so after the vehicle was gone on Sept 15, 2013, I contacted the SAAQ to cancel the plates as they were not required any longer. I also went to my Bank “Laurentienne Bank” to request a stop payment on my account for that debit, but they refused to apply the stop payment, they said as long as I cancelled the plates the SAAQ would automatically stop the debit. Well I have been receiving my Bank statements from them but did not open the envelopes, I just put them in the file, as I was now using my “ING Direct” Bank account for my Banking, but early December once moving I opened them all only to find the Laurentienne Bank did not apply the stop payment, and the SAAQ kept debiting my account until November 2013, over drawing the account by $-139.19, the SAAQ has now totally cancelled my driving licence, how am I suppose to pay this balance when I barely have enough food to eat.Laurentian Bank - Summary.clipular (2)

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295-caOn November 1, 2013 I contacted 295.ca and signed up for their dial-up internet service, I paid for the service by prepaid credit card but discovered my Laptop was not setup to use dial-up so they referred me to their sister company “Worldline”. I again signed up and then waited for the modem delivery, another story, the package was being held at the Loomis depot in Ottawa, they said they couldn’t find the address, after numerous calls to worldline, 5 days passed and after myself calling loomis with the address which they already had, they finally delivered the package, I then connected the modem but it didn’t work, so I called Worldline support a number of times to no end. On November 20, 2013 I filled a complaint with the CCTS (Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunication Services), all the payment receipts and return labells are available here, WorlddemonI still had no internet so when I called on Nov 22, 2013 I was told, they informed me the service was canceled, my CSSD Web Essentials program is all online, and the internet was to ensure I was able to continual my studies but Equifax had other plans, they have caused most of my pain and suffering for the last 10 years or so out of retaliation for a LGBTQI individual beating them in a court of law, in 2006 when I was leaving the court house, as I exited the front door, an individual I was not acquainted with said, you will never feel safe at your job again, after being Bullied, Mobbed and fired from every Job since, I know now they meant it. To one with a monthly income of $545, $87.15 is a lot of money and I am now waiting unsure if I will even get my money back.
from: TerKin
to: Response
date: Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 2:18 PM
subject: Re: 00000000395695
Me: I have included a copy of the information being requested below, as no confusion over thelogo.en information provided, as I answer your concerns:
CCTS: We have received your email of complaint dated November 20th, 2013. However, in order for the CCTS to proceed with your complaint, you must provide us with certain key information in order to help facilitate the assessment of your complaint. Specifically, the CCTS requires you to provide the following information:
· The specific details of your complaint:
– the exact charges in question;
– For service delivery, the date(s) that your service was disconnected, was supposed to be installed or the date where your service stopped functioning.

Me: The exact charges in question are as follows
– 295.ca payment November 1, 2013 ($18.28).
– Worldline November 4, 2013 ($68.87)
Total amount I am requesting returned ($87.15), Both payments were made by prepaid credit card, copies of the payment confirmation are attached. Also I am attaching a copy of the waybill sent to me this morning to return the modem, I have packaged the modem and taken it to Canada Post, I have also included a image of the package. Last I made payment on Nov 4, 2013, I was told a Technician would have to visit to install the jack for the modem, and the service department would be contacting me to set a date and time for the install, I was never contacted to set a date or time for the service visit. I made numerous calls and emails to Billing, Technical support and customer service, to no end, so I contacted the mother company “Fibernetics” also in Ontario but have not received a response from them as of yet.
I am hoping this will clarify my issues, thank you for your consideration to this matter.
Best regards
Melvin T Kinden
14-36 rue Tasse
Gatineau, QC

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Notice of Hearing

If He can be bought, he is not to be trusted
John Dempsterfrom: Ter Kin
to: “HRTO-Registrar (JUS)” ,
bcc: Ter Kin
date: Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 2:18 AM
subject: Notice of Hearing 2012-12852-I
mailed-by: gmail.com


I am in receipt of your “Notice of Hearing”, May 27 & 28, 2014, let me first start by saying, I WILL NOT re send anyone anything, I have sent all relevant documents and evidence clearly identified by Exhibit numbers, also the complete HRTO file # 2012-12852-I can be found “HERE” there you will find every document sent via email from terr.kinnn2@gmail.com to “HRTO-Registrar (JUS) hrto.registrar@ontario.ca”. If you require copies of these emails that were send and received at both addresses, I do have a complete file which can be easily arranged as well.

I also want to make you aware that on November 10, 2013 I applied for legal Aid here in Gatineau, but I am told by Mr Morin at Quebec Legal Aid (Centre communautaire juridique de l’Outaouais) that due to the Location of the Legal matters involved (Ontario) which is the jurisdiction where I must apply for Legal Aid, so Mr Morin advised me the file was being transferred to “Legal Aid Ontario“, so what ever other issues you may have, or any questions, concerns please contact Mr Mario G Morin as follows at;
Me Mario G Morin
Centre communautaire juridique de l’Outaouais
Bureau civil, famille, jeunesse
210-768 boulevard St-Joseph
Gatineau (Québec) J8Y 4B8
Téléphone: (819) 772-3011
Télécopieur: (819) 772-3764

Best regards

Melvin T Kinden
14-36 rue Tasse
Gatineau, QC

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Bill 168, Occupational Health and Safety Amendment.

new-headerTo End The Week On a Positive note, have a great one…lotsa Luvmasthead-A_en
Fonseca, Hon Peter Minister of Labour
stock-photo-stop-intimidation-sign-127734746Bill 168 (Violence and Harassment in the Workplace) 2009 Ontario
Current Status: Royal Assent received Chapter Number: R.S.O. 2009 C.23
An Act to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace and other matters Ontario
Note: This Act amends the Occupational Health and Safety Act. For the legislative history of the Act, see the Table of Consolidated Public Statutes – Detailed Legislative History on e-laws. Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:
1. Subsection 1 (1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act is amended by adding the following definitions: “workplace harassment” means engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker in a workplace that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome; (“harcèlement au travail”)
“workplace violence” means:stop_workplace_bullying_mousepad
(a) the exercise of physical force by a person against a worker, in a workplace, that causes or could cause physical injury to the worker,
(b) an attempt to exercise physical force against a worker, in a workplace, that could cause physical injury to the worker,
(c) a statement or behaviour that it is reasonable for a worker to interpret as a threat to exercise physical force against the worker, in a workplace, that could cause physical injury to the worker. (“violence au travail”)
2. Section 25 of the Act is amended by adding the following subsection:
stick_figure_group_bullying_400_wht_9796(3.1) Any explanatory material referred to under clause (2) (i) may be published as part of the poster required under section 2 of the Employment Standards Act, 2000.
3. The Act is amended by adding the following Part:
Policies, violence and harassment

32.0.1 (1) An employer shall,
(a) prepare a policy with respect to workplace violence;
(b) prepare a policy with respect to workplace harassment; and
(c) review the policies as often as is necessary, but at least annually.
I’m not going to post the complete list of amendments involved in Bill 168, you get the idea, this is one piece of legislation, Statutes I will be relying on for “Kinden v Richcraft” and a number of others, all of which occurred in Ontario. I think it’s what’s needed right across the board, you can read the complete legislative Act Here, employers can get more information at “Reg Quest newsletter VOLUME 3, NO. 9” – SEPTEMBER 2010 entitled Bill 168: Employers’ Liability for Workplace Violence and Harassment Read the official article here from “The Legislative Assembly of Ontario”.

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