Royal Visit 2016 Day 1 ~ Will and Kate arrive in Victoria, B.C.


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~ Confucius

kings-1WATCH ABOVE: Prince William and Kate along with their two children, George and Charlotte, step off the plane in Victoria, B.C. to begin their royal visit to Canada.


williamkateThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, arrived at Victoria Airport on Day 1 of the Royal Visit 2016 amid the excitement of thousands of royal fans.

The Royal Family was met by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, B.C. Premier Christy Clark and her son, Hamish, and Governor-General David Johnston and his wife, Sharon.

Prince William walked out of the plane holding Prince George hand while Kate carried Princess Charlotte down the stairs to the tarmac. 


Workplace Harassment: How to Recognize and Report It

Minimising the risk of psychological injury at work

How to deal with bullying in the workplace ~ Supporting the female pipeline

Jeremy Corbyn wants school history books re-written to out famous gays and lesbians.

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The Science of Happiness


“A free eight-week Science of Happiness course that will offer practical, research-backed tips on living a happy and meaningful life.”  ~ The Huffington Post

A-ROTFLWe all want to be happy, and there are countless ideas about what happiness is and how we can get some. But not many of those ideas are based on science. That’s where this course comes in. “The Science of Happiness” is the first MOOC to teach the ground-breaking science of positive psychology, which explores the roots of a happy and meaningful life

Starts on September 6, 2016

5192644573003776grandpa-and-child-smiley-emoticonStudents will engage with some of the most provocative and practical lessons from this science, discovering how cutting-edge research can be applied to their own lives. Created by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, the course will zero in on a fundamental finding from positive psychology: that happiness is inextricably linked to having strong social connections and contributing to something bigger than yourself—the greater good. Students will learn about the cross-disciplinary research supporting this view, spanning the fields of psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and beyond.

What’s more, “The Science of Happiness” offers students practical strategies for tapping into and nurturing their own happiness, bbq including trying several research-backed activities that foster social and emotional well-being, and exploring how their own happiness changes along the way.smilie-face

The course’s co-instructors, Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas, are not only leading authorities on positive psychology but also gifted teachers skilled at making science fun and personal. They’ll be joined by world-renowned experts discussing themes like empathy, mindfulness, and gratitude—experts including Barbara Fredrickson, Paul Ekman, Sonja Lyubomirsky, and Jon Kabat-ZinnHealth professionals who register can earn continuing education units for their participation.

Consider signing up for this course with a friend or group tweet about your registration, share it on Facebook, and use the buddy system to stay on track. Join the conversation on The Greater Good Science Center Facebook page, or in the BerkeleyX: GG101x The Science of Happiness Facebook group.

What you’ll learn

  • Discover what happiness is and why it matters to you
  • Learn how to increase your own happiness
  • Understand the power of social connections and the science of empathy
  • Discover what is mindfulness and its real world applications

Meet the instructors


Pursue a Verified Certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain ($49). 

smileys-cz-11Official and Verified, Receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and increase your job edx-logo-headerprospects, Easily Shareable, Add the certificate to your CV or resume, or post it directly on LinkedIn, Proven Motivator Give yourself an additional incentive to complete the course, Support our Mission, EdX, a non-profit, relies on verified certificates to help fund free education for everyone globally.


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The Archives ~ A Consumer Request

the archives2

“Study the past if you would define the future.” ~ Confucius

press-press-female-lady-smiley-emoticon-000235-largeI have posted about my issues this last few years but what would you see if I re-winded my life back to 10 years ago, would my life be different or the same? as I open the archives of my life it only proves how much help I got, take a spin back with an email I sent to The Ministry of Government Services on September 30, 2006, regarding issues that remain unchanged today, they never did respond, well not by email! read it below. ~ Terry.K

Fr: Terry <>
Date: September 30, 2006 at 7:47 PM
Subject: Equifax/TransUnion

crazy-happy-smiley-emoticonThe world wide web reveals how many people there are throughout Canada and the U.S that have had the same experience with Equifax & TransUnion, I have joined forces with a few of them, we will be seeking answers and closure, indeed over the coming months and or years for that matter, you will be hearing more from and or about us the Consumers.

I stated earlier last year to “Adrie Moukas (Senior Specialist) for Equifax Canada” that legislation has to change, any and or all information and or accounts should be verified before being added to a credit file, also confirm with reasoning to the consumer why it’s being added, this is the type of individual required in these important positions, a bias individual.

smilie-rainbow4The positions these people occupy require a exceptional person with an open mind and the arbeitend_0001ability to view consumer complaints and have a bias opinion, a Specialist or investigator holding a degree or specialised training. These are qualities that it seems they may-not process and or use and is just one of the reasons the courts are over loaded, and causes chaos with in society, there seems to be only one objective, compassion for the creditor and a total lack of respect for the Consumer, legislation, and policies & procedures which do exist.

We as Canadian Consumers should be more selective with who occupies these positions being it’s our personal information they are controlling, in doing so, I believe it would also relieve some of the pressure on the court system.

During litigation I just recently completed, my  credit 6i3zxbkmfiles were knowingly & seriously abused by both bureaus to discredit me before the trail, all complaints I filled were investigated or so I was told, of course I had to go to the courts to get results. Knowing that in my opinion I don’t know how that constitutes specialists, in fact they appear to just be individuals holding positions to support & protect the creditors, we are not criminals but Consumers not given the benefit of doubt by a unjust Business & Financial community which needs some improvement and or changes and should be given due consideration by our elected officials.


relationship marketing2

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When Defiance Over Rules Kindness

Formai-disput confirmation3

“I apologise if your name appears in my story & in my life, it’s not there because I wish it, it’s there because you put it there” ~ Terry.K

chuckie-rcmp-sad2.10202It is said and believed that I made a grave mistake by moving to this province while working in Ottawa and living in Renfrew, let me elaborate, suitable living accommodation’s were well beyond my affordability in Ottawa.

At the time I was living in Renfrew and it was the same there as it has been here, I really wanted to get out of there so bad due to extreme harassment & discrimination, but not only that, it was partially due to the commuting to Ottawa everyday, a 2.5 hour drive twice daily, after 6 months of doing so and getting very costly, the travelling time was getting to me, not to mention the wear and tear on my now older vehicle, a co-worker suggested I move to Gatineau because the housing was more in line with my income, unaware of rental costs in Gatineau and knowing I could not afford to live in Ottawa, I decided to check out his claims which I found to be true, so on May 1, 2010 I took the plunge and moved here. 


Now after 6 years of living here, in all honesty I now see as the worst decision I have made in my entire life, which to me was no worst then being trapped in hell, my belief that truth, integrity and chatter-box-smiley-emoticonjustice existed everywhere was diminished greatly, as I questioned life and now realised after the results of the last 10 years that I was deceived all my life into believing, that everything I was taught and raised to believe, holds no truth, so much so, I now question the very fabric of life itself, controlled by a man that, instead of using his power of Kindness to assist he choose his power of defiance!

On July 18, 2016 I made the decision to file my formal dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency which is pictured below, I was astonished when an employee of Quebec Revenue brought to my attention that Richcraft Group of Companies knowingly made false entries to my T-4 slip in regards to my employment income which considering they fired me but not before assaulting and harassing me beyond belief.

Taking in consideration that the countless agencies and individuals I have contacted over the pouting-face-smiley-emoticoncourse of the last 8 to 10 years in regards to my disbelief of what was happening to me, the assistance I was requesting  and my concerns were all ignored, what does that say about us as a people? what does that say about Canada as a whole? unfortunately it’s says a lot, what this whole situation shows me is that truth, integrity, honesty and justice is defiant and crime rules.

“When you speak, speak kindly, when you listen, listen wisely” ~ Terry.K

Formai-disput confirmation

I now believe I would have had a better life if I had embarked on a life of crime, it appears so according to the life I now have, repect for Truth and Justise got me nowhere, it also confirm’s my trust in governments and organisations such as Amnesty International whom also turned their back to me, not to mention disconnecting myself from campaigns such as the the Sustainable Development Goals because based on my own concerns being ignored and without resolve.

In my opinion, world peace and achieving the Goals is a long way from ever becoming reality, they are more like science fiction, at this point in time, that is compared to the out come of the chaos in my life which is just pushed aside, honestly riddle me this, how can I possibly have faith in a system and preach it to the world while not believing in it myself, I can’t and won’t do that, that would be considered betraying the people and lying, sorry but that’s just not me.  

Regarding my campaigning for the goals, in essence when they are taken a little more seriously I might reconsider, which I won’t have to reconsider because it won’t be in my life time, don’t get me wrong, the goals are what the world needs to heal but unfortunately right now, today, my belief in obtaining the global goals, it’s probability of success is equal to or has the same result as trying to start a vehicle without an engine, as long as this type of individual is left to create chaos, it just ain’t going to happen, only when we have respect for Human Rights for all humanity as a whole, then and only then will we have a shot at implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, maybe then, the world will know peace. #Peace&Love.. Terry.Ktransparanvy


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Heads Together ~ A Mental Health Campaign


“Bottling everything up can become self-destructive and as men we can be socially awkward. CALM offers a way to break the silence.”~ Esco Williams, musician

Through our work with young people, emergency response, homeless charities, and with veterans, smilie-sherk3we have seen time and time again that unresolved mental health problems lie at the heart of some of our greatest social challenges.

-king-of-the-worldToo often, people feel afraid to admit that they are struggling with their mental health. This fear of prejudice and judgement stops people from getting help and can destroy families and end lives. Heads Together wants to help people feel much more comfortable with their everyday mental well-being and have the practical tools to support their friends and family.

Being the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year is the perfect springboard for the Heads Together campaign. We cannot wait to see hundreds of runners hitting the streets of London next April to end the stigma and change the conversation on mental health once and for all.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are spearheading the Heads Together campaign to end stigma around mental health. Heads Together aims to change the national conversation on mental health and well-being, and will be a partnership with inspiring charities with decades of experience in tackling stigma, raising awareness, and providing vital help for people with mental health challenges.

fairy tale princess2There has been huge progress made to tackle stigma surrounding mental woman2health in recent decades, but it still remains a key issue driven by negative associations, experience and language. Through this campaign, Their Royal Highness’s are keen to build on the great work that is already taking place across the country, to ensure that people feel comfortable with their everyday mental well-being, feel able to support their friends and families through difficult times, and that stigma no longer prevents people getting help they need.

They are privileged to be working with partner charities who have achieved so much in tackling stigma, raising awareness, and providing vital help for people with mental health challenges. The team of charity partners working on Heads Together covers a wide range of mental health issues that are close to The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry’s passions.

They are:

There will be a number of ways to get involved and show your support for the campaign. Sign up to join the campaign and be kept up to date here and apply to run for Heads Together in the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon. Heads Together runners will raise vital funds and awareness for our charity partners and play their part in starting conversations on mental health with their friends, families and workmates.

Heads Together is an initiative coordinated by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, registered charity no. 1132048


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Standing Together to Stop the Violence

white-house-finishHating people because of their colour is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which colour does the hating. It’s just plain wrong. ~ Muhammad Ali

The following is a message I received yesterday and thought it would be a benefit to my American friends, but also realising it’s a piece of advise that would not hurt for us all to consider, and deserves to be shared…Peace&Love Terry.K.

“This violence has to stop”

smilie-policeThis has been a trying week for America, as Americans, we are all wounded by the targeting of the police force in Dallas and the deaths in St. Paul and Baton Rouge, now, I know a lot of you might ask, “What can I do?”
You can do a lot—right now, this weekend.
This weekend, it is on each of us to be a visible force in our communities for non-violence. Join together online, in your neighbourhood, in your houses of worship, around your kitchen table. For all of you community leaders, use your platforms to heal and unite. Talk and listen, see and hear each other during this moment for our country that requires profound introspection and dialogue. To find helpful resources in your community, visit the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service at
For if not you, then whom? If not now, then when?
In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll continue offering our thoughts and prayers to provide comfort to the broken-hearted families. But they will only be redeemed by the courage of our actions americathat honour their memories.
I believe the Dallas Police Department is one of the finest in the nation—and this incredibly diverse city can bridge any divide. 

To paraphrase Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, let us use our words carefully. Let us act with unity, not division.

As Dallas Police Chief David Brown—one of the leading chiefs in America—said, “there are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city, all I know is that this must stop, this divisiveness between our police and our citizens.”

Captain-America-Captain-America-Captain-America-Smiley-Avengers-smiley-emoticon-001101-facebookThis violence has to stop, it is not normal, and it is not who we are, so while we’re being tested, we can’t be pulled apart,  we are America, with bonds that hold us together.

We endure, we overcome, we stand together.

Joe Biden

Vice President of the United States 

Forces of Change by Julio Frenk – Jun 16, 2016

The Fight for Global LGBT Justice Cannot Wait

How Our Collective Action Can Change the World


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Happy 4th of July America

The New B.P


The Story of the Fourth of July

The Declaration of Independence  

smilie-chuckie2We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.

But July 4, 1776 wasn’t the day that the Continental Congress decided to declare independence (they did that on July 2, 1776).

It wasn’t the day we started the American Revolution either (that had happened back in April 1775).

And it wasn’t the day Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence (that was in June 1776). Or the date on which the Declaration was delivered to Great Britain (that didn’t happen untilNovember 1776). Or the date it was signed (that was August 2, 1776).

So what did happen on July 4, 1776?


View original post 429 more words

Ready for a gay Miss America? Miss Missouri aims for title


red rose love facebook chat code“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” ~ Confucius

Article posted by Ken Stone on June 23, 2016 in Hollywood


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Father’s Day 2016

a-post-hearder-fathers day

It is worth remembering that sometimes the best possible gift would simply be recognition and thanks for all the effort put into being a good Dad who cared about his family.


Gordon Edward Kinden Senior

With my mom and her rollers 🙂

The Foundations of Life He Built

images (16)Father’s Day is a celebration of fathers started in the United States in the early twentieth century. It can be seen as a complement to Mother’s Day but the holiday is not as popular as Mother’s Day. Partly because it is much younger — it became official in 1972 while the latter in 1914.

Traditionally the father was the breadwinner while the mother was a housewife and raised the children. But that traditional family model is now less common. Nowadays often both parents work and share responsibilities associated with raising children and taking care of the house. Scientific studies confirm that fathers have a role to play in images (8)child development and affect the course of their children’s development, for good as well as for ill. Studies have consistently showed that paternal warmth, nurturance and closeness are associated with positive child outcomes even if fathers spend less time with their children than the mothers.

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to appreciate the love and effort of our fathers. Fortunately, in recent years, it is getting more media attention, schools organise activities related to Father’s Day and retailers promote buying fathers special greeting cards and male-oriented gifts such as electronics and tools.

Expenses related to the celebration of Father’s Day are still much smaller than those associated with the Mother’s Day. Obviously, this is due to smaller popularity of the former and lesser degree ripof commercialization. It should also be taken into account that that some children are brought up without a father. Perhaps it is also harder to buy good gift for Dad because often anything he wants he has already bought, or it is too expensive to buy for a Fathers Day

be758353de2fdaf7a5ae2f4a8a391405Men really need to feel respected and appreciated but often do not know how to ask for it. For some fathers the best gift would be to let them spend Father’s Day alone and do whatever they want to, while for others the ideal would be to spend more time with their loved ones, especially children.


Mr. Gordon Edward Kinden Sr. & Mrs. Hilda May Vincent Kinden

It’s Always Good To Make Others Laugh

Miss Newfoundland & Labrador 1998-1999

To all Fathers Every where, have an awesome day. ~ Terry.K


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Authorisation for Parliamentarians


“Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society.” ~ Confucius

d75d52b474686317ef75a21c4099e5dfOn June 8, 2016 I signed a document named (Authorisation for Parliamentarians~ this form authorises the Canada Revenue Agency to release confidential client information to a member of Parliament or a senator and their staff) to give Federal MP Mr Greg Fergus authorisation to look into my CRA account issues.

Below is one of the documents Mr Fergus received from the CRA, I will call here “Doc #1”, this letter, one of many he forwarded to me, was issued on October 5, 2010 canada (1)which seems to have made it to the mainstream, This document with out a doubt indicates I did not paid my Taxes from 2004 to 2009, and I have a current outstanding balance of $25,160.66. 


This document can be viewed in it’s entirety at this link “Canada Revenue demand letter

As we move along I am going to prove and show you that not only is the above a derogatory Canadadocument,  which is also evidence of defamation of my personal & financial characters. I did in fact pay my fair share, a fact of life that I have been always aware of and is everybody’s responsibility.

Canada (1) Payments I made to my Canada Revenue Account for the years 2007 & 2008:

  1. Payment date ~ July 25, 2007 ~ Amount of payment ~ $500
  2. Payment date ~ Mar 12, 2008 ~ Amount of payment ~ $500
  3. Payment date ~June 6, 2007 ~ Amount of payment ~ $500
  4. Payment date ~Nov 21, 2007 ~ Amount of payment ~ $500
  5. Payment date ~ Aug 22, 2007 ~ Amount of payment ~ $500
  6. Payment date ~Dec 12, 2007 ~ Amount of payment ~ $500

Below I have also supplied six (6) images of the payments, the front and back of each cheque that cleared my account during 2007 and 2008, totalling $3000,  my only concern is that there has been thousand’s of dollars I paid to “The Receiver General for Canada” that is not reflected on my account and nobody cares to find out where it went or should I say who’s pocket?

Below are images of payments I made to my CRA account in 2007 and, 2008




Let me finish with this, the document below is the current status of my CRA account, or should I say, what I believe to be the status of my CRA account.

In April 2016 I filed my 2015 income Tax return the result of which I received a refund of canada-maple-leaf-stylized1$1175.00, with a outstanding balance of $457.48.

The legal system is designed in such a way that it is not accessible to the less fortunate, this has to change if we are ever going to accomplish peace and understanding for all humanity, justice should be accessible to everyone because this is the soul purpose of why it is so important and their determination to prevent me from obtaining employment, “Lack of funds = no legal representation = no Justice”.

Income Tax Acessment 2015 -p-3.jpg



The Means To No End


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The Means To No End


Commissionaires, Trusted everyday, everywhere ~ Really

On June 7, 2016 I when on-line to the Commissionaires Ottawa website and registered for an account to electronically purchase my background check which is required and requested by the employer for employment purposes. The process requires paying the fee ($63.23) which can be done on-line after which the certificate is Untitled-1forwarded to your email which takes any where from 24 to 48 hours.

After clicking submit I instantly received a message, according to the email my identity could not be verified through normal channels, I must appear at a physical Commissionaires outlet office to surrender two pieces of Government picture ID to obtain the required background check. Considering the commissionaires office was five minutes away I proceeded to 721 St. Joseph BLVD to complete the process.

This process is intended for persons living and working in Canada, there are two types of record checks as follows:

  1. ECPIC is a name and date of birth check only.
  2. or an RCMP certified fingerprint based record check.  

The next day on  June 8, 2016 I received an email message from the Commissionaires office woman-cop2which included a certificate stating the record check was REJECTED and read as follows:

from: donotreply
to: “”
date: Wed, Jun 8, 2016 at 3:13 PM
subject: CPIC
encryption: Standard (TLS) Learn more
Please find attached the completed police certificate.
If your certificates states “fingerprints required” please click the link below to locate the nearest Commissionaires Location where you can have your digital fingerprints completed.
Commissionaires Ottawa ID Team
877 322 6777

So again I called their office to inquire, I told the agent Mr Jacques Sorel that I did not request or require a certified fingerprint based record check that in fact I had only requested and required the “ECPIC name and date of birth check ”  because I was going to be working from home, the last time I acquired the Background check was Nov 21, 2010 from the OPP at a cost of $25.00.

Fingerprintforcriminologystubs2I believe he was not as forthcoming, honest and open as he should have been, I asked why he was refusing to sell me one of their products, also that I had the right to purchase any product I choose, that it was unfair to demand my fingerprints and or suggest which products were available to me, he responded with your only option is to come back in the office and he would take my digital fingerprints which would cost another $85.00 and forward them to the RCMP to have the record check completed.

At this time I inquired about getting a refund for the $63.23, he stated I would not get a refund because it was the charge for performing the search regardless if I received the certificate or not, the cost is non-refundable.

The result of which I loose $63.23 and still without a background check, no available funds to purchase the certified fingerprint based record check even if I wanted it, resulting in the lost of another employment opportunity due to no fault of my own.


Kinden v RBC Royal Bank of Canada ~ Published on Mar 4, 2015

After much debate I have decided to move ahead with this action because now it’s a matter of principal. They first took all my money, then fired me from my job in 2009, defamed my name so I could not obtain employment and when I did manage to secure employment I was harassed and Mobbed at every job. Now I must take all necessary action to prevent them from destroying the lives of others.

The only question remaining is “Will the rule of Law apply this time?”

Today June 10, 2016, the reality is there won’t an end to this madness if I don’t do anything, since December 2014 twice I have attempted to file this action in the federal courts but it was rejected and returned to me, it may never surrender results but I will never find out if I don’t file it in the federal courts.


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Untitled-1The Diana Award and Penguin Random House have teamed up for a second year to host Kindness Day 2016. Kindness Day is inspired by the clipart-angel-girlfbest-selling novel Wonder which teaches us all the importance of kindness and how random acts of kindness can change someone’s life. We know there are thousands of people across the UK who have performed random acts of kindness to family members, friends, colleagues and general members of the public. As part of Kindness Day we want to recognise these members of the public and encourage others to do the same by awarding these selfless acts with our ‘Kindness Day Award’. All you have to do is nominate someone who fits the criteria below. The nominations will then be shortlisted down to 5 people and members of the public will vote for 1 person to win the 2016 Kindness Day Award.

Criteria for the Kindness Day Award

SmileyYouGoGirlCutieWe’re looking for a member of the public from the UK who has performed a selfless random act of kindness, which in turn has had a positive impact on the life or lives of other people. This award is open to all ages.

Nomination form for the Kindness Award 2016 click here

Please complete the form at the above link to nominate someone for a Kindness Day Award. Please note that the deadline to submit nominations is next Thursday 19th May 2016 @ 5pm.


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Recent Developments in Ontario in Employment and Human Rights Law


There were two interesting developments in Ontario this month in employment and human rights law, another step forward for Human Rights in Canada.

 Changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act

smilie-trueBill 132 received Royal Assent. Important to our employer clients in Ontario are
the amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Bill 132
now expands the definition of “workplace harassment” in the OHSA to include:

  • Engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker
    in a workplace that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be
    unwelcome; or
  •  Workplace sexual harassment

Bill 132 clarifies that reasonable action taken by an employer in managing or directing the workplace and workers is not workplace harassment.

Bill 132 also specifically defines “workplace sexual harassment” as:

  • Engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker in a workplace because of sex, sexual orientation, general identify or gender expressed, where the course of comment or conduct is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome; or
  • Making a sexual solicitation or advance where the person making the solicitation or advance is in a position to confer, grant or deny a benefit or advancement to the worker and the person knows or ought reasonably to know that the solicitation or advance is unwelcome.




Bill 132 requires employers to develop written programs, which must be reviewed annually, to respond to issues of harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace. Further, employers must provide training to their employees on their workplace harassment policy and program.

The changes to the OHSA will come into force on September 8, 2016.

Article by Ritu Mahi ~ published April 14, 2016


A Personal Summary of my 15 months of Employment with Easyhome {Oct 23, 2014 to January 16, 2016}


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Encounter of A Different Kind!

A Personal Summary of my 15 months of Employment with Easyhome

{Oct 23, 2014 to January 16, 2016}

Exibit A

6560263732461568Oct 23 2014, the day I began employment at “RTO Asset Management {easyhome}” as a part-time delivery specialist, even though only part time, it was a very good day for me. After a difficult two years unsuccessfully searching for employment, now willing to take what ever employment I could get and that included even pizza delivery, which also seemed totally out of reach, with my only income Social Assistance, but I never gave up, unaware of exactly what was about to transpire.

5419092595965952Through out my first three months that followed, now already under pressure at work, because of the extreme it had now become, which was obvious they were trying to cause injury or at times, I believed death, so much so, I debated long and hard many times weather to just walk away again, remembering my past decisions in the same situation which were less extreme and threatening, walking away never did get me anywhere, as all these years later I am still faced with the same ultimatum, so again as with SunGard, I decided to try and stick it out, to stay and try to resolve the situation.

doctor3So I continued to do my job to the best of my abilities and block out the negative energy that was being directed towards and around me. I often sat and wondered after analysing the events of the day, how is it possible, people I have never met, complete strangers, to have already formed a negative opinion of me but never had the time to actually get to know me, but rather some choose just to dislike me, also making me aware of it, while others, their actions and intentions were more cruel, so I decided maybe after I reached the end of my probation period I could get a transfer to another store out of the city.

As time pasted by and now having to rise one hour early to mentally prepare myself every morning to block out the negative energy, I continued going to work everyday and being kind and respectful to everyone no matter what, hoping they would eventually come around while every month or so apply for the transfer, also applying for available positions on-line on the company website which were also all in vain as now the harassment was increasing with time.

5169731412164608In April 2015 I did get moved down the street from store #524 to store #556 here in Ottawa, which intensified the situation as the issue was not limited to one store, as all three stores worked closely with one another doing business in the city of Ottawa. The regional manager was never kind or respectful to me either which troubled me but also is when I realized there was something more to what was happening which was hiding in plain site.

The influence of past employers

sungard-harassmentA past employer whom after seven years of service, where I was also a victim of the same ill treatment, in Sept 2009 would decline to renew my contract any longer. Under contract as a small business owner to SunGard, their corporate offices in Wayne PA, USA, I was responsible for all general maintenance and shipping/receiving of their four office complexes in Mississauga, On Canada, one of which houses the corporate offices for my current employer “RTO Asset Management {easyhome}” whom I believe to be partially responsible for the ill treatment with my current employer as retaliation on their part and finally a third employer Richcraft Group of Company’s where I also received exactly the same ill treatment for a six month period from Jan 16 2012 to July 16, 2012 the date they dismissed me also. On November 29, 2012 I filed a claim of discrimination with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, they settled the claim out of court on September 29, 2014, less than a month before I began my current employment at easyhome, it’s like I’m caught in a time-loop.

The Increase in hours

april24-easyhome2On Nov 23, 2015 I was hired as a full-time delivery specialist at the same store with an increase from 20 to 40 hours per week but remained a driver’s helper, with no increase in salary, I did apply for available full time Delivery Specialist positions in other parts of Canada with out a response, so I contacted HR and left messages and sent emails which were mostly ignored but when I did get a response, the individuals weren’t very pleasant to say the least.

Also in November 2015 one employee was transferred out of the store I was working and a new manager started training and finally on the week I got injured at work another new employee was hired at the same store.

The injure and result

workplace-accidentOn Jan 16, 2016 after being injured at work and off on sick leave for two weeks, this was the eye opener, now experiencing a high level of fear and anxiety due to having to return to work. Leading up to the injury Jan 16, 2016, after three days off with the flu I forced myself to go to work Jan 15, 2016, upon arriving at 9:30 am, I went to speak to the manager about light duties while rebuilding my energy level for a couple of days, but rather I was given duties that considering my request was exactly the opposite, I was given an assignment that I felt uncomfortable with being able to complete, so I voiced my concerns about it to the manager, he showed no concern or empathy for my illness, and sent me on the two bedroom apartment furniture move and relocation, so I just tried to complete the task that was assigned to me resulting in the injury.

While on sick leave for the injury from Jan 18 to Feb 1, the official date my doctor returned me to work, during this time off, now realizing that they did not even care about my safety and it wasn’t a concern. As I have done many times through out my 15 months of employment, I decided to again bring my concerns about the ill treatment I was receiving while at work, at which time I also told human resources that I now feared for my health and safety if I were to return to the same store, this time I was taken a little more seriously then the others times. The next day I received in writing a letter from HR informing me I was not to return to work on Feb 1, 2016, to remain off work with pay until they investigate my allegations. The fact that the injure occurred because my health concerns were ignored, I now truly feared for my health and safety while at work, at which time I requested the transfer again.

The Wrap Up

Read more below


What seemed like a simple request, to as quietly as possible remove myself and stop a situation from developing any further, a difficult and escalating situation that was all to familiar. According to the little knowledge I had about company policy at the time, and assuming after my three month probation period, which was Jan 23, 2015, I could possibly get a transfer, than everybody is happy, problem solved, life goes on. Shortly after my probation period ended, early February 2015 I sent a letter to Human Resources to officially request that transfer, but to my surprise that request would be continuously ignored or denied leaving me astonished and over whelmed by these revelations that has transpired to date because of that request which defies my understanding and comprehension of my current situation!

On March 14, 2016 the company stopped paying me so I requested my record of employment {R.O.E} but didn’t receive it until April 10, 2016. My copy which showed the reason for leaving as “Leave of Absence” but the copy received by Service Canada {Employment insurance} shows reason for leaving as “Quit”, I believe it is illegal to issue a false R.O.E, is it not?. My last day worked was Jan 16, 2016, my last day paid was March 14, 2016. During the two months I was on leave, I was continuously harassed via email by many employee’s from corporate office.

Until such time as the claim goes before an Adjudicator at the Tribunal,  the hearing to deal with these matters which has yet to be scheduled by the HRTO, I’m sure I will have to continue to tolerate intimidation and harassment a little while longer, but I will have legal council for the hearing.

In closing:

 To believe it is a choice and I choose not to return, is a false assumption, it goes way beyond that now as my reasons for not returning is not by choice, it’s my fear for my health and safety, but most of all, even just the thought and or knowledge of returning to that workplace causes a extreme level of anxiety that is difficult at times to cope with.

How ironic or is it? or is it the acknowledgement and accomplishment of the goal they first set out to archive! regardless because the fact is, I will never be able to return to any of those stores, none of them due to fear of a panic attack, which I suffered from and received treatment which were brought under control until these recent occurrences, so a totally different work environment is the only solution. I don’t hate or blame anyone, nor do I have any animosity towards anyone. But as a result, the now obvious reality is, as with many other places in my past, due to the associated anxiety, I will never be able to enter or set foot again for any reason! The truth is they can say I’m dismissed and they can say I quit but that resolution can only be determined by an Adjudicator now.


Melvin Kinden


Gatineau immigrant guide draws human rights complaint

Recent Developments in Ontario in Employment and Human Rights Law


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It’s Always Good To Make Others Laugh


“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” ~ Pema Chodron

I want to take you back to Jan 10, 1977, it was a simple time, I was still in High School half way through the 10 Grade. I remember to this day, one incident that occurred that left me totally confused and hurt but a chuckle for sure.

I’m not really sure what day of the week it was but what happened as the end result of what I thought was a good deed totally shocked me, It goes like this.

670px-Revive-Dry-Play-Doh-Step-1.jpgThere were 29 students in my class, a even mixture of boys and girls, the day in question , I came into the procession of some play-doh, green to be exact. I’m sure we all remember play-doh, the magical things you could create with it was endless.

We were going through a transition with a substitute Teacher Mr Drover, whom we nick named Mr Grover, as a fill in, what we were doing was not logo_phpBBreally related to the suggested learning schedule and I was sort of bored,  anyway I took a small piece of the play-doh and rolled it into a little ball, small enough to fit up my nose while no one was noticing.

I started by pulling it out of my nose in a long string and putting the other end, in my mouth, when a couple of classmates noticed and started laughing, I quickly hid the play-doh as the teacher was reading and looked up at us, after just giving us a look, he continued to read.

sleeping-in-classI did it a few more times, trying different things with the play-doh with the end result, laughter, until the teacher looked up and caught me. He told me to bring my desk to the front of the class and turn it around facing the class, what he assumed to be punishment, I thought to be an audience, I’m in my glory.

Well needless to say I had the whole room in laughter, until he turned again and caught me and said in a firm voice, go stand out side the classroom door until the bell rings, I obeyed. After the period ended he took me to the office to see the principle, Mr Penny I believe at the time, anyway because it wasn’t my first visit to his office, he simply told me to leave, I was now suspend indefinitely, in other words don’t come back.

a.baa-wivf-wiv-wpeoiv-wpvn-wpeiuvbNow I’m walking home fearing what my parents would say and think of me, trying to sneak in but as soon as I got in the door I encountered my mother, she was full of questions, asking what are you doing home and why are you crying, what happened?

I asked her why she lied to me, she asked, how did I lie to you? I said, you told me “it’s always Good to make others laugh” she said that’s not a lie, more people will like you. I said, then I don’t understand, I made everybody laugh but I got kicked out of school, never to go back, and that’s why I’m crying (because I liked school).

17yearsold2My parents did resolve the matter, and I returned to school that September in the fall to complete my grade 10 all over again, but not without my parents begging for my reinstatement to the School Board.

In the end, after realizing my mistake, she said, it is good to make others laugh and never stop doing that, just be more aware of where you are and your surrounding.

I was disciplined many times during my years in high school by the staff, and every time was because I made others smile and laugh! I still believe laughter is the best medicine, how ironic that laughter was a bad thing and didn’t catch on in the schools over the years but it’s opposite did “BULLYING” a very bad thing, and nobody cared to resolve that!



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I believe that the Royal Family are a focus of patriotism, of loyalty, of affection and of esteem. That is a rare combination, and we should value it highly. ~ Margaret Thatcher

royalsIn a three-pronged approach, Prince William, Princess Catherine and Prince Harry have all took it among themselves to raise king-smileyawareness on and to tackle mental illness. According to People Magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge is focusing on children, Prince Harry on service members, and Prince William on young men and adults.

The Duke of Cambridge’shappy-smiley-crown-design-information-related-to-manifestation-emotions-37906718 focus on mental illness, specifically in the cases of young men and adults, is said to be inspired by his witnessing the different consequences of these, from his work as an air ambulance pilot. During his first3711.jpg months working with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, Prince Wiliam’s crew dealt with some cases on young men’s suicide. Some of the Prince’s missions involved him having to transport medical crews who would in turn aid men whose situations led them to queen.jpgtake their own lives.

It was also earlier reported by People Magazine that Prince William’s eyes were opened to depression and other problems that young people deal with through his work with Centerpoint, a charity focused on homelessness. Prince William was also alarmed at the number of young gay men who have committed suicide.

Prince William, following The Duchess’ public appearance to tackle the said issue, is to make his first public steps soon as well. The two ill hear numerous stories in person on March 10th  one of them of Jonny Benjamin, whose life was saved in 2008 by a stranger as Benjamin clipart-king-smiley-emoticon-512x512-7be5was contemplating suicide.

After hearing the stories first hand, the royal couple will return to the Kensington Palace to watch part of a documentary surrounded on Benjamin’s experience. They will be joined by 20 children from a school in South London. Shortly after, Prince William and Princess Kate will engage in a discussion with a small group that has been affected in various ways by suicide.

Article by Ana Maria Pieraz  ~  MAR 7, 2016


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“Holding The Title of Advocate and Acting As Such”


923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nA topic that I have been wanting to voice my opinion on for some time now. The middle and upper classes of our LGBT+ college’s of the international community, you applaud same sex marriage as our last great battle, guess again, you are forgetting and insulting those who have been completely left behind and struggling to find acceptance, dignity and peace, particularly in the midst and rise of LGBT+ youth suicides and LGBT+ community is not with out Greed & Hatred of their own peoples, yes we have with in our own ranks that very same disregard for human existence and the right to life but they claim to be advocate’s for the community! Well your lack of advocating and silence speaks otherwise as I believe it’s only a destination to gain respect from the community, and your silence is a design to protect and draw attention away from your own status.

I was told in a round about way many times by select prominent figures in the North American LGBT+ community to keep quiet zip  and go away, one comes to mind as recent as this morning, reminding me I’m doomed for failure. This really astonishes me to the core of understanding how one can be so self centred and look away from how LGBT+ youth are suffering, it’s inhumane to say the lest.

I can only speculate that the reasoning for this was and is to protect their own public standing from being jeopardized. If this is your choice, you should have remained in the closet, and leave us warrior’s to man the front lines. smileys-cz-7
Well let me make it clear once and for all, I am “NOT” going any where and I am going to continue advocating for these youth, our future generation of LGBT+ people’s will not endure what I have in my life time or not to the same extreme.
Yes I have had a hard life and my fight at first was for my own life and well being, the reason I decided years ago that it just wasn’t acceptable, and spoke up for my rights as a Canadian citizen and a human only to be tortured myself beyond belief.
As long as there is a breath in me, I just cannot and will not sit back and watch kids being tortured and sentenced to death only because of who they are, a visible minority.
So to my advocate colleges, just go lay on your beach, enjoy yourself and your riches, the sun and all the respect and kindness you can handle, the dignity and fruits of life because I got this!
I will leave you with something to think about, A good Example to follow (UNFE)

Debunking the “Bathroom Bill” Myth – Accurate Reporting on LGBT Nondiscrimination


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Nashville Dreams Become Reality for Selkirk College Alumnus

tom2Growing up in tiny Fruitvale, Tom Samulak first picked up a guitar and not long after had dreams of playing on country music’s biggest stages. The Selkirk College alumnus realized one of those dreams last year and is poised for more great achievements as his career continues to blossom.

GuitarPlayingSmileyAniWhat path takes you from a small town in the Kootenays to performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville? For one professional musician, the first steps on that journey led through the doors of tom3Selkirk College’s Contemporary Music & Technology Program. Guitarist Tom Samulak was a student of the program from 2007 to 2009, majoring in music performance on Nelson’s Tenth Street Campus. In the last few years, he has quickly established himself as a gifted live performer and recording session-man in the U.S., working with some of country music’s biggest established and rising stars.

Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program alumnus Tom Samulak realized one of his dreams this past October when he performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

It’s all pretty heady stuff for a kid from Fruitvale, a small town outside of Trail. His first connection to Selkirk was taking after-school guitar 5727d9935fdfadfb7e5cbc15cb6bc9e0lessons from college instructors who helped him become familiar with the Nelson campus and prepare for his audition for the school. Attending the College made a lot of sense for a local youth, who was able to learn and practice close to home.

“I gained necessary expertise in my field through top-notch training and experience,” he recalls. “Meeting like-minded musicians and getting the chance to play with them in a wide variety of venues and musical situations gave me a boost.”

Lessons Delivered by Music Masters

The Selkirk College music program has been preparing students for commercial success in the industry for a quarter-century. Students study rock, jazz, classical, world music and other genres—including Samulak’s beloved country music. The small class sizes and individual attention a student gets at Selkirk made a real difference.

14361780301“Each instructor and course gave me a boost in their own ways,” he says. “That’s what meant the most to me, getting first-hand expertise from each instructor, who are all masters of their respective talents.”

Samulak was an “absolute pleasure” to have in the program says Darren Mahe, who taught him music theory and guitar.

“Besides being quite talented as a guitar player, he was a really great student, driven to succeed, a hard worker, with an open mind about everything he was learning. He always wanted to learn something new,” Mahe recalls. “He had a really great personality, positive, and always had a vision in mind and very clear goals of what he wanted to attain.”

In the subsequent years, Mahe says his former student has become a colleague and good friend. They keep in touch to this day.

After his time at Selkirk College—where he graduated with distinction—Samulak went to the University of Calgary for a year, then traveled to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Selkirk’s transfer agreement and related curriculum made the transition much easier, he says.

Samulak graduated Cum Laude from the prestigious international school in 2012 with a degree in Music Performance, and headed for Nashville to start work. But even there, he says, lessons learned at the intimate campus in Nelson stay with him and have helped advance his career.

“Besides the fundamentals of music, more rhetorically, I learned the importance of making friends of lifetime quality,” he says. “I’m still personal friends with many of my Selkirk colleagues.”

Among those friends is international recording star and fellow Selkirk College alum from 2009 Kiesza. She also attended Berklee and graduated a year before Samulak. They are still close friends, having kept in touch and even performed together on occasion.

Making it Happen in Music City

guitar-cartoon-24930539Since moving to Nashville, Samulak has found himself in ever greater demand. He’s been picked up by bands such as Derryl Perry and Haley & Michaels, performing 200 or more times a year.  He’s played before millions of people on television and live satellite radio concerts, recorded in studios across the U.S., created theme music for TV series, and won awards for his performance skills.

The highlight of his still-emerging career? Playing the Grand Ole Opry, the world’s longest-running radio show, on October 24 last year. It’s the dream gig for any aspiring country star.

Samulak’s guitar style is based on some of country music’s greats both past and present.

“You could put it on my gravestone and I’d be happy,” he says. “It was a defining moment for me and I’m very thankful.”

So how do you keep your head level when your dreams have come true so quickly? Samulak has some advice for students hoping to follow his path. 

guitarSamulak’s style might remind an old-time country music fan of Roy Clark, the guitar and banjo player who became a television and recording star in the 1970s. Samulak’s YouTube videos show a performer much like Clark—relaxed, smiling, comfortable with his performance and astonishing with his command of his instrument.

Samulak says that happy look on his face when he’s playing is no accident: he’s learned to cope with all the performing pressure with a simple concept.

“Just do it, and always have fun playing music and studying it,” he says. “It is meant to be fun, so enjoy it.”

Learn more about the Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program and join us on Facebook.

Article bysignFEB 23 2016

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me-pink2pinkfacePink is any of the colours between bluish red (purple) and red, of medium to high brightness and of low to moderate saturation. Commonly used for Valentine’s Day and Easter, Pink is sometimes referred to as “the colour of love“, “the artist Pink” and now “Pink Shirt Day” in Canada falling this year on Feb 22, 2017.

A little history on the use of the word Pink

The colour “Pink” was first recorded in the late 17th century. Although Pink is roughly considered just as a tint of red, most variations of Pink lie between red, white and magenta colors. This pink-smileymeans that the Pink’s hue is somewhat between red and magenta. Lucretius used the word to describe the dawn in his epic poem “On the Nature of Things” (De rerum natura). Roseus is a Latin word meaning “rosy” or “Pink.”

My Thoughts on Pink Shirt Day

I first heard about the boys in Nova Scotia in 2009 after discovering an article on-line, since which I started to follow. After a couple years and having the opportunity to  read and learn more from past articles in the archives of Pink Shirt Day, there was one detail that seem to have got lost since the first article I read. It’s all about awareness and prevention of Bullying above all else but I noticed that one main detail from the original story over time seemed to had somehow got omitted smilie=countryfrom the original story line, which added to the soul purpose of “Pink Shirt Day”. In the first few articles the Grade 9 boy who was being bullied for wearing a Pink shirt to school was a member of the “LGBTQI Community” and Two Straight boys stood up for him, this is a fine example of good character, something that all youth should know or hear about, it needs to be spoken out loud. Once realizing this I became more interested and involved and started to follow along. I soon realized I was right and not everyone was aware of the complete history that lead up to that day in 2007, we need not forget how and why “Pink Shirt Day” was started, and make sure history remembers.

I posted my first article “Speak out! Stop bullying: Wear pink on April 10” for “DayofPink” on April 10, 2013, after realizing just how far the “Pink Campaign” has actually travelled. streghtieIt’s now known around the world as “The International Day of Pinkthe International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny, this year falling on April 13, 2016.

I would like to close by commending the two youth, in their mid 20’s now and all those of you who have dedicated your time and efforts to the “Pink Shirt Day Campaign” and the fight against Bullying because “Awesome” don’t get any better then you!

Article posted Feb 21, 2016 – last updated Feb 21, 2017 by Terry.K

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B.P Archives: Pink Shirt Day

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Bullied preemies may develop mental illness as adults: Study


The more Bullied as Children, increases the chance they may develop “Depression, Anxiety, Antisocial Behaviour or ADHD” as adults.

mcmasterHamilton, ON (Feb. 17, 2016) – Babies born at an extremely low birth weight (ELBW) are miracles, but they are more likely to be bullied as children, and this can significantly increase their risk for mental health problems as adults.

Not only that, but the more they were bullied as children, the more likely doctor-with-stethoscope-smiley-emoticonthey are to develop problems such as depression, anxiety, antisocial behavior or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as adults, says a new study from McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine.

“Being bullied has a significant and lasting impact for those preemies, even into their 30s,” said Kimberly Day, lead author of the study and Lawson Postdoctoral Fellow at the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster.

“This has Important implications for parents, teachers, and clinicians who need to be aware of the long-term effects of peer victimization on mental health. They need to watch out for bullying and intervene when possible.”

computer 22The study was published in the journal Pediatrics today. The study included ELBW babies who were 2.2 pounds or less at their birth between 1977 and 1982 in Ontario, who were interviewed at age 8, 22 to 26 and 29 to 36. They were compared to normal birthweight babies of 5.5 pounds or more who were born in the same time span and interviewed at the same intervals.

Bullying is common, with up to one-third of children worldwide facing peer victimization, and ELBW children are even more likely to be victims. ELBW children may be at risk for being bullied because of poor motor abilities, more anxiety and struggles at school, the study said.

doctor-smiley-emoticon“This is the first study to fully illustrate the profound and long-lasting effects of bullying on the mental health of preterm survivors,” said Dr. Ryan Van Lieshout, the senior author of the study and an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioural neurosciences at McMaster. “Their risk for anxiety disorders is especially high, particularly among those who are exposed to bullying on a regular basis.”

And, of those ELBW children who were bullied, they were nearly twice as likely to develop a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD by the time they were in their 20s. nurses-wHowever, the risk was even higher for those who were bullied more often.

By their 30s, the ELBW adults who had been bullied as children were nearly 3 times more likely to have developed anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, and panic disorder. Rates were even higher for those bullied more frequently.

The study was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the American National Institutes of Health.

Article by Veronica McGuire ~ 

It Doesn’t ‘Get Better’ For Some Bullied LGBT Youths 

Harassment, bullying and violence at work

Hollywood’s gay pin-up Ellen Page plays it straight

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“The standard you walk by is the standard you accept.” ~ Australian of the Year David Morrison

Studies on workplace bullying suggest as many as 96% of people have been victims, and it leaves a permanent impression. Petrina Coventry outlines some things we can do about it.

Despite increasing measures to combat workplace harassment, bullies remain entrenched in organisations. Changes to law and regulation aimed to stamp out the practice altogether, but instead they have transformed bullying into an underground, subversive set of behaviours. Now hidden, these behaviours often remain unaddressed.

drawing-the-love-sign-smiley-emoticonIn others cases anti-bullying policies can actually work to support perpetrators. Where regulations specify what bullying is some people will cleverly use those rules as a guide to work around. Although these people are no longer bullying in the narrow sense outlined by policies or regulations, their acts of shunning, scapegoating and ostracism have the same effect. Rules that explicitly define bullying create exemptions, or even permissions, for behaviours that do not meet the formal standard.

Anti-bullying rules can help bullies to manipulate without being punished.

749e22b0b3ee4102fdaaaef442a2f74fThese insidious behaviours can remain undetected for long periods of time because they are more difficult to notice or prove. As Kipling Williams and Steve Nida argued in a 2011 research paper, “being excluded or ostracized is an invisible form of bullying that doesn’t leave bruises, and therefore we often underestimate its impact”.

“Ostracism” Consequences and Coping

thumbsOstracism means being ignored and excluded by one or more others. Despite the absence of verbal derogation and physical assault, ostracism is painful: It threatens psychological needs (belonging, self-esteem, control, and meaningful existence); and it unleashes a variety of physiological, affective, cognitive, and behavioral responses. Here we review the empirical literature on ostracism within the framework of the temporal need-threat model. 


smileys-cz-7The bruises, cuts and blows are less evident but the internal bleeding is real. This new, psychological violence can have severe, long term effects. According to Williams, “Ostracism or exclusion may not leave external scars, but it can cause pain that often is deeper and lasts longer than a physical injury”. 

This is a costly issue for both individuals and organisations. No one wins. Individuals can suffer symptoms akin to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Organisations in which harassment occurs must endure lost time, absences, workers compensation claims, employee turnover, lack of productivity and the risk of costly and lengthy law suits as well as a poor reputation.

So why does it continue?

continueFirstbullies tend to be very good at office politics, working upwards and attack those they consider rivals through innuendo and social networks. Bullies are often socially savvy, even charming. Because of this, they are able to strategically abuse co-workers whilst receiving positive work evaluations from managers.

Secondly: policies aren’t the panacea they are sometimes painted as. If they exist at all they are often ignored or ineffective. Areport by corporate training company VitalSmarts showed only 7% of workers know someone who used an anti-bullying policy in their defence – for the majority, it didn’t work. Plus, we now know some bullies use policy to craft new and seemingly licit means of enacting their power.

Thirdly: cases often go unreported, undetected and unchallenged. This inaction rewards perpetrators and empowers them to continue behaving in the same way. This is confusing for the victim, who is stressed, unsure and can feel isolated in the workplace, undermining the confidence necessary to report the issue. Because of this, many opt for less confrontational path – hoping it will go away in time. It usually doesn’t.

We always need to be mindful of the possibility one of our colleagues is being subject to unacknowledged bullying.

zipWhat can you do if colleagues are being shunned and ostracised by peers or managers? The first step is not to participate. However, most people are already likely to be aware of this. More relevant for most people is the need not to become complicit by remaining silent. It’s not enough to abstain from being a bully ~ the onus is on you to take positive steps against harassment where you witness it.

Watch Australia’s Chief of the Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison’s message about unacceptable behaviour, this attitude is the ONLY attitude that should be acceptable for any ethical leader in a professional role, or as General Morrison’s states, “GET OUT” and go do something else with your life!

good-luck-2By doing nothing you allow psychological attacks to continue. In this way, silent witnesses bear partial responsibility for the consequences of bullying. Moreover, unless the toxic culture that facilitates bullying is undone, logic says you could be the next victim.

However, merely standing up to harassment isn’t likely to be a cure~all solution. Tackling workplace bullying is a shared responsibility. It takes regulators, managers and individuals in co-operation with law, policy and healthy organisational culture.

It’s not enough to abstain from being a bully – the onus is on you to take positive steps against harassment where you witness it.

your-wealthOrganisational leaders in particular need to express public and ongoing support for clearly-worded policies. In doing so, policies begin to shape and inform the culture of an organisation rather than serving only as stand~alone documents. It is critical managers understand bullying’s implications for culture, employee wellbeing and their own personal liability.

When regulation fails ~ the dilemma most frequently seen today ~ we need to depend on individual moral character. Herein lays the ethical challenge. “Character” is an underappreciated ethical trait in many executive education programs, but the moral virtues that form a person’s character are the foundation of ethical leadership.

What can we do about it? Challenging workplace bulling takes vigilance, awareness and courage.

A return to character might diminish the need for articles like this. In the meantime, workplace bullying provides us all the opportunity to practice courage.


Article by Professor Petrina Coventry ~ Feb 7, 2016 ~ As Industry Professor and Director of Development at the University of Adelaide, specialising in the area of organisational and business ethics. She is also a Vincent Fairfax Fellow.


Kindness: Glenn students fight bullying with compassion

National children’s theater company to perform anti-bullying show locally

Girl Scouts use grant to share anti-bullying message


The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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A Search for Kindness


“A Search for Kindness” (Update March 14, 2016)

Hi Anna
I am in receipt of your letter dated March 14, 2016 and I will not return to work on March 17, 2016 at 9:45 am as requested but please be advised that all statements made by me regarding ALL issues are TRUE so help me “GOD” and I stand by every word I have previously stated in emails and messages and will still be moving forward with the HTRO claim at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (whom I have copied on this email) to be removed from store #556.
It disappoints me and and causes great stress which is also very degrading to my self worth and self esteem that Goeasy Ltd takes my concerns so lightly with no concern or respect for my health and well being what so ever.
If throwing me back to the wolfs gives you satisfaction, I shall not honour your request as it’s the result I was expecting. I recorded sound and video as preciously stated due to a now a lack of TRUST.
Best regards


Update Feb 22, 2016

Hi Anna

I am in receipt of your letter dated Feb 22, 2016, please let me reconfirm my wishes and intentions. I am going to say this only once more, my health and safety are a major concern, it is obvious that you are declining to believe anything I say about the harassment and violence I was subjected to at both stores here in Ottawa.

Yourself as a representative of Human Resources were apart of that team, you are as much responsible as everyone else involved for the relented harassment I was subjected to. I spoke with you a number of times regarding my concerns about my safety at work (the first time in January 2015). you responded by saying, and I quote “GO Home” which I refused, ending the call by saying “you will have to get back to me” but never did until I got assaulted at work.

I now want criminal charges brought forward against Mr Todd McIntosh and will settle for nothing less because I have been assaulted one hundred to many times while at work, not just easyhome I might add which is why I mentioned other incidents and forms of harassment by outside entities.

May I remind you this is my second complaint filed with the “Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario” since Nov 2012 regarding these exact same issues of harassment and discrimination only this time there was physical violence. Also the fact that I was released from my work duties and put on sick leave due to injury by my Doctor was a wake up call for me.

If I may ask you one question, which was a concern of the WSIB, rather than being sent home on sick leave, How come I was not offered light duties?

So my answer to another conference call with yourself or Mr Cooper is “NO” unless your going to honour my request for a transfer or the call is with the “CEO Mr David Imgram”.

Why? During our last call you declined to accept my concerns (accused of Lying) and grant me a transfer, so knowing that, we have nothing further to discus. I am declining to speak with you or Mr Cooper any further regarding these issues, also I will “NOT” under any circumstances return to store #524 or #556, I requested a transfer away from both these stores and Ottawa due to concerns with Health and Safety while at work.

So if I may ask you not to contact me again regarding these issues unless it’s to advise me of a transfer or a scheduled call with Mr Imgram.

Have an awesome day Madame
Thank you

A Search for Kindness “Update Feb 16, 2016”

The results are in…had my conference call with HR at 10 am which didn’t last very long, but regardless, waiting now for the finding’s of the investigation and direction’s moving forward which I requested in writing.

 Also as of yesterday I received full payment from WSIB by way of a draft closing the file.

923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nAs the end of the day draws near and my journey of Kindness which started Jan 16, 2016, the day of the workplace accident I have not received any information from the WSIB in almost three weeks since filing, only one phone call from the adjudicator which was on Jan 28, 2016 advising me the claim seemed all in order. On Jan 26, k109419182016 I decided to call the WSIB to enquire as to the status of my claim, now 10 days later I didn’t even know if there was a claim established or not, I was advised at that time I had to file a form 6, I was also given my claim number during that call. Below information is taken from the OWA website how to file a WSIB claim.

What is WSIB e-filing?

If your employer filed an Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease (Form 7) and the WSIB has assigned a claim number to your accident, the WSIB will send you a letter asking you to file a Form 6. You may complete and file an electronic Form 6 (eForm 6) on the WSIB website. You must print the electronic Form 6 before filing it as you are required to give a copy to your employer.

Your employer must provide you with a copy of the Form 7 that they sent to the WSIB.

You should receive a letter from the WSIB providing you with a claim number. A claim number does not mean that your claim has been approved. It only means that the WSIB knows about your claim and has started a file. You should refer to the claim number every time you contact the WSIB about your claim.

If you do not receive a claim number, it may mean that the WSIB does not know about your claim. You should contact the WSIB right away to check. The WSIB will tell you how to establish a claim if you do not have a claim number.

5582489700007936I called the WSIB call centre today to request a status update but the call centre agent that I was speaking with would not give me any information as to the status of my claim.

My employer was also suppose to forward me a copy of the form 7 they filed with the WSIB but have not done so to date, I was required to send my employer a copy of the form 6 which I did the same day it was filed with the WSIB.

Anna from easyhome HR contacted me today by way of email to request more information on the details of what I experienced at work since starting my employment Oct 23, 2014 which I forwarded to her via email today which I have listed below.

Mac-mac-apple-busy-smiley-emoticon-000712-facebookI believe that even though I was told verbally by the adjudicator that my WSIB claim was approved on Jan 28, 2016, after 17 days I have not received any information regarding my claim since it was filed or if one even exist.

6331376438083584My Doctor returned me to work on Feb 1, 2016 but my employer refused for me to come back to work if my health and safety was in question. I received a letter by email requesting I stay off work with pay, while they investigate my allegations, staying off work was not my wish, I SHOULD BE WORKING NOW, not sitting at home. My next scheduled pay-day is Feb 12, 2016 lets see if I actually get paid for one week!

A Sample of what I endured at Work

  1. Putting razor blades in with the screws and nuts which I used my hands to sort through and almost sliced my finger but only got a paper cut, after this incident I used a screwdriver or pen to search through them, which I also brought to the Manager’s attention.
  2. Making sofa’s, love seats and other unit’s dirty after I steam cleaned them, then degrading my work as poor.
  3. Totally defacing a Stainless steel refrigerator and stove by way of scratching it up with a sharp object after I cleaned it, then blaming me.
  4. Carts and dollies used for moving heavy furniture not available for weeks (disappeared and then reappeared).
  5. Company Tools (screwdriver’s, wrenches etc) used for assembly went missing, I had to get my own tools from my car to finish the task.slide2
  6. Being yelled at by manager’s, name calling and threats etc .
  7. Being lied to constantly regarding work duties, withholding important information to complete assigned tasks.
  8. Thief of personal items from my brief case (phone chargers and documents), drinks and other items from the staff refrigerator such as my lunches went missing, I stopped bring lunch.
  9. Being pushed when carrying heavy furniture causing me to fall.
  10. loading furniture on the truck after which we were told the customer cancelled, so we had to unload it back into the store which happened frequently.
  11. Being locked out of the store in the morning when arriving for work, other staff would look and wave and just go about their business leaving me out in the cold, so I would go back to my car and wait for them to decide to let me in.


These incidents happened almost everyday and much more frequently, then others which occurred at least two to three times a week. There are more I can list but these are the ones that had the most impact on me due to there frequency, also I filed a complaint with the HRTO on Jan 27, 2016 and still nothing from them either.

I am going to wait until tomorrow to see if I get any results and or answers, if not I have already started a complaint to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, I will also start contacting federal MP’s.

Getting to yesTo think that all I requested was a transfer, a non- monetary request away from Ottawa stores because all staff have made it very obvious that they didn’t like me and want me there, considering it’s my job and until the company changes that, berufe_smilie_0079I will fight for my rights.

Why then in November 2015 did you transfer two employees, one from each store I had worked to other stores which only pissed everyone else off.

I can suggest a very easy way to fix this problem and my first thought would be to honour the transfer and there will be no need to continue these proceeding and everyone will be satisfied, better known in the courts as “MEDIATION” where there is no winner and no loser, everybody wins, I am still waiting for an answer to my question, an answer you are refusing to give, Why can’t I get a transfer to a safer work environment?

Article by Terry.K ~ Posted Feb 4, 2016


Office of the Worker Adviser

Ontario Ministry of labour

Workplace Safety Insurance Board (Wsib)

Workplace Bullying (Archives)

The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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Davey Wavey makes a case for respecting LGBTI elders


 With a Trillion Tons of Gratitude to Davey Wavey

The YouTube celebrity will curse anyone unable to show respect to the older members of the LGBTI community

davey3troubled-old-man-smiley-emoticonThe title of Davey Wavey’s recent YouTube video is all you need to know: ‘show some f**king respect.’ The YouTube sensation is done with older gay men being mocked.

‘I am so sick, and so tired, of seeing young gay guys walk into a club…and they’ll be like, “Ewww, that old creepy gay guy is so disgusting. He’s so gross. He looks like Santa Claus.”‘

The reason this attitude spikes DW’s anger is because us older gay men have made a lot of things possible, from marriage equality to gay/straight student alliances in high schools.

angry-old-man-smiley-emoticonpeace-gay‘The people of his generation are literally the only reason that you can walk down the street, in your pink f**king tank top, holding your boyfriend’s hand, and not get your ass beat,’ Wavey says.

Somebody is preaching today! While Davey’s words are focused on gay men, we at GayStarNews raise our coffee cups to all our LGBTI elders.

Watch DW’s clip below. Share it. Let’s try to to be respectful of each other, no matter where we are on this crazy, beautiful, journey!

Article by James Withers for GayStarNews ~30 January 2016


Survivors of 1980s AIDS crisis reveal what happened to them

‘HIV killed my friends, took my lover from me, and tore up my life. During that time, I did what I could. But nothing I did then or have ever been called to do in my life puts me anywhere near the example set by the lesbians I knew in the 80s and 90s. I’ve felt obligated to remember what they did, and to make sure other people remember it too.’

The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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A Constitution of Trust


Trust is like paper, once it’s crumbled it won’t be perfect again

923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nWith another year upon us, contained within the coming year is a future of events that hasn’t happened yet, a future you can carve, but only if you decide how it will play out rather then letting others decide for you! What worked for me was setting goals and I aimed high for them, never taking my eyes off the ball. smile-e-smiley-che-salta-immagine-animata-0141Set obtainable goals that will have a positive result to your benefit but be realistic, sincere and honest, also choose to do what you would want and love to do the rest of your life when setting your goals.

b3738e59ba1e78f8e9868bc8f052d89eSometimes you will experience hurdles which may appear there is no jumping over, going under or around, a blocked pathway and yes without a doubt there will be hurdles. I felt like giving up many times but when the going got tough I always turned to what I loved doing most, helping others, doing good, something that gave me gratitude and a since of purpose & pleasure, which indirectly gave me the motivation and determination to conquer and move past my own hurdles. 

I have also been quoted a few times regarding my patriotism, canada (1)the love for my country, to that I will add this, I love Canada because it is my home and it’s one of the best countries in the world to live, we as Canadians are known red_heartas a unique people with caring hearts for all humanity but as in every barrel their are rotten apples. Yes I was disappointed in my country and it’s peoples because I was being treated in a manner that Canadians actually condone (accept and allow, behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive to continue), and nobody would listen to flag-of-canadaor believe me but I never gave up and had faith in myself and my country knowing that eventually I would live again.

scratch-head03-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000416-designIn closing I want to ask a question, there seems to be a hurdle that defies me, regarding a characteristic that it’s said cannot be bought or purchased, it cannot be stolen or taken by force rather it has to be earned and once it has been taken away you can never get it back!  left scratching my head, over the course of the last ten to fifteen years it seems without my knowledge I lost all my “TRUST” totally and I would welcome your opinion on how, if possible to regain it?

Article by Terry.K posted Jan 7, 2016

The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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Encounter of The Fourth Kind




ME-1968Another forced sleepless Night gives me this opportunity to finally do what I have been putting of for a few months now, to write a post on my true feeling, what is really happening in my life and the struggles I still confront everyday, a behind the silence that no one sees or knows about, a ruthless evil, an Encounter of the unknown that I call the “The Fourth Kind”.

Anyway let me start by confirming, I try my best to be the best, no the most exceptional person I can be, I have always respected my upbringing, I was taught “To honour and respect everyone” and I applied it to my own existence, I stuck my neck out many times for others only to get a kick in the face, but I kept sticking my neck out for the right reasons, I also lent a hand when I new it wasn’t the right thing to do, not illegal mind you but rather against my morals only because it made someone Happy and smile. Most of all I helped if it was at all possible for me to do so, and mattered most, when it hurt my heart.

For example the following is the kind of thing that truly bothers and upsets me to see, it’s only one of many good deeds I  done out of kindness that I am proud of to this day:

I had friends that lived in the country a few years back, as I would visit them frequently it brings to mind an issue one winter with their sump pump, to make a long story short, the current pump seen it’s last day, a new one would cost $380.00 plus Taxes, money those friends never had. After making some phone calls, we removed the old pump and headed to town.

What kind of person would I be to sit back knowing I had the money while a family had no water, also being February month, I could never live with myself after if I never, so I purchased the new pump for them.

JUSESSo what’s my point you ask? well today I received in the mail a ticket I surprisingly had received on Nov 16, 2015 for, and I QUOTE : “Drove a vehicle while under a Sanctionamount $460.00 ~ Date Nov,16 2015. It also gives me 30 days from the date of the infraction to “PAY” or enter how I “Plead”, “Guilty or Not Guilty” receiving it today leaving me two weeks to respond. My Friend also came down and spoke with the officer on that day in question and said there was no ticket issued, it ended without incident.

From my experience with past parking tickets, once you pay the fine at City Hall as I did, they then contact the SAAQ (in this case), the City then informs and forwards that information to the SAAQ to adjust their records accordingly, this case removing the operating restrictions on my “Driver’s licence” and my “Licence Plate” which were both free and clear, which I received in writing from the SAAQ.

I paid these parking tickets in question in two payments, one on Sept 14, 2015 for $40.00 and the other one on Sept 28, 2015 for $160.00.
The tickets were $30.00 ea. and I didn’t pay them immediately (as if everyone does) so they ended up costing me a total of $100.00 each. I did not dispute that, I paid the $200.00, so why now then do I have to go and explain and show my evidence to a Judge! This I will do, as I am pleading “Not Guilty” and definitely going, only If a judge orders me to pay the $460.00 shall I.


I really think this has gotten out of hand, and they shall never leave me be, as long as there is a lack of justice, crime Thump’s. It baffles me why these people are so determined to destroy me, because in All Honesty, I don’t have no idea who they are or why they hate me so!


Steamed but this video I recorded on that walk home Nov 16, 2015!

It was requested by a Gatineau Police Services officer when he stopped me at 36 Tasse on Nov 16, 2015, in front of my friends building. After the officer checked my information I provided, he informed me of my licence plate suspension for unpaid fines and asked me to park my car and leave it in my friends parking spot until morning after I went to the SAAQ to clear up the misunderstanding, which I did and renewed my plates at the same time for another year. I told him I paid the fines in Sept 2015 and had receipts to prove it, but I did as he said, I parked my car and walked home. This video I recorded on that walk home Nov 16, 2015!



In closing: The tension in my work, home and social life is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. I have loved and losted and I have losted and loved but now I am at the stage in my life, where there are so many great and amazing people surrounding me and offering there help, and don’t get me wrong, I am so Grateful for you and your devotion in showing me the universal road to Love, redemption and freedom but evil still prevails along my path, and until and only until serious measures are taken to put an end to this torture, or I relocate, my road will always lead to failure and disgrace and I am sorry but I will not walk that road lined with demons no longer as I await death.

Article posted by Terry.K ~ Dec 4, 2015

The New Bullying Prevention © 2015

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