The Demon’s

This is my first video in the Demon series of Workplace Bullying, Harassment, Sexual Assault and Assault.

The Hearing after two years has been scheduled for Sept 17, 2014 and yesterday my lawyer decides she is to busy with another case, I wonder Why?

Justice? where? as I always said there is no Justice in Canada

Stay tuned as I will be taking a break from my regular routine as these (MY LIFE) has precedence now… lotsa luv

To the Newly elected Premier of Ontario I hereby say to you, I am shocked that you are not appalled as 80% of my concerns are within the confines of your state (province).

I lived the majority of my life from 1983 to 2009 in the province of Ontario, the only time I felt secure was when I lived in the gay village in downtown Toronto, once relocating north to Downsview after which I spent the majority of my life fighting my my rights.

I was sexually assaulted, Bullied, Harassed and fired from my employment of six years because in 2004 I would not let Equifax, Royal Bank, Rogers, Bell etc. and select other financial institutions steal money from me by bringing my concerns to a court of law whereas I received a judgement but lost everything anyway.

So is the moral of this situation, I should have done nothing and let them steal my vehicle and money because in their eyes I was just a “FAG”, is that what it is to be LGBT in Canada? to just shut up and say or do nothing or else? is this what “JUSTICE” in Canada is based on? because after 30 years it’s the only conclusion I can draw!!!


Investigative Reporting


Justin Trudeau, what a fool I was to put my trust in him and his party! a bunch of Bullies, calling my home every day for a week and hanging up when I answered, and that’s just the beginning of what he’s put me through here in Quebec these last few years.

Out of guilt and a cover up, he paraded around hiding in plain site in the gay pride celebrations which was also a ploy to get your votes.

Don’t be fooled like I was, he really suffers from homophobia!!!

He is also just another greedy politician looking to get rich and an immature spoiled brat, what an insult to the great Mr Trudeau.

Canada Would be in serious trouble if he gets elected and I’m going to do everything in power to see that don’t happen, it can’t happen, as much as I would hate to see it but I’d rather see Harper reelected!!

I will tell you now I have 1000’s of followers and, people are afraid!

I also believe that the next room here in the house is rented by a member of the local police.
A guy late 20’s who only comes maybe by once every couple of weeks, he has been living here for 6 months.

The last time he came by or home was two weeks ago and he showed up or was chased by the local Police regarding a personal issue of his, I heard them talking but stayed in my room.

They eventually knocked on my bedroom door for the house phone number, which of course I gave them but recorded the conversation as I record all the time now.

Call me paranoid but thats a lot of money, to pay $400 a month rent for a room and only come by once every two or three weeks, kinda strange don’t you think for a college student on a training allowance? I do.

Just last weekend there was another guy who was only here for two days, the first time I saw him he wanted to access my computer to get my IP address, which I told him nobody touches my machine, as that’s the way to gain access to my computer, I’m guessing he was from one of the service providers.

He told me during the conversation the best place for me was in alberta, I stayed in my room until I was told he was gone.

Remember I am willing to die so whatever you do to me I will post it and maybe I will get lucky and you will honor my wish.

Was I ever mistaken about the Liberal Party of Canada, next year 2015 vote for the Green Party if you value this great Country of ours!

For the Complete Case File follow the link below:



Harper Conservatives “on the attack” against courts

5849107155386368POSTED ON JULY 23, 2014

justice-gavel-wooden-300x200Remember in 2006 when Stephen Harper tried to reassure Canadians that they didn’t need to worry about his “extreme tendencies” because three “safeguards” in our system of governance would hold him in check?

One was the Senate as a chamber of sober second thought. Well, so much for that idea! Mr. Harper has mangled the Senate with wrong-headed appointments and constant manipulation. Trust is gone.

Secondly, a strong public service was supposed to keep him within the confines of decent public policy. But Mr. Harper quickly made it known that advice from government officials is not valued and those who “speak truth to power” get punished. So intimidation reigns.

The third safeguard was the Courts. And that’s where the rubber hits the road.

The judicial system has a measure of constitutional authority and independence that the first two do not. Governments are not above the law. When Prime Ministers, Parliaments and bureaucracies go wrong, citizens must have the right to challenge them in court.

A number of courts at various levels – including judges who have been on the Bench for years and some who only just arrived – have questioned the legality and constitutionality of various Harper government actions and pieces of legislation. The issues at stake frequently involve the Charter of Canadian Rights and Freedoms, like a recent ruling that this government’s treatment of refugees is, in some ways, “cruel and unusual”.

This enrages Harper Conservatives who have never accepted the legitimacy of the Charter – unlike some 80% of Canadians who regard it as a defining characteristic of our nationhood.

So you have the unseemly spectacle of Stephen Harper and his entourage on frequent rampages against the courts and judges (including attacks on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada) and the interpretations of the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Charter.

What these Harper Conservatives ignore is that the Charter itself was duly and laboriously crafted, debated and enacted according to law. It reflects the democratic will of Canadians, which cannot be easily trumped.

And it contains a safety valve – i.e., the “notwithstanding” clause – which dissidents can use, if they’ve got the courage. In other words, the Harper Conservatives could, in fact, legislate their distasteful ideology, but they would have to declare, upfront and explicitly for all Canadians to see, that they are doing so “notwithstanding” the traditions and values of a free and democratic society.

Of course they’d rather not invoke the Notwithstanding Clause because it destroys their facade of respectability. So instead, they rant against the courts, accusing them of bad faith and “end runs” around democracy.

Before embracing such criticism, note the prevailing mentality among the folks around Mr. Harper which led his Chief of Staff to think it was “okay” to make a $90,000 payment to a sitting Parliamentarian. Is that the kind of judgment you can trust, without recourse? And that’s not all – take a hard look at the bruised and battered “democracy” that characterizes this Harper regime:

  • Hundreds of millions of tax dollars squandered on partisan government advertising to skew public opinion. Vicious attack-ads paid for with tax subsidies. Campaigns of character assassination aimed against charities, non-governmental organizations, church groups, public servants, scientists, statisticians, Officers of Parliament and public-interest watchdogs.
  • Tampering with Access-to-Information procedures. Stonewalling the Parliamentary Budget Officer. Limiting the work of House of Commons Committees.
  • Blatant misuse of Omnibus Bills, Prorogation and Closure to stifle reasonable debate and avoid accountability.
  • The conviction of the Conservative Party for more than a million dollars in illegal election campaign spending. The resignation of a Conservative Cabinet Minister over election violations in Labrador. The “robocall” electoral fraud trial now underway in Guelph. The Prime Minister’s former Parliamentary Secretary on trial for other alleged election offences in Peterborough.
  • A Conservative scheme, defended publicly by Stephen Harper, to use robocalls to influence an independent electoral boundaries commission.
  • The new Conservative “Elections Act” which makes it harder for many Canadians to vote and easier for electoral fraud to go undetected.

Given this perverse approach to democracy, it’s probably a good thing that ordinary citizens have at least some ability to fight for their rights in court. continue reading…….
Published on Feb 18, 2014
Watch Justin Trudeau’s new video “An economy that benefits us all” and add your name at Let’s build a stronger middle class together.

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UN rights chief warns of ‘disturbing lack of transparency’ for digital mass surveillance


High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.  UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras
High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.
UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras

16 July 2014 – The top United Nations human rights official today warned of the “disturbing” lack of transparency in governmental surveillance policies and practices, “including de facto coercion of private sector companies to provide sweeping access to information and data relating to private individuals without the latter’s knowledge or consent.”

“This is severely hindering efforts to ensure accountability for any resulting human rights violations, or even to make us aware that such violations are taking place, despite a clear international legal framework laying down Governments’ obligations to protect our right to privacy,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay said in Geneva today.

Introducing a report compiled by her Office entitled, The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age, she stressed the need for vigilance and procedural safeguards against governmental surveillance programmes.

“The onus is on the State to demonstrate that such interference is neither arbitrary nor unlawful,” Ms. Pillay said, noting that article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states that “no one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his or her honour and reputation.”

According to the report, to be presented this October to the Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly, governmental mass surveillance is “emerging as a dangerous habit rather than an exceptional measure” and practices in many States reveal “a lack of adequate national legislation and/or enforcement, weak procedural safeguards, and ineffective oversight.”

The High Commissioner’s report points out that the secret nature of specific surveillance powers brings with it a greater risk of arbitrary exercise of discretion which, in turn, demands greater precision in the rule governing the exercise of discretion, as well as additional oversight. Therefore, States must establish independent methods to monitor such surveillance one that include administrative, judicial and parliamentary branches of government.

“The involvement of all branches of Government in the oversight in surveillance programmes, as well as of an independent civilian oversight agency, is essential to ensure the effective protection of the law,” the report states, noting that when conducted in compliance with the law, including international human rights law, surveillance can be effective for legitimate law enforcement or intelligence purposes.

On the role of the private sector, the report points to strong evidence of a growing reliance by Governments on enterprises to conduct and facilitate digital surveillance and warns that a company that supplies data to the State “risks being complicit in or otherwise involved with human rights abuses.”

When faced with Government demands for access to data, enterprises are expected to honour the principles of human rights. This can mean interpreting such demands as narrowly as possible, seeking clarification from a Government with regard to the scope and legal foundation for the demand, requiring a court order before meeting government requests for data, and communicating transparently with users about risks and compliance with the demands.

“The complexity of the challenges to the right to privacy in this rapidly and dramatically evolving digital age is going to require constant scrutiny and dialogue between all key sectors,” Ms. Pillay said, adding that at stake are some incredibly important principles which go right to the core of each and every individual’s rights.
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The Supreme Court is Harper’s real Opposition

Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Worried on this Canada Day that an overbearing government is trying to change the country too much? Bothered that civil liberties are being sacrificed, that the government is trying to impose a moral code, that big monied interests are being catered to at the expense of the disadvantaged?

If so, you might find comfort in the work of our Supreme Court. Its rulings give it the look of standard-bearer for the proverbial little guy, the underdog’s ally. Its progressive orientation runs up against the Conservatives’ intent. Not by design, but in effect, it has become the Official Opposition in Ottawa, outdoing the New Democrats and Liberals.

Look at the recent decisions. Last week, the court delivered a major boost to the rights of native peoples with its landmark decision on land claims and aboriginal title. The decision gives First Nations broad bargaining powers and significantly complicates Ottawa’s resource development schemes. In the same week, the court struck a blow for labour rights, siding with the union representing former Wal-Mart employees in a dispute over compensation.

On privacy rights, the court recently denied police the right to subscriber information from Internet service providers without a warrant. Earlier, it stood up for the rights of sex workers, striking down anti-prostitution laws. And for those who feel the Conservatives have gone overboard with their throw-them-in-the-slammer take on criminal justice, there’s been Supreme Court resistance as well. Recent rulings have challenged mandatory minimums and other aspects of the government’s crime legislation.

How the Conservatives feel about most of these judgments does not have to be spelled out.

Court watchers are hard-pressed to remember another time when there’s been such a sharp ideological divide. For Prime Minister Stephen Harper, it’s doubly exasperating. He has long been an opponent of judicial activism and the weight justices have accorded the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He can complain, but a majority of the Supreme Court’s justices are his own appointments. While his picks have been seen as somewhat more conservative than those made by Liberal prime ministers, the justices have failed to do his bidding.

Like most prime ministers, Mr. Harper seeks to impose his biases. His ideology runs stronger than others, however, and he is up against a court that tends to reflect Canadians’ centrist traditions. This has led to more contrast – and more conflict.

The conflict was compounded when the court dealt a public embarrassment to the Prime Minister by rejecting Marc Nadon, his Supreme Court nominee from Quebec. The court drove a dagger into his plans for Senate reform with a ruling that said such reform would require constitutional amendment. It would likely have shredded his electoral reform bill had it not been substantially changed.

It’s hardly a surprise that progressives are hailing the performance of Big Bench. “The court clearly understands what Canada is about,” one judge told me, “and they will not let this government cut its heart out. Unlike in the U.S., our Supreme Court really does act as a responsible check against ideological excesses of the government of the day. And unlike the U.S., our court has not been undermined by being politicized.”

That he didn’t politicize the court with more ideologically charged appointments may come to be one of Mr. Harper’s biggest regrets. In his years in power, he’s been able to bring many of Ottawa’s other institutions to heel. The big exception is the Supreme Court. It is the chief negator of his agenda.
LAWRENCE MARTIN – Special to The Globe and Mail – Published Tuesday, Jul. 01 2014, 6:00 AM EDT

I have made a short message of my thoughts on this article for Mr Harper, I have only one goal in life right now and that is to bring you down where you belong, your rain of terror ends here, I must apologize for my lack of Honor and respect, but you stole that from me in 2008, you will get the idea.

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Harper government poll for Canada’s 150th birthday cites Liberal, NDP icons

The Queen signs Canada's constitutional proclamation in Ottawa on April 17, 1982 as Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau looks on. (RON POLING/Canadian Press)
The Queen signs Canada’s constitutional proclamation in Ottawa on April 17, 1982 as Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau looks on.
(RON POLING/Canadian Press)

Canadians have handed the Harper government a Top 10 list of the country’s greatest heroes, featuring some of the Conservative party’s greatest adversaries, past and present.

The list, compiled from online consultations in the run-up to Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, includes Pierre Trudeau, Jack Layton, David Suzuki and Lester B. Pearson.

About 12,000 Canadians participated in the online exercise, which began Dec. 11 and closed last month.

A five-part digital form included the question: Which Canadians have inspired you the most over the last 150 years?

The Canadian Heritage Department extracted a Top 10 list for an April 29 briefing note for the minister, Shelly Glover.

Only one clearly identifiable Conservative appears: Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, in eighth place.

The list was topped by former Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau, followed by marathon-of-hope runner Terry Fox; NDP leader Tommy Douglas; former Liberal prime minister Lester B. Pearson; astronaut Chris Hadfield; environmental activist David Suzuki; NDP leader Jack Layton; Sir. John A.; hockey legend Wayne Gretzky; and Romeo Dallaire, the soldier and Liberal senator who recently announced his resignation.

The consultation also asked which of Canada’s accomplishments of the last 150 years “make you most proud to be a Canadian?”

stop-har-meMedicare topped that list, followed by peacekeeping, then the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms at No. 3.

The Conservative government, which has recently been buffeted by a series of Charter-based losses at the Supreme Court of Canada, did not mark the 25th anniversary of the Charter in 2007, nor the 30th in 2012.

The rest of the accomplishments list, in order: contribution to the Second World War; the Canadarm; multiculturalism; contribution to the First World War; bilingualism; space exploration; and the Constitution Act of 1982.

The briefing note and related documents were obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

Glover said the exercise was simply to consult Canadians about how to celebrate 2017, adding “we have no intention of making a kind of final list.”

“Every community is going to have their own personal list. … We will not be telling people whom they ought to be celebrating.”

“The consultations were not partisan in any way shape or form,” she said in an interview from her Winnipeg riding, noting for example that many Canadians do not regard Tommy Douglas as a New Democrat politician but simply as the father of medicare.

The government has yet to announce its budget and “overall theme and focus” for the 2017 celebrations. Glover would not provide a timeline.

But she said all events will be planned in partnership with provinces, communities and the private sector, include sharing costs.

A spokeswoman for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Kate Purchase, declined comment on the high position of his father on the Top 10 list of heroes.

The briefing note warns the results of the online consultations cannot be viewed as representative of the entire population, because participants self-selected.

In the end, the exercise identified more than 1,100 “inspirational” Canadians and more than 600 accomplishments.

In February, Canadian Heritage took a sample of 1,540 responses from the first 5,000 questionnaires filed, adjusting them to be regionally balanced based on population, and then produced the Top 10 lists.

The early sample was taken “so the results would not be skewed by publicity surrounding the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.”

Cabinet ministers have also held at least 20 roundtables since December, asking participants the same questions about heroes and accomplishments. Those Top 10 lists looked very similar to those of the online survey — though there, Sir John A. did not make the grade.

A House of Commons committee in September 2012 pressed the government to start planning for the 150th birthday celebrations “as soon as possible,” noting the planning for Canada’s 1967 Centennial bash took eight years, launched by Progressive Conservative prime minister John Diefenbaker.

The 1967 celebrations cost about $750 million in today’s dollars.
DEAN BEEBY – OTTAWA — The Canadian Press – Published Sunday, Jun. 15 2014, 7:32 AM EDT

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Workplace Isolation Is Silent Form of Bullying

Isolation at work can be a silent form of bullying. Credit: Man standing alone image via Shutterstock
Isolation at work can be a silent form of bullying.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

You’re better off getting picked on in the office than not getting any attention at all, new research suggests.

Being ignored at work is worse for an employee’s physical and mental well-being than harassment or bullying, according to a study set to be published in the journal Organization Science.Researchers found that while most people consider ostracism less harmful than bullying, feelings of exclusion are significantly more likely to lead to job dissatisfaction, quitting and health problems.

“We’ve been taught that ignoring someone is socially preferable — if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” said Sandra Robinson, one of the study’s authors and a professor in the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. “But ostracism actually leads people to feel more helpless, like they’re not worthy of any attention at all.”

Researchers based their conclusions on a series of surveys. The first one determined that people consistently rate workplace ostracism as more socially appropriate, less psychologically harmful and less likely to be prohibited than workplace harassment.

Additional surveys showed that employees who claimed to have experienced ostracism were significantly more likely to report health problems, a degraded sense of workplace belonging and commitment, and a stronger intention to quit their jobs.

The researchers also examined a previous employment survey that included feedback on feelings of workplace isolation and harassment and compared it to turnover rates three years after the survey was conducted. They found that people who reported feeling ostracized were significantly more likely to quit.

“There is a tremendous effort underway to counter bullying in workplaces and schools, which is definitely important. But abuse is not always obvious,” Robinson said. “There are many people who feel quietly victimized in their daily lives, and most of our current strategies for dealing with workplace injustice don’t give them a voice.”

The study was co-authored by University of Ottawa professor Jane O’Reilly, University of Toronto professor Jennifer Berdahl and Sharif University of Technology professor Sara Banki.

Originally published on Business News Daily
by Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Senior Writer | June 02, 2014 08:29am ET


The Pressure’s On Harper to End Online Spying — Let’s Keep it Up

n-ONLINE-SPYING-CANADA-large570It looks like the rumble against the government’s Online Spying Bill C-13 is turning into a roar.

Leading Conservative elder statesman Stockwell Day has joined the growing chorus of Canadians speaking out about how Bill C-13 would expose law-abiding Canadians to warrantless government spying. If passed, the controversial bill would grant immunity to telecom companies who hand our private information to the government without a warrant.

In hard-hitting remarks on CBC’s Power and Politics, Stockwell Day expressed sympathy with the views of Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, who recently called for Bill C-13 to be split to remove its online spying proposals:

“There can be an overreaction in terms of how you correct it. So [Cavoukian is] raising a bit of an alarm here. Let’s be very careful in how we could protect someone in a situation like this, but let’s also be careful in going too far and limiting even things like free speech, [or using] invasive techniques that could be employed by policing.”

“I’m hoping they take another look at this and kind of curtail some of those powers,” Day added.

These remarks by such a prominent senior Conservative (Day is the former leader of the Canadian Alliance, the forerunner to today’s Conservative party) are sure to add to the growing pressure on Defence Minister Peter MacKay to split C-13.

Day’s comments come hot on the heels of passionate Parliamentary testimony by Carol Todd, the mother of cyberbullying victim Amanda Todd. Carol bravely told key MPs to stop using bullied children as an excuse to drive forward measures that undermine everybody’s privacy:

The message from all this is clear — the long-simmering rumble of discontent about reckless and out-of-control government spying is turning into an upsurge, as more and more Canadians speak out. Stockwell Day’s intervention yesterday is particularly significant. A key turning point in the successful battle against the government’s previous spying bill (C-30) was when conservatives started to speak out.

After all, there’s no doubt that Stockwell Day is speaking on behalf of countless grassroots conservative supporters across the country. A recent poll revealed that millions of Conservative voters are opposed to mass surveillance. We hope that pressure from Canadians will encourage Conservative MPs to start speaking out about the hugely unpopular blanket spying measures in Bill C-13. They should put both public and private pressure on Defence Minister MacKay to split the bill and remove the online spying provisions. continue reading »» Posted: 05/24/2014 11:37 pm by David Christopher Communications Manager for

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The Doctor’s Office

6435-ErinMillspkwyNow lets explore the medical profession and their criminal interference, or were they directed by an much larger entity to commit these violations! For those of you who have been following my story are aware of my issue of teeth grinding while sleeping which without a doubt has been a long time standing medical issue for me with numerous trips per month for medical treatment due to headaches, toothaches and earaches, not to mention prostate issues.
While employed at SunGard I did have a family physician Dr. So located five minutes from work at THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE Medical Clinic, 6435 Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario.
On May 29, 2008 I had to pay an emergency visit to the Doctor’s Office Medical Clinic due to extreme pain of another tooth infection. At the time my Family Doctor, Dr. So was not available or in the office so I seen the Doctor currently on call, Dr. Saleem Hala. Due to the fact I was in extreme pain, I saw the Doctor without waiting. During the examination the doctor had me open my mouth as wide as possible as she used a tongue depressor to locate the tooth in question, once she located the tooth and I confirmed, with a sudden jab at the tooth caused me to spring from the table I was sitting on, now in even worst pain, while still holding the left side of my face yelling at her and immediately exiting the room and left the office as fast as possible.
On June 2, 2008 I sent a letter stating my disgrace with what I experienced on my last and final visit I would ever make to the Doctor’s Office, requesting all personal information with in my file returned to me immediately. I also filed a complaint with the Ontario Medical Association.
Now not having a family Doctor and not long after the incident at The Doctor’s Office I received a flyer in the mail for a new Walk-in Medical Clinic located not far from home on Lakeshore Blvd and Hurontario Street area. This clinic had weekend hours so as not to miss any more time from work the following Saturday I proceeded to check it out. Upon arriving and entering the front door I was greeted by an empty waiting room, an Asian individual in a white long coat whom appeared to be a Doctor and a white Caucasian lady sitting behind the counter, I was taken in immediately for an examination.
As I was there to inquire about the issue of teeth grinding and a remedy to help stop or decrease the frequency of the grinding. The doctor insisted on learning a little more about my medical history before beginning any treatment. After I briefly explained my current medical history which included the issues I was having regarding prostate infections. Knowing this he suggested he start with a prostate exam. I am sure as men we are aware of how a prostate exam is preformed, and many of us refuse this examination due to shame and the process which it is preformed, entry through the anus, which to start with is very personal and uncomfortable, but I agreed and followed his instructing, which I will omit for now. The process involves inserting a finger in the anus to check for swelling of the prostate gland. Once I was laid on my left side with my knees to my chest and my back turned to him he inserted a blunt object into the anus which caused extreme pain causing me to fall from the other side of the table to the floor. At this point as I pick myself off the floor now in servere pain, barely able to stand. Once I was on my feet, now getting back in my clothing as fast as possible, he says while sitting on a step stool, suggesting I stand in front of him. I said nothing and made my way out of the office to the front exit, the lobby now empty, I hear him saying and I quote “You have been just fucked up the ass by the Canadian Government”
I experienced bleeding for a few days and feared going to the washroom but the pain did not subside until a few weeks had passed.
The next day on Sunday, now full of anger and upset I contacted friends and told them about what happened, they we’re in disbelief and offered to pay the office a visit with me. I agreed so two days later on Monday we drove to the Walk-in clinic and I was shocked to find the unit had paper covering the inside of the windows and a for rent sign in the door, the appearance of a long time vacant unit.

This is also why I was assaulted by employees of Richcraft whom I believe was under orders to commit the assault.

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In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

god1In the name of our lord Jesus Christ and the name of my father, I want the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal stopped from Cyber-Bullying me, if there is any Human morality left within this country, please remove this evil from my life!!!!
from: Ter Kin
to: United Nations,
date: Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 9:12 AM
subject: Legal Assistance

To whom it may concern
I was told that you cannot assist until I have exhausted all my options, which is following the Supreme Court of Canada, I have been trying for months to obtain legal Aid and legal council, I have been denied by every avenue I have explored, if nothing else, please assist me with legal council, I am being Bullied almost daily by the HRTO, and my fight is not with them and never was. The Declaration of Human Rights states we are all equal under the law, then I ask you to please enforce that right. They are now as of today’s date requesting I cancel the application, and I will not, if there is the slightest light of Human morality left within you please assist me in obtaining legal council PLEASE.


from: Ter Kin
date: Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 2:50 PM
subject: Assistance

Mr Trudeau

In April of this year I gave you my vote for your leadership campaign of the Liberal Party of Canada, and you now hold that seat, now I would like to ask you a favour in return, I currently have a application filed with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, they have not been forthcoming in the process with me and are doing everything but observing my Human Rights. I have contacted the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York in regards to the treatment I am receiving as a Canadian citizen, also that I have received at the hands of the staff of the HRTO office. In 2006 I contacted Mr Harper for assistance but he only had me fired from my job of more than 6 years and I have been prevented from working ever since. All opportunities I have embarked upon since, I have been Bullied, Mobbed and fired. I have been searching for Legal assistance but been denied by every agency and firm, I applied for legal Aid here in Gatineau, as I do qualify but am also been denied, they have closed my file.
I am now reaching out to every politician, law firm and agency in Canada and the United States, I am now hopping that as a return favour you can intervene on my behalf or offer some sort of assistance on how I should proceed.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards

Absolute Software (Cyber Bullies)

Dell notebook#C51withGoodale. This case of Cyber-Spying is an obvious case of CYBER BULLYING, so lets talk about This Dell Machine I purchased at Canada Pawn in Gatineau, Quebec On Dec 22, 2010, (Receipt included) on Nov 6, 2012 a friend was using it and he informed me that he got a white page on which said this is a stolen machine, the message included the direction to turn it in to the Ottawa Police ASAP. I wish I was there at the time to see that, but unfortunately I was away. I took the machine to a friend for safe keeping. Since I purchased it I tried to register it with Dell but they would not let me. It crashed at least 3 times a week, every week, due to missing files, the on screen message was always “Windows cannot start due to missing BOOT files” they would keep deleting files on the machine, and it crashed at least three times a week, having to re-install the windows program, and this continued for nearly two years. Receipt for dell Laptop2I made numerous calls and sent emails to Absolute software in British Columbia, requesting and inquiring as to why their software was installed on my P.C, as I did not purchase or install it, I requested they deactivate it which was never done. The pictures clearly show that it was activated on my machine which cost $39.99 per month, software which I was not paying for. So who is Absolute Software? Absolute software is a company whom provides software programs, in this case Computetracethat if you have sensitive information on your machine and someone steals it, or you lose it, this software enables you or them (Absolute Software) once reported, to track it’s exact location, in normal cases, contact the police, also what I find amazing, they can also delete all the files and shut the machine down, which they did to me hundred’s of times, so it is inoperable. A few days before I purchased it a friend went to the pawn shop to buy something or another, he asked me to go along, not doing anything at the time, so I did. While there I noticed they sold used laptops, not having a computer at the time, Absolute Software2I thought maybe I will buy myself one for Christmas. A few days later (payday) I went back but they only had one left, all the ones I saw a few days before were now sold. After which they traced my movements, and they were aware of my location at all times, not sure why, but they were able to make my life a living hell, no matter where I went, where I worked or what I tried to do, I always wondered why landlords were harassing me, employers harassed and fired me, but it didn’t take long (4 months) to figure out what was happening once discovering the software on my machine, knowing that, do you think we are being watched on-line? yes your dam tooten we are, “PRIVACY” is something we don’t have here, in Canada anyway, this company is owned and operated by X-Coppers and I truly believe their soul purpose is to spy on us, without our knowledge, if your like me, an innocent citizen it’s nothing to be concerned about, I guess it’s just the fact of the matter, so don’t be fooled because really what else do they have to do, except look out the window and spy on unsuspecting victims? I am including a link to their website, if you value your privacy, make sure if you have this program, I suggest you remove it @ Absolute Software 1013929_10151421941871890_1749615641_n, don’t take my word for it, there are others who are well aware of these incidents and the cyber-Bullying I experienced, So ask yourself this question, Why do you think my life situation is what it is today? desperately trying to get rid of me and shut me up is why, well I will say again.
HTRO file @ Kinden v Richcraft