Love My Haters Prayer

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I love my haters, I send kisses of mercy to all my haters. I bless those who’ve have to curse meI forgive those who’ve wronged me. I ask for forgiveness to those whom I may have wrongedTo those who’ve rejected my gifts I declare the abundance of gifts to you.

To My Enemies who are really My Friends but don’t know it Yet.

I am going to be so outrageously and contagiously blessed that we are going to be blessed as well! Thank you!
I release the revelation of God’s securing love upon those who are jealous of or intimidated by me. I speak long life to my enemies that they live long enough to see me fulfill my God-ordained destiny.
To all those who’ve put time in to destructively criticize me and ruin my reputation, I say thank you thank you and thank you again for the free advertisement.
To those who thought I was perfect, well, sorry to disappoint you, but you’re not either. I pledge to not hold you to a standard that I can’t live myself.
For all the hard labor, covert press releases, and tireless hours of deformation of character; I say God’s blessings of purity, prosperity, and longevity be yours.
To those who are loquacious and pretentious towards me, you get the credit for driving me to the Lord.
I will exceed the opinions and expectations of others including my own, because my expectations now, are of Him, not them. I choose to walk in love with the unloving. I choose to surpass the past. I am determined to not allow the devil, myself, or anyone else, to hold me hostage to my past.

For all those who’ve prophe-lied concerning me. May God bless you to get it right the next time; because what you meant for my evil, God designed for my good! I release this with the love God gave to me in Yeshua’s name and Yeshua’s authority! Amen….and the winner is LOVE! Apostle Love My Haters

Courtesy of Pure Glory originally posted Oct 06, 2013

The New Bullying Prevention © 2015

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The WorkPlace and Mobbing


923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nwork-schoolEmployed under contract from April 3, 2003 to Sept 9, 2009, we were a team of thirty (30) the staff were like family but one day that all changed, for reasons unknown as I can only speculate, they all turned on me and with extreme hate better known as Mobbing. Try to imagine going to work everyday knowing you were going to be harassed by twenty (20) or more people, I did for three (3) years, tried to do my job and no matter how much hatred they showed I always retaliated with “LOVE” until they finally broke the contract.

06b0d8e9b941e43e1dd480db2d16e45dMobbing can be understood as the stressor to beat all stressors. It is an impassioned, collective campaign by co-workers to exclude, punish, and humiliate a targeted worker. Initiated most often by a person in a position of power or influence, mobbing is a desperate urge to crush and eliminate the target. The urge travels through the workplace like a virus, infecting 1912531_10152067186641890_3897369818398031821_none person after another.The target comes to be viewed as absolutely abhorrent, with no redeeming qualities, outside the circle of acceptance and respectability, deserving only of contempt. As the campaign proceeds, a steadily larger range of hostile ploys and communications comes to be seen as legitimate. Mobbing is hardly the only source of debilitating stress at work, and it was not the only one on which Leymann did research.

miorrrbinHe interviewed bank employees who had undergone the terror of armed robbery, and subway drivers who had watched helplessly as their trains ran over persons who fell or jumped onto the tracks. Leymann documented the depression, absenteeism, sleeplessness, and other symptoms of trauma resulting from such stressful experiences.

supermanBank robberies and subway suicides were no match, however, for being mobbed by co-workers in the personal devastation that ensued. Not doctor-smiley-emoticoninfrequently, mobbing spelled the end of the target’s career, marriage, health, and livelihood. From a study of circumstances surrounding suicides in Sweden, Leymann estimated that about twelve percent of people who take their own lives have recently been mobbed at work.the-silent=killers


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Adult Bully’s “The Five Types”


I am re-blogging this post which I origanally posted Feb 21, 2013, as there are others that need re-posting as well, this being the first. “Adult Bully’s The Five Types”, the one we are dealing with 90% of the time is number one, The Narcissistic Adult Bully, please read the description below: “You may not hear a lot about adult bullying, but it is a problem. Read this article to learn more about different types of adult bullies and get some ideas on how to deal with an adult bully. Adult bullying is a serious problem and may require legal action. One would think that as people mature and progress through life, that they would stop behaviors of their youth. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sadly, adults can be bullies, just as children and teenagers can be bullies. While adults are more likely to use verbal bullying as opposed to physical bullying, the fact of the matter is that adult bullying exists. The goal of an adult bully is to gain power over another person, and make himself or herself the dominant adult. They try to humiliate victims, and “show them who is boss.” There are several different types of adult bullies, and it helps to know how they operate:

  1. Narcissistic Adult Bully
  2. first-place

    This type of adult bully is self-centered and does not share empathy with others. Additionally, there is little anxiety about consequences. He or she seems to feel good about him or herself, but in reality has a brittle narcissism that requires putting others down.

  3. Impulsive Adult Bully:
  4. 2nd-place

    Adult bullies in this category are more spontaneous and plan their bullying out less. Even if consequences are likely, this adult bully has a hard time restraining his or her behavior. In some cases, this type of bullying may be unintentional, resulting in periods of stress, or when the bully is actually upset or concerned about something unconnected with the victim.

  5. Physical Bully:
  6. third4While adult bullying rarely turns to physical confrontation, there are, nonetheless, bullies that use physicality. In some cases, the adult bully may not actually physically harm the victim, but may use the threat of harm, or physical domination through looming. Additionally, a physical bully may damage or steal a victim’s property, rather than physically confronting the victim.

  7. Verbal Adult Bully:
  8. 4thWords can be quite damaging. Adult bullies who use this type of tactic may start rumors about the victim, or use sarcastic or demeaning language to dominate or humiliate another person. This subtle type of bullying also has the advantage – to the bully – of being difficult to document. However, the emotional and psychological impacts of verbal bullying can be felt quite keenly and can result in reduced job performance and even depression.

  9. Secondary Adult Bully:

2pm153-hr904-2This is someone who does not initiate the bullying, but joins in so that he or she does not actually become a victim down the road. Secondary bullies may feel bad about what they are doing, but are more concerned about protecting themselves. (Definitions courtesy of Bullying Statistics

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Freedom of Speech

the-evaluatordownloadFirst of all you obviously have no idea what it’s like to live life looking over your shoulder, to live in fear, to wake up every day not knowing if it will be your last day at work and fear having to go there, you have probably had everything handed to you on a silver platter.

To be verbally, mentally or physically assaulted and abused while at work, at the doctor’s office, at your local grocery store, no matter where you go.

To look at your bank account to see money missing or an anonymous charge of $1,000 charged to your credit card that you didn’t make and have to make that payment because your bank and all complaints are ignored.

To be continually fired and or forced out of your job for no reason at all.

To be afraid to walk to the corner store and have shady characters follow you and threaten you.

tongueTo be totally defamed and Cyber-Bullied on your social media sites, by words that really have no truth and are hearsay.

To basically have all your human rights denied, not really knowing why, but one right I will exercise is my Freedom of Speech and tell my story, even if it don’t want to be heard.

I suffered in silence but I shall no longer, I have lived this way for most of my life but always smiled and said nothing.

Well since I found my faith, I got the courage and strenght to put my foot down and say no more.

imagesIf you feel that you have to go along with them so as not to fall a victim of the same result, than you are no better then they are, so I will say if you redirect the spot light on the criminal or criminal act they seem to dissipate…or crawl back in their hole.

The one main point we fail to realize here is that this country “CANADA”
has legislation (laws) to protect us from this kind of torture, so do legislation bring relief? I think not.

If I shall die this way, I’m going to make sure the world knows my whole story and if my efforts prevents anyone else from experiencing the same faith and life I’ve lived, then I shall die happy and in Peace.


Please Help Melvin Obtain a Lawyer

I also want to add that I have just Graduated from Selkirk college in a Program in Web Technologies and Design, I am willing to work or do what ever is required of me to help my cause, such as I will create 5, 10 or even 15 Websites or any other projects with in my realm of experience , what ever it takes for the purpose of reaching my goal. You can view my Portfolio here

My Hope is there is one soul that will step forward or if there is a PRO-BONO Lawyer that serves justice and might want to help, anything is worth trying rather than giving up because if I appear to represent myself as I did in 2006, they will dishonor legislation and myself, even though they say you can represent yourself so I am going to try anything and everything so as not to say I did not try, because then I can get another adjournment and another adjournment until I get a lawyer, time is the one thing I do have an abundance of, until I die I will fight for justice, this is the link to my fundrazer
Please Help Melvin obtain a Lawyer
In June of 2008 Melvin was sexually assaulted by a physician and just over a year later was assaulted and fired from his Job of more than six years by management in Mississauga, On.

On July 12, 2012 Melvin was yet again fired from another job also while employed for six months he was Bullied, harassed and assaulted by management mobbed by employees all due to sexual orientation.

Since being fired in July 2012 he has not been able to obtain work due to defamation of personal and financial characters.

On Oct 29, 2012 he filed a complaint with the OHRT. He was also diagnosed with an anxiety and panic disorder in 2002 and requires medical attention but now experiences high anxiety and fear of receiving treatment from medical professionals.

Due to his financial situation he cannot obtain a legal Representative to pursue the matters at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and requires your help.

Please show your support for Equality and Equal rights by helping him achieve his goal of raising $1000.00 to help pay for legal assistance.

You can read the details of the case here at Kinden v Richcraft thank you for your support.


Evil Landlord #1

new-headerMe in da KitchenFirst I want to apologize, it seems I have missed a whole day, with moderating the sites and the start up of the new affiliate business, it’s been crazy busy getting the pages set up, and it’s not finished yet, and I have fallin behind on my readings, but I will get to them. This post will be yet another addition to “My Story”, I want to take you back to Sept 4, 2009, I was living in Mississauga, Ontario and still working at horror hell “SunGard”. It was sort of their last ditch effort to get rid of me, SunGard that is, any way the story begins with a friend appearing at my door late June of 2009. After a couple of weeks went by I came to find out he was running from the “Law”, to make along story short, he now had to be back in Renfrew Ontario for 5 pm for a meeting with his probation officer, it’s now 12:55 pm, a five hour drive to get him there, knowing it was next impossible to accomplish. So I picked up the phone and placed a call to the officer in question, this gentleman was very upset and yelling on the phone, refusing to give any lead way, saying if he was not on time for his meeting, he would call the police to pick him up and they were going to incarcerate him for one year. After twenty minutes or so, begging and pleading, I managed to convince him to wait as we were leaving immediately. PT CruserWell needless to say while en route I would end up almost losing my vehicle, a new 2008 PT Cruiser only a couple months old to the Ontario Provincial Police due to speeding, she clocked me going 50 kms over the speed limit and in a construction zone no less, current legislation included confiscating the said vehicle and double the normal fine in construction zones for speeding, but for reasons unknown she (the officer) said she would not take my vehicle, and would not double the fine, but I did get a $375 speeding ticket. We arrived in Renfrew one hour late but the guy was in his office waiting, now I had the task of convincing him not to lock a 17 year old boy up for a year with harden criminals, which would do him more harm then good, but he did agree to release him into my custody for 90 days and to return to Mississauga with me, needless to say the boy was as happy as a pig in shit 🙂 I did what I did because I knew him from the day he was born and he has held a special place in my heart and still do, like the son I will never have, even though he is afraid to be seen with me now or to speak to me for that matter. The KitchenThe fact he was going to be living with me for three months, caused issues with my landlord, once he knew I had company living in my unit he wanted more rent. I have been living in this unit for more than 3 years at the time, but to keep the peace I was paying $600 a month, I suggested an increase of $40 a month, he agreed and I assumed that was the end of it, but nooooooooooo I was wrong.One evening I received a call from the landlord regarding a leak under my shower, leaking down to the unit below me, he had to remove my shower to repair it and wanted permission to enter my unit the next day, I granted him the permission, butThe Horror Washroom I would live to regret it though. Arriving home the next day we would find the plumbers in the unit just finishing the shower uninstall, but they had to order a new one, and they would not be able to install it until the next day, leaving us with no running water in the washroom at all, not even for the toilet, I was not impressed but what can you do. I would call him every day for the next four days, inquiring to his intentions for the install of the shower, having to take time off work, 4 days due to no running water, we proceeded back to Renfrew to wait it out. On day four I called one of my brother’s in Brampton and requested he place a call to him for me because he, the landlord had not returned any of my calls or messages. My brother placed a call to him right away but got no answer either but left a message, Me SunGard 2007so on day five I left and headed back to Mississauga, not being able to loose any more time from work, but once I arrived late that night around 11 pm, I was surprised to see the plumbers working so late installing the new shower, it was certainly a relief. It also felt good the next morning, day five to wake up, shower and head to work, but it would be in vain, after 6 1/2 years it would be the day that SunGard would fire me. Now relieved that I no longer had to tolerate the workplace Bullying and Mobbing, but my life was now over, only to get worst. In closing over the last four years I have often wondered why or how I225113_10150978168096890_2016419255_n was still alive, and where my strength was coming from because in late 2010 I spent 8 days in bed, depressed and not able, nor did I have any desire to get out, I just wanted to die, but that’s when by chance I would meet my God sent, the one responsible for where and who I am today….lotsa luv mon ami.

Don’t be A Victim: Stand up Against Workplace Bullying

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????First let me give you an update on my request for an adjournment in the legal matters of Kinden v Richcraft and the Accommodation request for an Adjournment on April 4, 2014, the last update I received, I was informed the request was forwarded to Chairman of the board Madame Jennifer Scott for review but to date their has been no response from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) regarding that request. I have forwarded the details of the assault to be added as relevant evidence for the request, also I forwarded the details of a sexual assault by a Physician in late 2008 while working at SunGard during a prostate exam that left me bleeding and in pain for weeks, which is the third assault by a physician in my life time. Over the course of my six years at SunGard the incidents of the unimaginable that I endured that still haunt me today and still causes extreme anxiety, the fear of Doctors and hospitals, I am sure will be with me for the remainder of my life. This assault I will be detailing in a future post. One good thing though is I may have legal representation, but only if the adjournment is approved, as the Lawyer in question requires more time to consider the facts of the case. If they, the HRTO ignores my request than we shall proudly appear and will be unprepared for the hearing and stand firm for the adjournment. For anyone who is now experiencing workplace Bullying or Bullying period the following article holds great advise.

Knowing one’s rights may seem unnecessary in Singapore where people generally follow the law and avoid trouble. But… What if you’re getting harassed? What if you feel persecuted? What if you go to work every day and suffer in silence as your coworkers or bosses drive you, slowly and painfully to the brink of madness or maybe even suicide? Conversely, what if you are a workplace bully – have you pondered your legal liabilities? Francis Goh, a partner at Harry Elias Partnership, delivered an excellent lecture which colloquially framed the legal issues surrounding workplace bullying, assault, battery and harassment, as well as the newly enacted Protection from Harassment Act Bill.

Rely on yourself, not the law
recurring characteristic he noticed in victims of workplace bullying is that they have low self-esteem and as a result, tend to let people climb over their heads without protest. Such people also hold on to the mistaken belief that law would always be on their side and the good will always prevail.

Whilst they are not wrong to think that such an idealistic view causes one to rely on law as their one and only safety net, and in an unsavoury situation, they would be sorely disappointed in their time of need. This is because if a certain legal threshold is not crossed, it may be better to rely on oneself than to place reliance on a bunch of statutes that could be hard to enforce if there is insufficient evidence. Which brings us to the importance of understanding one’s legal rights.

Understanding legal thresholds and their nuances

The definition of workplace bullying is simply an “intentional infliction of a hostile work environment upon employee(s) or co-worker(s) through a combination of verbal and non-verbal behavior“. Francis pointed out that if the aggressor was completely unintentional then they are not, technically, by this definition, a bully.

How does one define ‘unintentional’ conduct? As with all legal cases, there is no fixed answer. And no, we are not just trying to smoke ourselves out of answering a difficult question. This reason for not having a fixed answer is because there are so many nuances in any given situation, and the definition of intentional / unintentional infliction of a hostile work environment boils down to the different variables in a situation.

Take for example a boss whose supervision style is to use coarse language with a congenial tone – this certainly would not amount to hostility, not unless he starts using vulgarities in a harsh tone.

Francis went on to explain the nuances between harassment, battery and assault. Simple gestures without physical contact may qualify as assault – for example spitting at someone, to simply waving your fists at someone. As long as the person on the receiving end feels ‘threatened’, the other party may end up in hot soup.

More importantly, he highlights that men should take extra care not to impinge on the sensitivities of their female counterparts. In fact, Francis recommends avoiding physical contact with female colleagues altogether. That sounds like gender discrimination to us – yet we are sure the guys do not want to be hauled into court by inadvertently offending Eve during their celebratory chest-bumping and morale boosting butt-smacking sessions.

Best to check yourself before you wreck yourself

Lying to the police is a serious offence. It is important not to accuse others just because you are in a position of power (shout-out to the ladies), because once a First Information Report filed with the police contains false statements, even the heavens would not be able to save you from becoming a criminal.

Oftentimes, feeling self-righteous in the moment, may cause emotions to get in the way and the idea of trying to get back at the person is just so tempting. If you ever feel that way, stop.

Francis quips, “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself”. Wise words.

Take a few deep breaths and reflect on your course of conduct – was it your incompetence that caused your colleague boss to react in a certain way? If yes, think about whether their reaction was reasonable. If it were just raising of voices, that’s fine. Alarm bells should only start ringing if they physically assault you.

Stand up for yourself

Francis reiterated that there must be consistent pattern or history of hostile behavior, substantiated by adequate evidence (letters, SMS-es, missed calls etc) before one seeks legal recourse.

As Patrick Tay, NTUC’s Director of the PME Unit and Legal Services Department, has stated in the video above, making a police report should be reserved as a last resort only after exhausting more civilised alternatives such as brandishing knowledge of one’s rights or confiding in HR professionals in your organisation. Alternatively, you can seek the help of your union leaders as they protect over 800,000 over members.

To avoid falling prey to workplace bullies, remember 3 things: Know your rights, be confident and stay objective.……continue reading »»

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Laurentian Bank Complaint

Update: On Jan 21, 2014 the Laurentian Bank ombudsman declined to assist, we have forwarded the complaint to the Canadian Banking Ombudsman
from: Ter Kin
Date: Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 4:48 PM
subject: Laurentian Bank Complaint

To whom it may concern

I am writing to request assistance with an issue with Laurentian Bank located at 770 Boulevard St. Joseph, Gatineau, Quebec, J8Y4B8, on Sept 10, 2013 my vehicle, one 1996 Toyoto Corola ceased to be road worthy at which time it was taken to the scrap yard, I notified the SAAQ to disregard the vehicle and stop all debts from the account on file, they assured me once the vehicle was disregarded in their system it would automaticly stop all debts from my account, I received a notice to that effect (#3 attached) only to discover the SAAQ continued to debt my Laurentian Bank account. On Sept 10, 2013 I requested the Bank apply a stop payment which was never done but rather they proceeded to process the debts causing an NSF overdraft on the account of $ -139.19. I have also attached a copy of the response of the Laurentian Bank after bringing my concerns to their attention, stating “if you wish to stop preauthorized payments, you will need to contact the company directly to request that the direct payments be terminated. You may do this by telephone or by registered mail. If the company is still taking payments, we invite you to contact your branch”. I made numerous requests regarding this issue to know end. I now request your assistance to rectify this situation.
I have attached all required documents and communications (total 6 attachments) to that effect as follows:

SAAQ account Statement
SAAQ dishonoured Statement
SAAQ disregard Vehicle notice
SAAQ notice of claim
Laurentian Bank account Summary
Laurentian Bank reply on stop payment request
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

So is it safe to assume that if you are a member of a major financial corporation or Government affiliate you are above the law?

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Laurentienne Bank (The Corruption Within)

SEMC 3MP DSCFor two years since starting working at Richcraft, I drove the vehicle (Junker) pictured here to the left until Sept 12, 2013 when I had to send it to the scrap yard, it was no longer road worthy. The plates cost $280 per year, I was on a monthly payment plan, the SAAQ (Department of Motor vehicles) debited my account monthly for $21.04, so after the vehicle was gone on Sept 15, 2013, I contacted the SAAQ to cancel the plates as they were not required any longer. I also went to my Bank “Laurentienne Bank” to request a stop payment on my account for that debit, but they refused to apply the stop payment, they said as long as I cancelled the plates the SAAQ would automatically stop the debit. Well I have been receiving my Bank statements from them but did not open the envelopes, I just put them in the file, as I was now using my “ING Direct” Bank account for my Banking, but early December once moving I opened them all only to find the Laurentienne Bank did not apply the stop payment, and the SAAQ kept debiting my account until November 2013, over drawing the account by $-139.19, the SAAQ has now totally cancelled my driving licence, how am I suppose to pay this balance when I barely have enough food to eat.Laurentian Bank - Summary.clipular (2)

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Coming Soon

New B.P
This is the new design I am working on for the NEW Bullying Prevention website. Rather We will NOT be saying Good-bye to WordPress as we will have our very own Domain. The only thing that will change is the location on the world wide web, as we continue to fight the battle of Bullying around this wonder world. Thanx to everyone of our followers for your support. So watch for the transition. cheers and Lotsa Luv

Doctor Bullying Raises Risk to Patient care!!!

doctor_bullying_tstockDoctors should stop bullying their colleagues for their sake and to ensure patient safety is not compromised, according to UK-wide medical defence organisation the MDDUS (The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland).

The organisation has issued a warning to the medical profession of the consequences of doctors who bully their colleagues thus failing to follow principles of good practice and risking harm to patient care.

Last week, the GMC’s annual survey of doctors in training revealed that more than a quarter had experienced undermining behaviour and nearly one in five doctors had witnessed someone being bullied.

There was also a survey in the autumn by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which found a quarter of doctors and surgeons had been bullied or put under excessive pressure to behave in ways that they believed were not in the best interests of patient care.

Following these surveys, the MDDUS has now advised doctors who persistently undermine or criticised colleagues to consider carefully the potential impact of their behaviour.

MDDUS medical adviser Dr Barry Parker said: “Aside from the very obvious emotional consequences for those subjected to the bullying themselves, there may be a wider impact on patient care and patient safety.

“If there is a breakdown in communication or bad atmosphere between colleagues then it is likely that open communication about patient care will be adversely affected, damaging continuity and the team approach to care that is so important.”

Doctors should always strive to maintain good relationships with colleagues based on mutual respect and trust, he added and pointed to GMC guidance contained in Good Medical Practice, which says: “You must work collaboratively with colleagues, respecting their skills and contributions. You must treat colleagues fairly and with respect and must be aware of how your behaviour may influence others within and outside the team.”

The MDDUS also said junior doctors who experienced an environment of bullying were less likely to develop and learn due to a lack of support from senior colleagues.

Dr Parker said: “Inexperienced doctors may be particularly vulnerable in the face of aggression or rudeness and bullying behaviour can severely impact on their learning and development. Trainee doctors rely on senior colleagues for support and should feel comfortable seeking their advice.

“If they face criticism and are undermined, then this may have an adverse effect on their confidence and performance. It may also make it more difficult for them to seek advice from a senior colleague when this is needed in order to treat patients safely.

“Furthermore, an environment where there is a culture of bullying will not encourage reporting and learning from ‘near misses’ or adverse events. This learning is more likely to occur in a culture where individuals feel supported and safe to raise such matters.”

Workplace Bullying the cause of Alec Meikle’s Anxiety and Depression, Inquest hears

1_alec1-620x349The workplace bullying that teenage apprentice Alec Meikle was allegedly subjected to “appeared to be the sole contributing factor” to the severe depression that ultimately led to his suicide, the Coroner’s Court has heard.
Alec, 17, took his life on October 13, 2008 following months of alleged bullying at the hands of his supervisor and colleagues at the Bathurst operation of train manufacturer, Downer EDI.
An inquest into the teenager’s death has heard that he was allegedly burnt with a welding torch, sprayed with adhesive spray, and set on fire over the course of five months in early to mid 2008.
A number of his colleagues also allegedly subjected him to near-constant verbal abuse, and threatened to anally rape him with a steel dildo.
On Wednesday, a Bathurst psychiatrist who treated Alec in mid 2008, Andrew Frukacz, said the teenager told him he had had suicidal thoughts, including throwing himself in front of the early morning train that passed by his workplace.
“He said ‘dying [would be] a lot easier than going through this’,” Dr Frukacz said.
5129654-3x2-340x227“But at the time there were no plans to follow through on these ideas…I thought he was a low risk. He was away from the situation, he was planning some good things including returning to New Zealand.”
Dr Frukacz diagnosed the teenager with anxiety, depression and an adjustment disorder, and said the bullying he had received at Downer appeared to be the main cause.
“From the history Alec presented to me it appeared that that was the sole contributing factor in the development of his anxiety and depressive condition,” he said.
“He talked about being harassed at the school [St Stanislaus High School] but it clearly never got to the point where he had to see a psychiatrist.”
art-353-alec-300x0“The thing that seemed to really upset him and distress him was the unrelentingly negative comments about his work. That lessened his resilience. If you’re being told consistently that your work is no good, it destroys your sense of self and your inner belief that you can cope with things.”
The inquest heard that in mid 2008 Alec returned to New Zealand, the country of his birth, where he was treated by a psychologist, Kerry Gould.
Ms Gould subsequently wrote in her notes that the workplace bullying Alec was subjected to “had made him doubt his masculinity”.
“He felt like he was a failure in the last suicide attempt and when the opportunity to be alone in his house he proceeded to take it,” Ms Gould said.
The inquest before Deputy NSW Coroner Paul McMahon continues.
Support is available for anyone who may be distressed by phoning Lifeline 13 11 14; Mensline 1300 789 978; Kids Helpline 1800 551 800.empower-me

NS: Bullying not a factor in Irving Shipyard employee suicide, insists president

Kevin McCoy, the president of Irving Shipbuilding, is denying that workplace harassment played any role in the suicide of long-time Halifax shipyard employee Peter MacKenzie last week.

Workers at the Halifax Shipyard walked off the job on Thursday. © Philip Croucher/Metro
Workers at the Halifax Shipyard walked off the job on Thursday. © Philip Croucher/Metro

[HALIFAX, NS]– The president of Irving Shipbuilding is denying that workplace harassment played any role in the suicide of long-time shipyard employee Peter MacKenzie last week. “No aspect of our investigation around Mr. MacKenzie involved bullying. None whatsoever,” said Kevin McCoy. Nearly 200 Irving employees walked off the job on Thursday when they learned of their co-worker’s death following what they described as months of bullying by management.
“He was singled out and harassed,” said a shipyard worker who worked with MacKenzie for 25 years but preferred not to be named. “We’ve had enough and it’s as simple as that. … It boiled over.”
Nonetheless, McCoy said management received no reports of bullying involving MacKenzie, adding that he recognized emotions ran high on Thursday.
“We take very seriously any complaints of harassment,” he added. “There’s no place for that in our shipyard.”
MacKenzie had received a 30-day suspension due to what management described as issues to do with the daily safety inspections of his scaffolding.
Halifax police said they responded to a suicide call to a home in Eastern Passage at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday and found a 58-year-old man dead.
“I think we have taken a very measured approach,” said McCoy.
He would not say whether any prior disciplinary action had been taken against MacKenzie.
McCoy said Irving Shipbuilding has been cracking down over the past year ever since internal investigations uncovered reports of intimidation and threats in the shipyard.
Five of the seven Irving Shipbuilding employees who lost their jobs in the past year were let go due to workplace violence or threats of workplace violence.
Employees at Irving have complained that the company has become much harsher in the past year and a half since winning the national shipbuilding contract.
Management at Irving is currently in discussions with the union representing shipyard workers on how better to resolve conflicts.
Geordon Omand for Metro Halifax-Published on December 02, 2013

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Workplace bullying led to my husband’s death

Wife’s accusation as inquest is told how worker killed himself at factory
NWS_20131116_NEW_004_29641617_I2A father of three who was allegedly bullied by workmates hanged himself in the grounds of the factory where he was employed, an inquest has heard. His widow told the hearing that despite her husband suffering depression, she believed the persecution he suffered contributed to him taking his own life.
Belfast Coroner’s Court heard that Damien Mallon (33) was subjected to workplace bullying by some colleagues, which may have contributed to his death on July 7, 2011.
When Mr Mallon failed to sign on to his machine at the Montupet factory in Dunmurry, his supervisor Paul Walker, accompanied by a colleague, began looking for him shortly after 7pm.
After searching the toilets and shower area, they searched outside and found Mr Mallon beside a tree near the factory.
After phoning for an ambulance, they tried to resuscitate Mr Mallon without success. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Assistant state pathologist Dr Peter Ingram informed the court that Mr Mallon would have died within a few minutes of hanging himself, and confirmed that his autopsy concluded that death came about due to hanging.
Mr Walker said that he noticed nothing out of the ordinary that night in regard to Mr Mallon’s mood. But he did say that he had been “out of sorts” in the weeks leading up to his tragic death.
In court Mr Mallon’s widow Karen recalled the heartrending telephone conversation she had with her husband just hours before his death.
She said that Mr Mallon called himself a “coward” before she told him: “I can’t help you unless you help yourself.”
Mr Mallon’s final words to his wife were: “Tomorrow will be a brighter day.”
It was alleged by Mrs Mallon that her husband, who was described in court as an “engaging and pleasant person”, was picked on by other employees which may have contributed to his death.
She told the court that she believed workplace bullying was a contributing factor to her husband’s mental state.
She said that Mr Mallon was called names, sand was poured into his lunchbox and his moped had been damaged.
She said: “Damien was quiet, he didn’t want to confront anybody.”
Montupet’s Human Resources manager Noel Dick conducted an internal investigation into the alleged bullying at the factory. The investigation, which included interviews with other Montupet employees, yielded little evidence of bullying, other than a prank that Mr Mallon and other staff were subjected to.
It’s understood a large metal bin would be dropped from a forklift truck near to where a person was standing to startle them.
Mr Dick spoke to seven employees about the alleged bullying.
He told the court that he spoke both to friends of Mr Mallon and also workers who were known not to get on with Damien.
Five confirmed that bin-banging went on, but he did not find sufficient evidence to proceed with disciplinary measures.
But he said that after Mr Mallon’s death an effort was made to implement the firm’s Dignity At Work scheme more rigorously.
Mr Dick said that in an average year as many as seven disciplinary investigations would be conducted by the company. He recalled that at least one of these led to an employee being sacked.
He said: “People quite often play pranks on each other. People are people and it’s very hard to enforce where the line is.”
But in court Mrs Mallon said she believed that the investigation did not go far enough.
She said: “I don’t think the investigation into the bullying was done properly.”
The court heard how Mr Mallon had been to see his GP Dr Peter McGowan numerous times in the years prior to his death, to help battle his depression and anxiety.
Dr McGowan said that as far back as January 2007 Mr Mallon was suffering from stress and low mood.
He added that work concerns were never voiced to him, but he did tell the inquest that he felt Mr Mallon was not divulging every aspect of his life that was causing him trouble.
The doctor said when he saw Mr Mallon in March 2011 he had no inkling of self-harm. It was Mr Mallon’s second stint working at the French-owned firm which manufactures components for the auto industry.
Coroner Jim Kitson ruled that Mr Mallon took his own life with the intention of doing so.
He added that the events which occurred at Mr Mallon’s workplace were regrettable, and did not help his recovery from depression. He concluded that there was a fine line between horseplay and bullying, and employers need to be careful.
On night Damien died he was for leaving his job, says widow
Damien Mallon was a devoted husband and loving father and was described as a quiet man who had been battling depression and anxiety problems for a number of years.
The father of three was on strong anti-depressants when he died, but didn’t always take his medication.
Despite this, Mr Mallon’s widow Karen described her late husband as a “happy-go-lucky man, who worked hard for his family”.
It’s for this reason she believes that alleged bullying at his workplace in some way contributed to her husband’s depression and death.
She said that her husband “had good days and bad days but nothing to indicate suicide.
“On a good day he was fine, he was a good family man, always playing with the kids. But on a bad day he would shut down and was very closed off.”
Mrs Mallon admitted her husband hated his job, but carried on working at the Montupet factory to provide for his wife and three children, two of whom have learning difficulties.
Despite the coroner stopping short of blaming bullying for his death, Mrs Mallon is adamant that her husband was subjected to mistreatment which ranged from name calling to criminal damage.
She claimed her husband’s shoes were taken, sand was put into his lunchbox, his sandwiches were thrown into the bin and his moped was damaged.
Mrs Mallon said that her late husband was not the kind of person who would approach someone who was bullying him.
“Damien was quiet, he didn’t want to confront anyone,” she said.
At his inquest, Mr Mallon’s supervisor, Paul Walker, said that the damage to Mr Mallon’s moped could have been committed by vandals not connected to the Montupet workforce, as vehicles had been damaged in the past at the factory grounds. He added that he was unaware of any bullying that was going on.
However, Mrs Mallon said she believed the sand and grease used to damage the machine came from the shop-floor of the factory.
She told the court her husband was getting more and more irritable and struggled to sleep at night in the weeks leading up to his death. He worked nightshifts at the factory and would often sleep during his breaks. However, Mr Walker said this was not unusual for employees who worked night shifts.
Mr Mallon was prescribed anti-depressants as far back as 2007 after suffering from stress and low mood but took them irregularly because he didn’t want them to make him drowsy at work.
In discussions with his doctor five months before his death, Mr Mallon did not voice any thoughts of self-harming.
Two months prior to his death, Mr Mallon took his family on holiday where he seemed to get back to his normal self, playing in the swimming pool with his children and in much better spirits, according to his wife.
However, while on holiday, Mr Mallon told his brother-in-law that he was dreading going back to work.
“The night he died he was for leaving his job,” she said.
Following Mr Mallon’s death, Montupet conducted an internal investigation into the bullying after his widow contacted the company.
“When I found out he had died, I was obviously shocked, heartbroken and angry,” said Mrs Mallon.
The investigation which was conducted by the company’s human resources manager found that five of the seven employees interviewed by Mr Noel Dick said they knew Mr Mallon was subject to what they described as a form of horseplay.
One of the seven believed that Mr Mallon was an “easy target”, according to the investigation conducted by Montupet.
After the inquest, Mrs Mallon expressed her relief that the inquest into her husband’s death was over. “It’s all in the past now and I just want to get on with my life,” she said.

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Notice of Hearing

If He can be bought, he is not to be trusted
John Dempsterfrom: Ter Kin
to: “HRTO-Registrar (JUS)” ,
bcc: Ter Kin
date: Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 2:18 AM
subject: Notice of Hearing 2012-12852-I


I am in receipt of your “Notice of Hearing”, May 27 & 28, 2014, let me first start by saying, I WILL NOT re send anyone anything, I have sent all relevant documents and evidence clearly identified by Exhibit numbers, also the complete HRTO file # 2012-12852-I can be found “HERE” there you will find every document sent via email from to “HRTO-Registrar (JUS)”. If you require copies of these emails that were send and received at both addresses, I do have a complete file which can be easily arranged as well.

I also want to make you aware that on November 10, 2013 I applied for legal Aid here in Gatineau, but I am told by Mr Morin at Quebec Legal Aid (Centre communautaire juridique de l’Outaouais) that due to the Location of the Legal matters involved (Ontario) which is the jurisdiction where I must apply for Legal Aid, so Mr Morin advised me the file was being transferred to “Legal Aid Ontario“, so what ever other issues you may have, or any questions, concerns please contact Mr Mario G Morin as follows at;
Me Mario G Morin
Centre communautaire juridique de l’Outaouais
Bureau civil, famille, jeunesse
210-768 boulevard St-Joseph
Gatineau (Québec) J8Y 4B8
Téléphone: (819) 772-3011
Télécopieur: (819) 772-3764

Best regards

Melvin T Kinden
14-36 rue Tasse
Gatineau, QC

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Bill 168, Occupational Health and Safety Amendment.

new-headerTo End The Week On a Positive note, have a great one…lotsa Luvmasthead-A_en
Fonseca, Hon Peter Minister of Labour
stock-photo-stop-intimidation-sign-127734746Bill 168 (Violence and Harassment in the Workplace) 2009 Ontario
Current Status: Royal Assent received Chapter Number: R.S.O. 2009 C.23
An Act to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace and other matters Ontario
Note: This Act amends the Occupational Health and Safety Act. For the legislative history of the Act, see the Table of Consolidated Public Statutes – Detailed Legislative History on e-laws. Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:
1. Subsection 1 (1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act is amended by adding the following definitions: “workplace harassment” means engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker in a workplace that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome; (“harcèlement au travail”)
“workplace violence” means:stop_workplace_bullying_mousepad
(a) the exercise of physical force by a person against a worker, in a workplace, that causes or could cause physical injury to the worker,
(b) an attempt to exercise physical force against a worker, in a workplace, that could cause physical injury to the worker,
(c) a statement or behaviour that it is reasonable for a worker to interpret as a threat to exercise physical force against the worker, in a workplace, that could cause physical injury to the worker. (“violence au travail”)
2. Section 25 of the Act is amended by adding the following subsection:
stick_figure_group_bullying_400_wht_9796(3.1) Any explanatory material referred to under clause (2) (i) may be published as part of the poster required under section 2 of the Employment Standards Act, 2000.
3. The Act is amended by adding the following Part:
Policies, violence and harassment

32.0.1 (1) An employer shall,
(a) prepare a policy with respect to workplace violence;
(b) prepare a policy with respect to workplace harassment; and
(c) review the policies as often as is necessary, but at least annually.
I’m not going to post the complete list of amendments involved in Bill 168, you get the idea, this is one piece of legislation, Statutes I will be relying on for “Kinden v Richcraft” and a number of others, all of which occurred in Ontario. I think it’s what’s needed right across the board, you can read the complete legislative Act Here, employers can get more information at “Reg Quest newsletter VOLUME 3, NO. 9” – SEPTEMBER 2010 entitled Bill 168: Employers’ Liability for Workplace Violence and Harassment Read the official article here from “The Legislative Assembly of Ontario”.

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Sheldon Kennedy Applauds Worksafe BC’s new Anti-Harassment and Bullying Legislation

20131113-Sheldon_KennedyEverywhere you look today there are signs of society’s increasing intolerance for bullying, harassment and all forms of maltreatment in sports, schools and the workplace. Hot on the heels of the NFL suspension, and the Penn State settlement, Worksafe BC is enforcing its new anti bullying and harassment legislation. (
“I applaud the actions of Worksafe BC for taking a leadership role in addressing workplace bullying and harassment through getting employers to proactively step up to address these issues. The new legislation requires that all employers train every employee on how to recognize and eliminate bullying and to implement policies and procedures to keep their workplaces respectful” says Sheldon Kennedy, former NHL player, anti bullying and harassment advocate and Co-founder of Respect Group Inc.
In today’s world where the average worker spends more than 50% of their waking hours at work, thinking about work or commuting to work, ensuring that they are respected and engaged at work becomes critically important for productivity and employee wellness ” says Debby Carreau CEO and Founder of Inspired HR. (
On November 1st, 2013 Worksafe BC began enforcing new anti-harassment and bullying legislation targeted at requiring all employers to be proactive in addressing workplace incivility.
Respect Group, who has already trained over 300,000 Canadians on Respect, has stepped up their commitment in BC to help train thousands more Canadians on-line to create respectful environments and to comply with legislation around these issues. “Carreau continues. (
“Society has changed; employees, athletes and students are no longer willing to accept poor behavior from bosses, coaches or teachers” says Kennedy. “Today they expect to be treated with respect, to feel safe and to know organizations are doing their part to avoid environments where unacceptable behaviour can thrive.”
“Organizations like Respect Group Inc. will be critical in helping organizations navigate the waters of the new legislation through training, consulting and making it easier for employers to comply”, says Carreau.
About Respect group Inc. Respect Group was founded by Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil, to pursue their common passion; the prevention of abuse, bullying and harassment. Respect Group created a best-in-class e-learning platform, designed for mass consumption. Expert content and a professional on-line certification model round out Respect Group’s fully outsourced risk management/behavior change solutions for sport, schools and the workplace.
About Inspired HR Ltd- Inspired HR helps workplaces leverage their most important asset: people. They do this creating through creating productive, respectful and engaged workplaces.

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Thank You

946841_470100169745544_2074815284_n It has recently come to my attention that a select few Blogs that I follow, I am no longer able to “Like” or “Comment” on your Blogs. wordpressI appeared at one Blog to say Thank you for the referral and kind words, but I am no longer able, so this will be my Thank You. I understand completely, I just wish we could all speak our minds and share our true thoughts, but that’s like asking for a miracle really :-). Yes I am an adult and I always respect the wishes of others, if you would politely say wordpress2“I don’t mind you visiting my blog but I rather you not use the comment or like features please”, I’m cool with that, I’ve been singled out, ignored and or disrespected by select individuals all my life, so it’s been a normal part of my life that now has it’s own “Self-Adjusting Mechanism”, so no worries, I’m not troubled about it 🙂 wordpress (1)Believe it or not right now the majority of my closest friends are hetro-sexual (STR8) ya that’s correct, as there’s always one or two bad apples that poison the rest and or create problems where there should be none. Now that I am enrolled in “The Web Essentials” program, I no longer have the time that I once did to visit your blogs and read your posts, most of my free time will now be allocated for my studies.

1337 likes on "Bullying Prevention" June 13, 2013
1337 likes on “Bullying Prevention”
June 13, 2013
followed-blog-200-1xOne last thing I want to also clarify the purpose of Bullying Prevention here and it’s not to get Likes or comments, even though they are greatly appreciated, nor am I here to make friends, but I certainly have made a few good friends, with no regrets, and last I am not in search of a partner, there’s a place and time for that and it’s not B.P. they are dating or singles websites. B.P’s blog here on WordPress, it’s one and single purpose is to supply as much relevant information on topic together in one place, and spread “AWARENESS” of the Silent Killer “BULLYING” for the 150+ visitors and site traffic that passes through Bullying Prevention every day. So a great big Thank you to one and all for your support, kind words and just for being there…sending Lotsa Luv to one and all….have an awesome weekend 🙂
banner3931re2poppyNov 11, 2013 is approaching quickly, so I want to take a moment to remind everyone to show RESPECT & DIGNITY for those who gave their lives so the rest of us (well most of us) can enjoy a free and safe existence, my Dad was one of those men, he served on the Naval Ships During “World War 2” as believe it or not “A Cook” in my eyes he was and will always be the greatest man that ever “LIVED”

Celebrate Human Rights

universal-declaration-of-human-rights1As we all know there are 30 human rights that we as Homo Sapiens each have, I am posting these rights in visual format, learn them, remember them because they are your rights so Celebrate your Human Rights! Here you will find Human Rights #1, #2, #7, #9, #26, #28, and #30 No one can take away your Human Rights. keep watching for the rest in a later post, You are strongly advised to make your HUMAN RIGHTS your business, believe it or not most people don’t even know they have them, I didn’t….cheers lotsa Luv
This video is part of the UN Human Rights Office social media campaign – a celebration of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948. Join us in celebrating Human Rights:

Human Right #1: We are all born free and equal.

Human Right #2: Everyone has the same rights, no matter their differences.

Human Right #28: Everyone has the right to a fair and free world in which there is enough order to enjoy their rights and freedoms.

Human Right #7: Everyone is equal before the law.

Human Right #26: Everyone has the right to an education.

Human Right #9: Everyone has the right to not be unjustly imprisoned or banned from their country.

People should not be afraid of their Governments, Rather Governments should be afraid of the people
1459939_1394937034077718_1091086413_nTo broadly raise awareness of the 30 inalienable rights as proclaimed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Church of Scientology sponsored the production of a corresponding series of Public Service Announcements illuminating these rights. Each is intended to provide young people with an appreciation of a fundamental tenet within every free society, so that the generation of tomorrow need not repeat the errors of its predecessors.

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7 Ways To Protect Yourself If Your Boss Is a Bully

Steps you can take to stop being a victim of workplace bullying
1823869_370Last week, I answered a question from a “used and abused” reader who was facing a workplace bully. I talked about five ways that your workplace bully might be breaking the law. Today, I’ll tell you some things you can do, starting today, to protect yourself if your boss is a bully.
Here are seven things you can do, starting today, to protect yourself if your boss is a bully:
1. CYA: If your boss tells you to do things, then denies it later, document everything. If she tells you, for instance, to do something you know violates company policy, send her an email along these lines: “This will confirm your instruction that you want me to do XYZ even though this would normally be contrary to Policy No. 123. Unless you advise me that this is incorrect by (insert a time), I will follow your instruction forthwith.”
2. Don’t be insubordinate: If the bully tries to bait you, don’t react. Be calm. He’s trying to get uyou to do something stupid so he can say you were insubordinate. As much as you want to grab him by the collar, don’t do it. If he orders you to do something, even if it’s demeaning, do it (unless it’s unsafe or illegal). Then document it. Use it as evidence if you figure out that he’s engaging in discrimination or something else illegal.
3. Keep track of the bullying targets: While bullying at work isn’t illegal in any state, workplace bullies are just like the old playground bullies. Who do bullies target? The weak and the different. If your coworkers and you (or just you) are being targeted because of race, age, sex, religion, national origin, pregnancy, disability, taking Family and Medical Leave, making a worker’s compensation claim or some other protected category, then the bully is breaking the law.
4. Safety in numbers: Let’s say the bully isn’t doing anything illegal, like discrimination. If jby0295lhe’s picking on coworkers too (and you aren’t a supervisor yourself) then you are allowed to discuss working conditions with coworkers. The National Labor Relations Act protects most non-government employees against retaliation for these discussions with coworkers. You’re also protected against retaliation if a group of coworkers gets together to complain about working conditions. If you complain on your own behalf as well as at least one other coworker, you are probably protected against retaliation even if you aren’t protected when you complain for yourself alone. So get together and write a complaint to HR signed by the bully’s targets. It will possibly go in his personnel file and might even get the company to take some action.
5. Complain so you’re protected: If you’re alone, and you still want to complain, make sure you complain about something the bully is doing that’s illegal. For example, if you’ve figured out that she’s targeting older employees, then call it a “Formal Complaint of Age Discrimination.” Put it in writing and lay out all the evidence you have of ways younger employees are favored over older employees, ways older employees are targeted for discipline that younger employees don’t get, age-related comments, promotions going to younger employees, anything you have that makes your point. Don’t focus on “unfair treatment” or bullying. Focus on what’s illegal. That way you’ll be legally protected against retaliation.
6. Don’t quit without having a job: If the bully is intolerable, then leave, but do it when you jfa0007lhave something lined up. Don’t let a bully force you out of a job you need to support your family and you. Because discrimination against the unemployed is still legal in most states, it’s easier to get a job if you have a job.
7. Start looking: It may seem obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people come to me after they were fired, and they’d been tortured for years. I ask why they didn’t get the heck out of there and they look at me funny. Sometimes, if a boss is abusive, the bully can convince you nobody would hire you, and that you’re worthless. They’re wrong. Don’t wait until you’re fired. Leave on your own terms, not the bully’s.
With a little preparation, you can survive a bully and even come out on top of a workplace bullying situation.

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Second of Five Freedoms for Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week

#2: Freedom to enjoy Dignity at Work
FreedomWeek-13-2In the American workplace, all rights are owned by employers as a matter of both law and tradition. The rare exceptions are when bargaining agreements proscribe how each side must act. The foundation for treating others with dignity (often called their “due dignity”) is respect. Respectful, non-abusive, treatment acknowledges the quality of the other person being worthy and honorable. The origins of the word Dignity derive from the Old French dignete, and from Latin dignitas, from dignus “worthy.” According to Wikipedia, philosopher Immanuel Kant related human dignity to “free will,” the ability of humans to choose their own actions. Being human alone is considered by Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism to imbue that person with dignity in that he or she was created in the image of God. Islam and Buddhism speak of dignity as intertwined with seeking self perfection. From the Enlightenment era (also the time of the birth of the USA) comes the notion that personal worth, a proper sense of pride and self-respect are inherent and inalienable human rights. The inherent property directly contradicts some modern notions that dignity must be “earned.”
Inherent dignity at work should not be infringed by employers. but it is routinely done. They should have no right to invade employees’ privacy, their sense of personal integrity or well-being. Canadian and EU laws prohibiting bullying and mobbing often refer to the sanctity of one’s psychological integrity or self-worth or self-esteem.
These declarations would be an unimaginable inclusion in our anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in the U.S. We Americans choose to delude ourselves about our “toughness” while denying the reality of the science of stress-related diseases. Bullying assaults generate distress, which, in turn, causes health-harming stress-related diseases. There is no such thing as a biology unique to American bodies. All humans, as a species, share the human stress response. Perpetrators who act with contempt toward the targeted individuals they bully refuse to acknowledge the humanity of their prey. This level of disrespect tramples targets’ sense of self-worth. Common to all forms of abuse is this outside interference with victims’ sense of worth. Abuse victims are made to feel worthless. Bullied targets feel worthless and incompetent over time, too. Their dignity is shattered. Unfettered Dignity at Work should be routine, not the exception. Workers should not have to be grateful when an inherent right is granted. It makes beggars of us all. So, during Freedom Week especially, stand proud and insist on your right to Dignity.
Pass on the empowerment. Finally, please never stand idly by when you witness another person’s Dignity being crushed. (via Workplace Bullying Institute)

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First of Five Freedoms for Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week

#1: Freedom to Affiliate with Friends at WorkFreedomWeek-13-2
One of the most bothersome bullying tactics is to demand that coworkers isolate their friend. The arbitrary command by the malicious meddler cuts deep into the human psyche. The converse of isolation is affiliation, bonding, sharing, friendship. Social support is the greatest stress-buster.
It’s “icing out,” the silent treatment, false rejection, ostracism. Listen to our archived webinar on the topic.
Ostracism compounds the stress for an already stressed bullied target.
Turns out the need to belong, to be included in a group, if not a work group, then to be a part of the human race, is fundamental to our being. Perhaps the technology of social media gives the illusion of inclusion just as “friends” on Facebook convince some they are not alone. But no technology replaces the connection between humans. We need real face-to-face conversations, eye contact, audiences for our live “performances,” even if the audience is one.
Everyone Deserves a Safe, Healthy Workplace
Bullying is a systematic campaign of interpersonal destruction that jeopardizes your health, your career, the job you once loved. Bullying is a non-physical, non-homicidal form of violence. Because it is abusive it causes both emotional and stress-related physical harm.
Freedom from Bullies Week is a chance to break through the shame and silence surrounding bullying. It is a week to be daring and bold.
The power of workplace bullying is its ability to stay hidden in plain view. Make every workplace safe and take a stand against workplace bullying!

The research on the devastating effects of ostracism and social exclusion is clear. Ostracism causes:
– a disconnection from friends who could have provided social support to reduce the harmful effects of distress (their fear to ignore the isolation command ensures the painful separation)
– with long-term exposure an acceptance of the alienation which leads to a lowered sense of self-worth, thus ostracism itself leads to self-isolation
– depression
– an impaired cognitive ability. When one’s belongingness need is thwarted, attention to social cues typically grows keener. However, social exclusion blunts that ability. Social relationships are disrupted.
– elevated blood pressure in ways similar to other forms of threatening behavior
– higher cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Prolonged elevated cortisol alters blood sugar, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, body fat storage, and an overactive stress arousal system.
– neural activation of the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex that is involved with physical pain and self-reported distress. No other human being should have the right to create so much harm for another person simply because it is the workplace and employers responsible for the harm choose to ignore it.
Social affiliation is the cure for emotional distress. Isolation is a greater risk factor for mortality than many lifestyle factors, including smoking and obesity. Perpetrators, seeking ways to entertain themselves at work for sport, must be prevented from believing they have the right to disrupt the fundamental human needs of others.
via “Workplace Bullying Institute”

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Father Fights Back Against Bullying After Son’s Suicide

Brad Lewis makes a video plea to end bullying after his son, Jordan, killed himself after ‘being picked on at school.’ The comments only make his case stronger.

Brad Lewis and his son, Jordan, in an undated photo. After Jordan's suicide
Brad Lewis and his son, Jordan, in an undated photo. After Jordan’s suicide
An Illinois dad got the call on Thursday that no parent ever wants to receive. Brad Lewis’ ex-wife was on the phone: Their 15-year-old son had shot himself in the chest. In the note Jordan Lewis left behind, he laid blame on bullying. Although stricken with grief, Lewis, 47, found resolve. He took to Facebook that night and posted a series of videos explaining his son’s death and the events leading up to it: the alleged bullying, the concern of his son’s best friend, the wellness visit by police the night before the suicide, and the 911 call his son made shortly before pulling the trigger. His mission isn’t vengeance, he said, but justice — for his son and for victims of bullying from across the country.
article-2417074-1BBF157E000005DC-939_306x423“This bullying has to stop. People have to stop treating other people the way they do,” Lewis said into a webcam from his Collinsville, Ill., home. “Because some people just don’t have the strength to overcome the humiliation, the continuation of being picked on constantly every day to the point that they have no out.” Jordan’s death comes as the nation is following several high-profile cases in which children committed suicide after persistent bullying by peers. In September, 12-year-old “Rebecca Ann Sedwick” jumped from a silo at an abandoned cement plant in Lakeland, Fla., after police say she endured repeated taunts by peers in school and on social media. Jordan, a sophomore at Carterville High School, cheered for the Chicago Bears and played video games. He had always played football — and he played for the Carterville Lions during his freshman year. But he quit after the first day of practice this year, his father said. Lewis, who lives about a two-hour drive northwest of Cambria, Ill., where his son and ex-wife lived, talked to Jordan about why he left the team. “You wouldn’t understand, Dad,” Jordan said. sp day 2“I’m being picked on at school.” At the time, Lewis told his son how he himself had once been the target of bullies for having glasses and red hair. He then told his son to report bullies to the principal or his teachers. In 2008, Yale University researchers compiled studies into the effects of bullying and found that children who were subjected to bullying were between two and nine times more likely to commit suicide. Jordan, according to his father, was pushed into lockers and hit at least once in the head by a football teammate. Lewis said that on Wednesday — the day before his son’s death — his son watched an anti-bullying video at school. “At the end of the video, the kid that was being bullied went home and killed himself,” Lewis said, adding that police are investigating how Jordan, who lived with his mother, got ahold of a gun. Jordan had, however, texted a friend that he was considering hurting himself. prevention-awareness-month_imageThe friend, alarmed, told her grandmother — who tried contacting Jordan’s parents but eventually called police, who made a wellness visit Wednesday night, Lewis said. The next morning, after his mother left for work, Jordan called 911 and pointed the gun at his heart. Lewis worries that his son felt hopeless and lost, and that the video at school may have swayed him to send a message. Thursday was “Spirit Day” — a national effort to raise awareness about bullying — and October is National Bullying Prevention Month. “My son knows me well enough, that if he couldn’t get anything accomplished, I could take on what he wanted stopped,” Lewis said. In the wake of Jordan’s death, school administrators have told Lewis that they didn’t receive any reports about poor treatment directed at Jordan. Calls to Carterville High School and the Carterville School District were not immediately returned. His son’s death was the impetus, but Lewis said he has become frustrated by the steady reports of teens ending their lives because of mounting torment by bullies.By Matt Hamilton-October 19, 2013

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Boy, 9, Found Hanged ‘was Bullied for Being White’

BOY, 9, DIES AFTER BEING FOUND HANGING AT HOMEA boy of nine who was found hanged is believed to have killed himself after he was ‘bullied for being white’ by an Asian gang at school. Aaron Dugmore – thought to be one of the youngest children in the UK to commit suicide – was discovered in his bedroom after being tormented for months, his parents said. They said Aaron was threatened with a plastic knife by one Asian pupil, who warned him: ‘Next time it will be a real one.’ He was also allegedly told by another pupil that ‘all the white people should be dead’ and he was forced to hide from the bullies in the playground at lunchtime. Aaron’s mother, Kelly-Marie Dugmore, 30, and stepfather Paul Jones, 43, said that despite complaints to the school, nothing was done to stop the bullying. article-2279142-179896F1000005DC-606_306x423Aaron had recently started in Year Five at Erdington Hall Primary School in Birmingham, a school where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic minority backgrounds. According to staff at the school he had already ‘settled in quickly’ with his classmates after he joined the school last September when his family moved nearby. The school, which caters for 450 pupils aged three to 11, received an ‘inadequate’ rating by Ofsted inspectors last year. Aaron was discovered by Miss Dugmore hanged in his bedroom at the family home in the Erdington district of Birmingham at about 6pm on February 11, 2013. He was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where doctors desperately attempted to revive him but he died the following day from a suspected cardiac arrest. His mother said she was convinced the taunts led to her son killing himself. ‘Aaron got on with all the children at his last school, and for him to have been bullied because of the colour of his skin makes me feel sick to my stomach,’ she said. article-2279142-17994FAD000005DC-393_634x485 Mr Jones said that from Aaron’s first day of joining the school he had noticed a change in him. ‘He became argumentative with his brothers and sisters, which wasn’t like him at all,’ he added. ‘Eventually he told us that he was being bullied by a group of Asian children at school and had to hide from them in the playground at lunchtime.’ His mother claimed she went to see the head teacher of the school several times only to be told: ‘You didn’t have to come to this school, you chose to come here. (Seems it’s not even safe to be just a white kid! T.K)

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Another Teacher Suicide With Workplace Bullying Causal Factors

13230061208931323005644589Several factors typically merge that exacerbate the misery that convinces individuals who choose to die by suicide to act. Research has found that in workplaces where bullying operates simultaneously with several other negative conditions, it is the bullying that has the greatest deleterious effect on people — bullied targets and witnesses. Given that many people’s identities are centered around work and what one does for compensation, work can dominate home life factors.
Finally, to connect the dots, misery from work travels home readily. Bullying at work inevitably strains domestic relationships. Thus, for targets exposed to unremitting stress at work from bullying, a very personalized form of abuse, eventually it feels like the world is closing in on them. Taking one’s life suddenly becomes an option when no alternatives are visible.
31284984-657d-48c1-9ccc-eddce1be3d58Such a case was reported in the Bassett Unified School District in southern California. Jennifer Lenihan was a Bassett High art teacher, known by students for personally buying class supplies, creativity and loving the art museum. According to press reports quoting her stepfather, Lenihan was driven to suicide by the school principal, Robert Reyes and assistant principal Jimmy Lima. There were reports of the two administrators shaming Lenihan in front of teachers and students. And she was assigned a class with which she was unfamiliar (a classic tactic used to destabilize good veteran teachers) and told to teach the class or lose another class she wanted to teach. She took stress leave, receiving half her salary for a short time. Her claims for disability insurance and workers’ compensation were both denied. She took out a personal loan to live. The district gave her two options: resign or apply for a waiting list for rehire. images (2)She was at the end of her rope. Her mother had given her rent money. The next day, July 1, she took her life. Teachers union officers said the treatment Lenihan received is common at the district. Further, Reyes and Lima have a record of bullying teachers. The new district superintendent said there was no “written form” record of complaints from Lenihan. He said the district has no “morale” problem.
Via Workplace Bullying Institute Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

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