Workplace Isolation Is Silent Form of Bullying

Isolation at work can be a silent form of bullying. Credit: Man standing alone image via Shutterstock
Isolation at work can be a silent form of bullying.
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You’re better off getting picked on in the office than not getting any attention at all, new research suggests.

Being ignored at work is worse for an employee’s physical and mental well-being than harassment or bullying, according to a study set to be published in the journal Organization Science.Researchers found that while most people consider ostracism less harmful than bullying, feelings of exclusion are significantly more likely to lead to job dissatisfaction, quitting and health problems.

“We’ve been taught that ignoring someone is socially preferable — if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” said Sandra Robinson, one of the study’s authors and a professor in the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. “But ostracism actually leads people to feel more helpless, like they’re not worthy of any attention at all.”

Researchers based their conclusions on a series of surveys. The first one determined that people consistently rate workplace ostracism as more socially appropriate, less psychologically harmful and less likely to be prohibited than workplace harassment.

Additional surveys showed that employees who claimed to have experienced ostracism were significantly more likely to report health problems, a degraded sense of workplace belonging and commitment, and a stronger intention to quit their jobs.

The researchers also examined a previous employment survey that included feedback on feelings of workplace isolation and harassment and compared it to turnover rates three years after the survey was conducted. They found that people who reported feeling ostracized were significantly more likely to quit.

“There is a tremendous effort underway to counter bullying in workplaces and schools, which is definitely important. But abuse is not always obvious,” Robinson said. “There are many people who feel quietly victimized in their daily lives, and most of our current strategies for dealing with workplace injustice don’t give them a voice.”

The study was co-authored by University of Ottawa professor Jane O’Reilly, University of Toronto professor Jennifer Berdahl and Sharif University of Technology professor Sara Banki.

Originally published on Business News Daily
by Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Senior Writer | June 02, 2014 08:29am ET



The Pressure’s On Harper to End Online Spying — Let’s Keep it Up

n-ONLINE-SPYING-CANADA-large570It looks like the rumble against the government’s Online Spying Bill C-13 is turning into a roar.

Leading Conservative elder statesman Stockwell Day has joined the growing chorus of Canadians speaking out about how Bill C-13 would expose law-abiding Canadians to warrantless government spying. If passed, the controversial bill would grant immunity to telecom companies who hand our private information to the government without a warrant.

In hard-hitting remarks on CBC’s Power and Politics, Stockwell Day expressed sympathy with the views of Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, who recently called for Bill C-13 to be split to remove its online spying proposals:

“There can be an overreaction in terms of how you correct it. So [Cavoukian is] raising a bit of an alarm here. Let’s be very careful in how we could protect someone in a situation like this, but let’s also be careful in going too far and limiting even things like free speech, [or using] invasive techniques that could be employed by policing.”

“I’m hoping they take another look at this and kind of curtail some of those powers,” Day added.

These remarks by such a prominent senior Conservative (Day is the former leader of the Canadian Alliance, the forerunner to today’s Conservative party) are sure to add to the growing pressure on Defence Minister Peter MacKay to split C-13.

Day’s comments come hot on the heels of passionate Parliamentary testimony by Carol Todd, the mother of cyberbullying victim Amanda Todd. Carol bravely told key MPs to stop using bullied children as an excuse to drive forward measures that undermine everybody’s privacy:

The message from all this is clear — the long-simmering rumble of discontent about reckless and out-of-control government spying is turning into an upsurge, as more and more Canadians speak out. Stockwell Day’s intervention yesterday is particularly significant. A key turning point in the successful battle against the government’s previous spying bill (C-30) was when conservatives started to speak out.

After all, there’s no doubt that Stockwell Day is speaking on behalf of countless grassroots conservative supporters across the country. A recent poll revealed that millions of Conservative voters are opposed to mass surveillance. We hope that pressure from Canadians will encourage Conservative MPs to start speaking out about the hugely unpopular blanket spying measures in Bill C-13. They should put both public and private pressure on Defence Minister MacKay to split the bill and remove the online spying provisions. continue reading »» Posted: 05/24/2014 11:37 pm by David Christopher Communications Manager for

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The Doctor’s Office

6435-ErinMillspkwyNow lets explore the medical profession and their criminal interference, or were they directed by an much larger entity to commit these violations! For those of you who have been following my story are aware of my issue of teeth grinding while sleeping which without a doubt has been a long time standing medical issue for me with numerous trips per month for medical treatment due to headaches, toothaches and earaches, not to mention prostate issues.
While employed at SunGard I did have a family physician Dr. So located five minutes from work at THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE Medical Clinic, 6435 Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario.
On May 29, 2008 I had to pay an emergency visit to the Doctor’s Office Medical Clinic due to extreme pain of another tooth infection. At the time my Family Doctor, Dr. So was not available or in the office so I seen the Doctor currently on call, Dr. Saleem Hala. Due to the fact I was in extreme pain, I saw the Doctor without waiting. During the examination the doctor had me open my mouth as wide as possible as she used a tongue depressor to locate the tooth in question, once she located the tooth and I confirmed, with a sudden jab at the tooth caused me to spring from the table I was sitting on, now in even worst pain, while still holding the left side of my face yelling at her and immediately exiting the room and left the office as fast as possible.
On June 2, 2008 I sent a letter stating my disgrace with what I experienced on my last and final visit I would ever make to the Doctor’s Office, requesting all personal information with in my file returned to me immediately. I also filed a complaint with the Ontario Medical Association.
Now not having a family Doctor and not long after the incident at The Doctor’s Office I received a flyer in the mail for a new Walk-in Medical Clinic located not far from home on Lakeshore Blvd and Hurontario Street area. This clinic had weekend hours so as not to miss any more time from work the following Saturday I proceeded to check it out. Upon arriving and entering the front door I was greeted by an empty waiting room, an Asian individual in a white long coat whom appeared to be a Doctor and a white Caucasian lady sitting behind the counter, I was taken in immediately for an examination.
As I was there to inquire about the issue of teeth grinding and a remedy to help stop or decrease the frequency of the grinding. The doctor insisted on learning a little more about my medical history before beginning any treatment. After I briefly explained my current medical history which included the issues I was having regarding prostate infections. Knowing this he suggested he start with a prostate exam. I am sure as men we are aware of how a prostate exam is preformed, and many of us refuse this examination due to shame and the process which it is preformed, entry through the anus, which to start with is very personal and uncomfortable, but I agreed and followed his instructing, which I will omit for now. The process involves inserting a finger in the anus to check for swelling of the prostate gland. Once I was laid on my left side with my knees to my chest and my back turned to him he inserted a blunt object into the anus which caused extreme pain causing me to fall from the other side of the table to the floor. At this point as I pick myself off the floor now in servere pain, barely able to stand. Once I was on my feet, now getting back in my clothing as fast as possible, he says while sitting on a step stool, suggesting I stand in front of him. I said nothing and made my way out of the office to the front exit, the lobby now empty, I hear him saying and I quote “You have been just fucked up the ass by the Canadian Government”
I experienced bleeding for a few days and feared going to the washroom but the pain did not subside until a few weeks had passed.
The next day on Sunday, now full of anger and upset I contacted friends and told them about what happened, they we’re in disbelief and offered to pay the office a visit with me. I agreed so two days later on Monday we drove to the Walk-in clinic and I was shocked to find the unit had paper covering the inside of the windows and a for rent sign in the door, the appearance of a long time vacant unit.

This is also why I was assaulted by employees of Richcraft whom I believe was under orders to commit the assault.

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Northern Gateway Pipeline: Urge Canada to listen to First Nations

First Nations
Dear Melvin,

THANK YOU for signing Amnesty International’s petition on the CARE2 Petition Site for environmental activist Laisa Santos Sampaio.

Will you take action on a human rights concern a little closer to home?

A Canadian company, Enbridge, is proposing to build a pipeline that could have significant implications on the rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

The majority of First Nations whose lands and waters might be affected by the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline have called on the federal government to reject the project.

Amnesty International has heard from First Nations along the pipeline route in northern BC about the continued vital

First Nations are concerned about Northern Gateway  The proposed pipeline is intended to transport a daily average of more than a half-million barrels of bitumen and oil from the Alberta oil sands to a new facility in Kitimat, B.C. where it would be loaded onto tankers for export. Approval of the project would lead to : • pipeline construction across roughly 1000 rivers and streams in the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples in Alberta and British Columbia; • the transport of bitumen, oil and industrial chemicals across these territories and through coastal waters vital to other Indigenous nations; and • an expected increase in demand for oil sands extraction on Indigenous peoples’ lands in Alberta
First Nations are concerned about Northern Gateway
The proposed pipeline is intended to transport a daily average of more than a half-million barrels of bitumen and oil from the Alberta oil sands to a new facility in Kitimat, B.C. where it would be loaded onto tankers for export.
Approval of the project would lead to :
• pipeline construction across roughly 1000 rivers and streams in the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples in Alberta and British Columbia;
• the transport of bitumen, oil and industrial chemicals across these territories and through coastal waters vital to other Indigenous nations; and
• an expected increase in demand for oil sands extraction on Indigenous peoples’ lands in Alberta
importance of salmon and other wildlife to their cultures and livelihoods. We have also heard about the lasting harm that is still being experienced as the result of a long history of government decisions imposed on their communities – and the deep rift of mistrust that this has created.

Despite a lengthy public review of the Northern Gateway proposal, fundamental issues of Indigenous peoples’ ownership of the land, and their right to make their own decisions about its use, have never been properly addressed.

What the federal government does next will be a crucial test of its willingness to uphold human rights standards vital to Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world.

Amnesty International believes the government must listen to First Nations.

<< Please write to Greg Rickford, Minister of Natural Resources, urging his government to live up to its human rights obligations by guaranteeing that the project will not proceed against the wishes of affected First Nations.

Thank you for taking action. What Canada does at home matters for human rights in Canada and abroad.

unnamed (4)

Alex Neve
Secretary General,
Amnesty International Canada

P.S. Thank you for speaking out for Laisa Santos Sampaio. You can find her case and others like hers on Amnesty's Individuals at Risk webpage. People with the courage to stand up for their rights need to have the backing of Amnesty International supporters like you.

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I don’t claim to be politically correct but for what it’s worth my personal option on the future of Canada and whom ever leads this country towards foreign & economic stability c150-logo-red-nouvnew_1469624863855_engall depends on who is at the master control, leading the country to where ever that maybe. Back in my day, when I was a boy I remember my dad and his loyalty to the liberal candidate at that time was none other than Pierre Elliott Trudeau, he was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada from April 20, 1968 to June 4, 1979, and again from March 3, 1980 to June 30, 1984, today we see his son Justin all gun whole to take the bull by the horns and push Canada forward. I hear a lot of negativity in that regards, everyone thinks he’s to young for such a task, and I am not sure as to why they think that way. Mr Harper only supports family values, making it clear he is not supportive of the LGBT community, and he supports the major corporations over the people’s, he is not concerned about the common man or the diverse society’s and people’s of this country, but the one and only thing we can say of him is he holdscanadian-flag-heart canadian-flag-heart Canada’s economic and foreign affairs close to heart, which is a great thing but unfortunately the people are left behind. In the age of a new generation and a more complex society he just can’t keep up with the “Jones” it’s not about me a 54 year old veteran who’s been there and done that, as is Mr Harper, it’s now time for a younger leader to step up and take control of this country’s business. Not only to be concerned about the deficit, foreign and economic affairs, don’t get me wrong these are important issues and it’s great that he can bring Canada to a new age of political and social change, as I really think that it’s possible right now for any politician to accomplish. The people (A new Generation) a younger generation is rising and they need a leader that will speak and represent them on the current issues in today’s society and that’s not Mr Harper.

The Right Honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Canada's 15th Prime Minister.
The Right Honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Canada’s 15th Prime Minister.

It’s about a country that stands behind it’s citizens, to respect them and listen to what they have to say, all it’s citizens, that’s where I think Mr Justin Trudeau would fit in the picture, a leader who is familiar with today’s issues that are of concern to Canadian’s right now, Mr Harper, is stuck and guided by old ways of thinking, what was good for Canada then may not be what’s best for Canada now and Mr Harper seems to be blind to this fact, issues that are currently of a major concern for the majority of Canadians today. I could mention several issues of grave concern right now, but I won’t, concerns of the now generation that Mr Harper and his conservatives see as purely nonessential. This is exactly the reason Canada needs young blood, like Justin Trudeau as a driving force to move Canada into the future and beyond, he maybe young and lack experience but I believe that if given the chance he is the man that will move Canada forward to a brighter and prosperous future for all Canadians. When the next Federal election rolls around in Oct 2015 lets not forget and reserve your right to vote and elect Justin Trudeau for the next Prime Minister of Canada, a Liberal Government to represent not only economic and foreign affairs but to represent all the diverse society’s and people’s right here, right now of this great country of ours as well, because as a leader you cannot lead only half the people, you must lead all the people.


photo10417 (1)
C.C.R.C urges Canada to ratify new treaty
CANADA, January 15, 2014 – Children whose human rights have been violated will finally be able to bring their cases to the United Nations after a new international treaty enacted on January 14, 2014.

Until this recent UN action and despite its near universal ratification the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was the only international human rights treaty that had no mechanism for victims to seek justice internationally when they could not get redress for violations of their rights nationally.

The new treaty, known as the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure (OP3 CRC) was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2011. The treaty will become active in three months’ time after Costa Rica ratified it on January 14. Albania, Bolivia, Gabon, Germany, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Thailand previously ratified.

A State is not bound by the treaty until it ratifies it. Campaigners are urging governments around the world, including Canada, to ratify the new treaty so more children can access justice at the UN. Ratify OP3 CRC, an international coalition of children’s rights NGOs, says the UN will now be better equipped to address future violations of children’s rights, and more pressure will be put on countries to ensure children’s rights are respected.

Cheryl Milne, Chair of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children says, “This is an important step in ensuring that children’s rights are taken seriously. Canada should show its commitment to the rights of children by ratifying this protocol.”

Cases brought under this new communications procedure will be heard by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, the UN body of 18 independent experts responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. From 14 April 2014, victims of all new or ongoing violations in States who have ratified the treaty can start bringing cases to the Committee if no solution is found nationally. The treaty does not cover past violations.

“This new international treaty enacted by the UN is a major human rights victory and milestone for children across the world, especially those who are routinely affected and threatened by violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and discrimination,” said Rosemary McCarney, President and CEO of Plan Canada. “When Canada and more states move to ratify this protocol, more children around the world will finally have access to the means and channels they deserve to have their rights respected and to call on their governments to take action to protect them.”

About the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC)

The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) is a network of Canadian organizations and individuals who promote respect for the rights of children. Its purpose is to: exchange information; provide public education materials about the Convention on the Rights of the Child; monitor implementation of the Convention in Canada; and engage in dialogue with government officials on child rights issues. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the guiding framework for all activities of the coalition. Visit for more information.

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Vote to Make Bullying Illegal

nEW HEADERGold Star AwardHi there V.I.P Follower’s once again I kindly ask for your surpport….On May 27, 2013 I signed the petition “STOP BULLYING AROUND THE WORLD: MAKE IT AGAINST THE LAW TO BULLY PEOPLE, KIDS, ADULTS” on, It’s important. Will you sign it too? Click Here and sign the petition now and show your surpport…we currently have 56 supporters and just need 43 more, your help is greatly appreciated, also you can access the link at any time you chose, click on “Vote to Make Bullying illegal” at the top of the page. Also at the top of the page is a menus “5 reasons to speak up” there you will find my reason why I think you should sign the petition, contained with in “Will We Speak Up or Be Silent (#5)” Thanx so much…cheers and lotsa luv..Terryempower-me

Eye Catchers is B.P's new Webstore, stop by and like us......
Eye Catchers is B.P’s new Webstore, stop by and like us……

SchoolReach Announces Release Date for CyberBully Hotline® v2.0

Defeat the label
Award-winning bully reporting tool used in K-12 schools increases functionality, improves graphic user interface and introduces keyword flagging technology

gI_88505_CBH2_IssueSummary01SchoolReach, a division of GroupCast, LLC, today announced the release date of June 21, 2013 for the next version of the CyberBully Hotline. The release of Version 2.0 represents the next generation of anonymous tip line technology which offers schools and school districts a safe, secure and anonymous means to report bullying incidents in school environments.
“With v2.0, users will have a more robust and efficient web-based system to receive and manage bully reports – while maintaining the anonymity of the incident reporter,” said Joe Moore, chief technology officer of GroupCast. “We also know that administrators or those responsible for monitoring the hotline want to be able to prioritize incidentround here reports. This is why we built keyword flagging into this next version.”
The CyberBully Hotline also provides schools with promotional awareness materials, professional development resources and access to counseling professionals who can help support administrators when they need guidance.
President Joe Palacios added, “Too often kids won’t report bullying for fear of retaliation and so we’ve taken that extra step beyond confidentiality to ensure whoever is reporting bullying remains anonymous.” The new version is free to current CyberBully Hotline customers who are also being offered free training during the weeks of June 10th and 17th. Here are just a few of the new features:
Keywords and Flags: Version 2.0 introduces keyword flagging to help administrators prioritize and manage messages. For example, if a school administrator receives two hotline messages that say, “I don’t like the way someone looked at me on the bus today” and, “a student has a gun in their locker”, the CyberBully Hotline platform will prioritize and urgently flag the message that includes the keyword “gun.”
Auto-Resolve: A “message resolved” box has been incorporated into the message management area of CyberBully Hotline. This new function helps administrators better manage the many messages and threads that are active or inactive in the system. Using the Auto-Resolve function, administrators can either manually “resolve or close” a thread or the system will do it automatically after 30 days of no activity. Also, if a reporter submits another report, the original message thread is automatically moved from a school administrator’s “resolved” box back into their main active message area.
Collaborative Notes: School administrators who have access to the CyberBully Hotline will be able to pass private notes back and forth within the system, collaborating on situations and actions taken to resolve issues. Also, this private messaging capability enables better tracking and response timing within the communications string for documentation. For more information about the CyberBully Hotline go to, or call 1-800-420-1479.
About CyberBully Hotline
The CyberBully Hotline, named Best New Product by Tech & Learning Magazine in 2012, is an industry-leading bullying and incident reporting software program used by schools nationwide to facilitate anonymous communications which can help keep schools safer. The CyberBully Hotline is a service of SchoolReach, a national leader in K-12 school notification and communications technology solutions.
mia4 (2)

“Thank You” Sincerely

Defeat the label
Snapshot_20130521_1I am in a position that I know I have to say something, and I’m just going to write as I think, but I’m not sure what to say, I guess those of you that has been an inspiration to me these last few months, to step out and friend a stranger, I will never find the words, I know I will be forever grateful and hold a special place in my heart for you, and there are a lot of you, I never met before, and still yet have to. Then there are those who are not so sympathetic and screw their face in disappointment, to you I do know what to say, I have spend most of my life living in fear, never feeling content or enjoyed the life that has passed me by now, that you take for granted, spending mine fighting for my right to a normal existence, to enjoy and celebrate life as every other Canadian Citizen. Then one day I said ForK dis, stopping dead in my tracks, the day I said Enough is Enough, kill me if you must, but I’m not going to take it no more, nor am I going out alone,Snapshot_20130521 if I go your coming with me, and it will be the greatest battle of GOOD Against EVIL you will ever see. Then I also began to pray, and for the next 12 years or more I would endure Hell on earth, determined to fight to the death. I took everything they threw at me and threw some of it back, because to conquer Evil you must lose the fear, as this is the energy that the evil feeds on. In essence I practiced what I now preach, “Stand UP” for what you believe in, what’s right and be strong and determined, never to back down. After all I did not brake a law or commit any crime, that ons falls on the other side. Yes I have received lots of messages in between the lines, you do not intimidate me nor do I fear you. What I did is what every victim of Bullying has done before me, everybody kept saying, tell your story…tell your story, well that’s exactly what I have been doing, telling my story, it’s just my story makes you feel the fear, more of a horror story, the making of a best seller I’m sure. After a life time of fear and anxiety, once I suffered major panic attacks, but have moved forward from those now.Snapshot_20130521_4 I am sure if some idiot, had stopped you every day and beat the crap out of you, and you never said anything, not a word, just put your tail between your leg’s and crawled away like a coward, knowing tomorrow it would happen all over again and again and again, but you kept his secret and suffered in silence. Do you think that after 12 or 15 years you would finally say, OK that’s enough of that, no one would be able to hold their tongue as well, but ya I’m sure you would, we all would.
Snapshot_20130521_2So where I am right now, well I stay close to home, you see when the time comes that I must go to the corner store, it’s a big chore for me because to walk out into the unknown, exiting apartment door causes extreme anxiety, I have to motivate and prepare myself, so please forgive me if I lose my footing at times, due to frustration and anxiety, maybe say things I’m sorry for later, it do happen and I am truly sorry to those of you. I have always suffered in my own way but still stuck my neck out to help the other guy, every time, I never put me first and never will. In closing the battle will continue, and I will be right there “living like a warrior” 🙂 to continue to fight, and stand up for who I am and what I believe in, you see, don’t matter to me what anyone thinks or say, I will not cease until someone listens or I stop breathing…cheers lotsa Love Terry


Australia: Workplace Bullying: A Message for all Employers

Read this very carefully, this is the steps we all need to take, I like the entry that if it cannot be settled between the party’s, then the employer will face other charges, plus from the employee, certainly a government of the people…cheers and again Bravo, Bravo 🙂
Ethics1The Australian Federal Workplace Relations Minister, Bill Shorten, recently announced changes that will allow employees to seek assistance in respect of workplace bullying from the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The proposed new laws seek to cut through the current complex processes available to employees under state health and safety laws and seek early intervention in bullying claims. The new changes will require the FWC to deal with any application urgently. round hereThe Potential Changes, The Commonwealth Government has announced it will hurry through amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) creating a new cause of action in relation to workplace bullying. The amendments are proposed to take effect from 1 July 2013. Definition of Bullying, The changes will adopt the definition of “bullying” set out in the Draft Code of Practice Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying. “Bullying” will be defined as “repeated, unreasonable behavior directed towards a worker or a group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety”. Importantly, the changes will clarify that the definition of bullying does not include reasonable management action, including performance management conducted in an appropriate and reasonable manner.Process to Resolve Complaints, 1c992ca02d06f9055cb0919cf835b9edMr Shorten announced that the new process will permit workers who believe they have been bullied to make a complaint to the FWC, which will be required to list any application within 14 days of the complaint. The changes will also enable the FWC to make orders in relation to the complaint, and/or to refer the complaint to the relevant state health and safety regulator. Early reports suggest that any new FWC processes would be similar to those currently in place for unfair dismissal and adverse action complaints. This would include a compulsory conciliation conference, which is intended to quickly resolve the dispute to the parties’ mutual satisfaction and avoid the need for arbitration or court action. Where conciliation is unsuccessful, the amendments to the Fair Work Act will enable FWC to make civil orders in respect of claims. Current penalties under the Fair Work Act are up to AUD33,000 per breach, however, the Minister has advised that he will consult with business before confirming such penalties will apply. What does this mean for employers? Currently, victims of workplace bullying may seek to have their complaints addressed under many different legislative regimes. Anti-BullyingIf an act of bullying is serious enough to pose a risk to health and safety, employers and employees may be liable under the relevant state health and safety legislation. In addition, in Victoria, legislation created as a result of the Brodie Panlock case enables criminal prosecutions in cases of serious workplace bullying. Both of these actions are initiated by state prosecution authorities rather than the individual employee. The changes foreshadowed by the government suggest that for the first time individual employees (rather than regulators) will be able to bring claims against their employers for workplace bullying. This is a significant change in workplace law and if it proceeds is likely to result in an influx of claims from employees. As yet, no draft legislation has been tabled regarding these significant changes. This is expected in the autumn session of parliament and we will provide a further update once the legislation is tabled. The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

Whistleblower Watchdog Says Office Back on Track

After what I have experienced in a country where freedom and Justice are the rule of thumb, this appointment could have been a position where I could have made the changes for the people. Where the mandate and daily business is handled with integrity and respect, a position that should be reserved for an honest individual that would take honor in ensuring all people are given equal opportunity. An example is in 2007 & again in 2012 I requested assistance, denied both times, from round hereThe Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, only to find out just recently of the Worst case of workplace Bullying to be unearthed right in their very confrontational playing field, they acquire these positions but assume they don’t have to really do anything. Mario Dion, currently the top federal watch dog for whistle blowers seems to be the appropiate individual for the task, exposing the corruption within the walls of leadership, it’s time for change and if I can’t do it within the walls of Parliament, then outside will have to do.
li-ouimet-cpThe interim integrity commissioner says he’s doubled the number of investigations the office takes on and he’ll know by the fall whether he’s going to reopen cases dismissed by his predecessor, who left her post suddenly in the middle of an investigation by the auditor general. In the first annual report of the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner since Christiane Ouimet stepped down, Mario Dion admits he arrived in a year that wasn’t normal. “The sudden retirement of my predecessor in October 2010 followed by the tabling of the Auditor General’s Report in December of that year, were two events that had a profound impact on the members of the team and on the reputation of the young office,” Dion wrote. Ouimet found no cases of wrongdoing in the 228 complaints her office received over the 3½ years she was in the role. A Deloitte followup audit — commissioned by Dion when he took over the job — of the cases Ouimet dismissed, showed 114 problems spread over 70 of the 221 files reviewed. But despite the turmoil, Dion reported the past year was the busiest since the office opened four years ago. Investigations are up 125 per cent, he reports, with 11 cases currently under investigation. The office received 72 disclosures of wrongdoing in 2010-11, up 29 per cent from the previous year, and 25 complaints of reprisal, up 56 per cent. Dion has also filled a number of empty jobs and reports that he expects the office’s inquiries and investigations unit to more than double in staff in 2011-12.Ouimet’s actions inappropriate:1297405013966_ORIGINAL Fraser, In her report last December, former auditor general Sheila Fraser concluded that Ouimet’s “behaviour and actions do not pass the test of public scrutiny and are inappropriate and unacceptable for a public servant — most notably for the agent of Parliament specifically charged with the responsibility of upholding integrity in the public sector and of protecting public servants from reprisal.”
Fraser concluded Ouimet acted inappropriately with staff in her office, retaliated against people she thought filed complaints about her, and didn’t do her job. Ouimet had been hired as commissioner on a seven-year contract, with a salary range of $182,750 to $215,000. She served three of those seven years. Ouimet’s Oct. 14, 2010 departure agreement shows she got a separation allowance of $354,000, equal to 18 months salary, $53,100 in forgone benefits, pension and other claims, and another 28 weeks of salary, worth $127,000, plus her remaining vacation leave, that works out to about $534,100.
How sickening a salary to cut our throats, “This is the one thing that burns my ass more than a four foot high flame” (T.K)

“Interesting Blog” Award and Nominee’s

round hereIt’s certainly an honor to have been nominated for the “Interesting Blog” award, that shows me that I am obtaining my goal of reaching out and spreading the word that Bullying and disrespecting others is no longer acceptable in today’s society. I am also new to blogging (5 mos) and still learning the process, I was nominated for the “Interesting Blog Award” by syannecenteno of, I discovered your Blog just a couple days ago via the WordPress reader, upon reading your blog and discovering your credentials, an anti-Bullying advocate, I especially took interest in your knowledge on Bullying and the amazing ability to speak out and help others, also your speaking wpid-interesting-blog-awardengagements, that included seminars for “The Bully Project” not forgetting your exceptional knowledge and first hand experience in other fields of interest, such as National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders including severe anorexia, suicide attempts and self-mutilation. I was very impressed and enjoyed reading your blog, “BRAVO” very interesting in deed, knowing that I am honored you have chosen Bullying Prevention for the “Interesting Blog Award” a sincere thank you and lotsa luv 🙂 Now as the rules go I have to list five random facts about myself…so here goes – I am a lover of all categories of music, it speaks to me, for me and about me – I am currently writing a book on my life experiences as a victim of years of Bullying & Mobbing – I am currently studying law, and volunteer in the legal field, to support LGBT youth equality – I was born in and proud to be a Newfoundlander – I am a Anti-Bullying Advocate and a firm believer in equal rights and freedom to the entire human family. Now I am suppose to nominate five bloggers for the “Interesting Blog Award” this is a very difficult decision to make, Why? well I see it as putting one before others, saying this one is better than that one, when I firmly believe that we are all equal in every way, shape and form, and selecting from a list that I found to be of equal interest or I would not have continued to read or followed for that matter. So in all fairness and to give my followers an equal opportunity, I will put them all in a hat and draw five names, and the five lucky followers are:

1. Me and My Rainbow Family

2. My Art Studio by Mark Moore
http://theartstudiobymarkmoore.wordpress.com03-2 (2)

3. Commentaries on Life, Culture and Education

4. Michael’s Monday Blog

5. Oh Not Another Compelling Blog

I want to congratulate all five blogger’s because you all have very interesting blogs, and I look forward to reading more and hearing your views and opinions, because we are all entitled to have our say on what ever ale’s us…cheers 🙂 Now there are five questions I must answer, the first question is;
1. What inspired me to start a blog was I needed and wanted to connect to the population, society on the seriousness of Bullying, to help spread the word, also I was determined for many years not to let anyone ever experience the hell of growing up like I did, especially the LGBT community also to bring awareness of the lasting effects and try to reduce if not put an end to the conscienceless death by suicide of our youth.10-3 (2)
2. A cat or Dog person and why, well I don’t have a preference, to be totally honest, I’ve had cats and dogs as friends and loved them all as I do with all animals, I don’t agree, rather I dislike cruelty toward animals because they have as much right as we humans and deserve the same respect and right of passage.
3. I believe the biggest social issue in America, the world for that matter is our failure to respect each other and recognize our differences as people and individuals, if we don’t try harder to live together in harmony, then our problems will exceed and surpass our current struggle of Bullying, discrimination and Harassment of each other.
4. The grossest thing I have ever eaten was when I pored a nice cold glass of milk and began drinking until, well we all know what sower milk smells like, once getting the smell, well lets leave it at that, normally I have taste buds for every thing.
5. What I like most about writing is the ability to express yourself in a way that provides an opportunity to say or express what you would normally not have the chance or the ability to say, the right of expression in a whole new and different light.
In closing the rules state I must give the five nominees my five questions they must answer which are as follows;
1. What is your personal definition of Bullying?
2. Do you see the Bible as (a) a book of love or (b) a book of Judgement and why?
3. Do you agree or disagree with marriage equality and Why?
4. Do you think Bullying legislation is required where you live?
5. Should Bullying ever be justified?

I am hopping I have stayed within the guild lines and rules, as long as there is Bullying, I will be here and I shall report it to society, cheers and lotsa luv…(T.K)Celebrities2611
Guild lines to follow;
1. Thank the person who nominated you…
2. List 5 random facts about yourself…
3. Nominate a minimum of 5 blogs for the award…
4. Answer the 5 questions and Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice
5. And finally, let them know you have nominated them.

Equal Love Equal Rights


It has been said that sharing personal stories is one of the most effective ways to change people’s hearts and minds. This is my story and I hope you are inspired to share it with others….
AT bullying Prevention we are DEAD serious about Bullying Prevention, also protected with security that others are incomfident about or to even try but admit to it’s effect

This is our reward, sharing stories like this video that caught my eye, attention by chance and really inspired me, touching my heart, also causing mixed emotions. To see what was the perfect life, one we all wish and hope to achieve, destroyed because a young man, made believe by his very own parents, that he was defective and needed medical treatment to fix his sexuality, his father to threaten him with a gun and physically assault him, eventually running away from his family, soon after his life would end from an accident.

At B.P our ethics are for the complete human family, I have also noticed those that lack the ability to show respect to the elderly, saying it’s a waste of time better spent on the young, to disrespect the elderly is outside of what we consider our limits, changing how we will see you moving forward.

ALWAYS REMEMBER RULE # 1. Don’t feed the beast. According to anti-bullying expert Joel Haber, Ph.D., what bullies want is support from peers, friends, and family. There have to be two sides in order for people to take one. So if a bully tries to instigate an exchange of any kind, don’t take the bait.

Due to issues of sexuality and adult content viewer discretion is advised.

When The Children Cry

Little child, dry your crying eyes, how can I explain, the fear you feel inside ´cause you were born, Into this evil world where man is killing man and no one knows just why, What have we become Just look what we have done, all that we destroyed you must build again. When the children cry, Let them know we tried´cause when the children sings, the new world begins.
Little child you must show the way to a better day, for all the young ´cause you were born for the world to see that we all can live, in light and peace.
No more presidents, and all the wars will end, one united world under GOD, when the children cry, Let them know we tried´cause when the children fight, then we know it ain´t right, When the children break, Let them know we´re awake ´cause when the children sings….


Bully Free At Work: The Facts on Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is widespread. Take action against workplace bullying. Management will not solve this problem. They are the problem. Politicians and lawmakers have to take action. Canvas them. There are petitions available through the internet. Find live petitions against workplace bullying and sign them. If you cannot find a suitable live petition, submit your own.
Most of the time the people being bullied are some of the most competent employees in any organization,
Visit Valerie Cade CSP author of ‘Bully Free At Work’ highlights the facts of workplace bullying in this introductory video. You can learn more on how to stop workplace bullying at and take our FREE 5 Step Video eCourse at

Dementia ‘not normal part of ageing’ say scientists

For more localized information @ Alzheimer Society of Canada.
I found this article very interesting, my mom currently suffers from Dementia and I am trying to learn as much as I can about it so as to understand the seriousness of the disorder, so I thought I would share it.
Experts claim they are close to developing effective treatments for the degenerative conditions that will soon affect a million people in Britain.

They want to dismiss the idea that diseases such as Alzheimer’s, which lead to memory loss and a gradual decline in capabilities, are an inevitable part of the ageing process that await us all.
But they say that dementia remains the “poor relation” to cancer and heart disease in terms of research funding, and so more people will suffer unnecessarily unless Government, private companies and the public increase investment.
Professor Julie Williams, a researcher at Cardiff University who has discovered genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease, said: “We’re on the verge of a profound understanding of dementia and one that could lead us to the treatments we need, but we need help to get there.
“Investing in dementia research now will pay dividends, heading off the forecast explosion in numbers living with the condition and the crippling economic costs that come alongside.”

Related Articles
•Britain faces dementia catastrophe09 Feb 2011

Professor Kevin Morgan, of the University of Nottingham, who is Scientific Adviser for Alzheimer’s Research UK, added: “Dementia is not a normal part of ageing – it is caused by brain diseases that we can beat, but we need more investment in the research that will give us answers.”
As The Daily Telegraph disclosed, Alzheimer’s Research UK has launched a new drive to increase funding to improve diagnosis and treatment of dementia.
There are fears that without the same “aggressive” research as was used to target HIV in the 1980s, Britain faces a “dementia catastrophe” that will cost the economy billions and ruin thousands of lives.
Julian Huppert, the MP for Cambridge who hosted the charity’s re-launch in Westminster, said: “The impact of dementia is devastating, affecting not just the individual and the people around them, but costing the UK economy over £23 billion a year.”
By Martin Beckford, Health Correspondent, 10 Feb 2011

The ALTZHEIMERS ASSOCIATION for more imformation;


Don't Forget Your Resources Guide
Don’t Forget Your Resources Guide
Quebec Class 1 LicenceWell after being stopped and pulled over three times by the local police in one month, on the very street I reside, they would finally strip away all my licence classes ( 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, 4C ) leaving me with a class 5 due to disability so I’m told, I did my road test and passed, with flying colors in Nov of 2011 but the licence has been useless to say the least, considering I applied for 132 trucking jobs since then, last week the most recent, the trucking industry, desperate and in need of drivers, but they never reply, what would I endure if I had a criminal record? I am sure there will be no more jobs for me, it’s been fixed to that result.
A country such as Canada to be subjected to a life of hate and rejection, refused help and harassed beyond reason of law keeping in mind, I stood up for myself in a court of law and defeated the three defendants: Kinden v Nelson Financial Group, Kinden v Outside The Box Financial, and Kinden v Westview Auto Broker, all with the truth and nothing but the truth, only to receive a life of hell that would follow. Now should I fear for my life and have to disappear in fourteen days, if I don’t have to move to the supreme court of Canada to collect, also stay at home and try to avoid them until then, NO I think not, it’s time to wear the wires again!

I don’t need to answer a million questions
Or fear who I’ve become
I can live my life in peace
And mend what you have undone

I don’t have to weep secret tears
Or pray for my days to disappear
Or wonder what I’ve done wrong
I’m living my life without fear

I don’t have to live in prison
Or abide by what you say
Or go where you wish me to go
Because today is my day

So this morning I put on my coat
And ran along the ocean shore
Dreaming of my wonderful future
I’ll be free, of that I’m sure

(Everyone needs someone)empower-me

MP’s Debate: NDP Anti-Bullying Motion (Oct 2012)

One of Parliament’s youngest members is calling on the federal government to show “leadership” and pass an anti-bullying motion he introduced, scheduled for debate in Parliament on Monday, as the RCMP in B.C. investigates the circumstances surrounding the suicide of 15-year-old bullying victim Amanda Todd.

In an interview airing on CBC Radio’s The House on Saturday, Dany Morin, a 26-year-old MP from Chicoutimi–Le Fjord, Que. and the NDP critic on LGBT issues, told guest-host Chris Hall members of Parliament must do their part to combat bullying – an issue, he says, has become a “nationwide problem.”
‘We all recognize bullying is a tragedy. It shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be a part of growing up, it’s not a right of passage.’
—Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice
“What we need is action now. If there’s money available, we should find a way to get that in to the front-line troops. We have to get the money out to the people that are helping the kids and adults to find the help they need. Where it matters most, where it can make a difference,” Hubley said.

Findlay said the federal government is “supporting provincial governments in their efforts to crack down on bullying, and trying to make our schools and communities safer places for children.”

The Conservative MP outlined the action taken by the federal government so far. “In 2011, this government funded 138 community-based crime prevention programs. When we talk about crime prevention we do include, not just trying to reach out to kids that are at risk, but we’re trying to prevent further victims [of bullying],” Findlay said.

The parliamentary secretary also noted that Conservative MP Harold Albrecht is sponsoring Bill C-300, titled an Act respecting a Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention, which calls on the government “to develop a federal framework for suicide prevention in consultation with relevant non-governmental organizations, the relevant entity in each province and territory, as well as with relevant federal departments.”

Two parliamentary committees are specifically studying the issue of bullying.

Liberal MP Hedy Fry also introduced private member’s Bill C-273, titled an Act to amend the Criminal Code (cyberbullying), which has been referred to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights after the second reading in the House of Commons.

And the Senate Committee on Human Rights has been hearing from witnesses on the subject of cyberbullying since December 2011 and is expected to report its findings by Oct.31, 2012.

While Findlay did not say how she would vote on Morin’s motion, she did say Conservatives “are looking forward to debating it” in the House of Commons on Monday.

Morin’s motion, if adopted, would constitute an instruction to the House. Under the parameters in the motion, the committee would have to be struck within five days of its adoption, and would report its findings within a year.

Dont Ignore It 2
Jenna Bowers, a 15-year-old teen from Nova Scotia, took her own life in January 2011 after suffering harassment both at school and online.

Suffering from muscular dystrophy, Mitchell Wilson, an 11-year-old boy from Pickering, Ont., said he was attacked while out for a walk. He was found dead in September 2011 with a plastic bag tied around his head. Wilson’s family said he committed suicide after learning he would have to face his alleged attacker in court.

Jamie Hubley, a 15-year-old gay teen from Ottawa, Ont., killed himself last Oct. 15 after years of suffering from depression over the bullying he experienced starting as early as in Grade 7.

Last December, Marjorie Raymond, a 15-year-old Quebec teenager, hung herself from her family’s garage. In a suicide note, she said she could no longer endure the taunting and teasing from her classmates.

A Message To Facebook Canada! UPDATE



Over the course of the last 3 years, the staff of Facebook Canada has been hacking my account, deleting entries, pictures and harassment, at times making my account unavailable. I have grown very sick of your illegal activity and actions, for what reason I can only guess, very easy I might add. You have deleted status updates that I made between Jan 1, 2013 & Jan 15, 2013, see that these entries are made visible again on my account.
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Facebook may have to pay some of its users up to $10 each to settle a class-action lawsuit over its “Sponsored Stories” ads, according to legal notices sent out late last week.
But don’t get your hopes up just yet: Your chances of actually seeing that much cash are pretty slim.
In April 2011, five Facebook users filed a lawsuit against the social network giant over its recently launched Sponsored Stories advertising product, which includes users’ names and profile picture. If you click ‘Like’ on a brand like Target, your friends might start seeing Target-related ads with your face next to them.
The move didn’t sit well with some of Facebook’s 1 billion users, but there’s no way to opt out.
Facebook offered last year to settle the lawsuit by making changes to its service terms to more clearly explain how Sponsored Stories works. It also agreed to pay $20 million into a settlement fund.
Facebook and the suing parties agreed to channel most of that settlement cash to Internet privacy advocacy groups. U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg vetoed the plan, though. He felt some portion of the cash should go directly to Facebook’s users.
Or, at least, he wanted the two sides to explore that option. With a class size that could approach 100 million people, cash payments might not be feasible, he acknowledged.
“The issue this presents appears to be a novel one,” he wrote in his ruling in August. “Are some class actions simply too big to settle?”
The two sides went back to the drawing board and came up with a new proposal, which the court accepted: Class members will be eligible to receive payments of up to $10 each from the settlement fund. That’s why some Facebook users received emailed settlement notices over the past few days. Sent from the address, the message looks like it could be spam, but it’s not — it’s legit.
Here’s the catch: The more people who make claims, the less each individual will receive.
The plaintiffs’ lawyers fees will be deducted from the $20 million settlement fund. (The court is still determining how much they’ll get, but the lawyers have asked for $7.5 million, plus around $283,000 in expenses.) Whatever is left gets divided up by the number of claimants.
If the fund has $12 million after legal fees and 1.2 million people make claims, everyone gets $10. But if 12 million people make claims, everyone gets only $1.
If the number of claims makes it “economically infeasible” to pay everyone cash, the two sides go back to plan A: the cash will go entirely to non-for-profit advocacy groups. A website lays out the terms of the proposed deal and the 14 groups that might collect a share of the settlement cash.
Those who received the settlement notice have until May 2, 2013, to decide if they want to submit a claim. A final hearing on the case is slated to take place in June

Support My Music, Support A Cause

Buy music and half goes to charity!

piece via

About Fender Music Foundation

The Fender Music Foundation believes that music participation is an essential element in the fabric of an enduring society. The public charity provides musical instruments to schools and community organizations nationally. Founded in 2005, this nonprofit has reached over 187,000 people through its grants. With the support of manufacturers, retailers and the public, the organization is aiming to donate 15,000 instruments to music programs in need — this year alone.

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Cyberbullying Tool

If you have purchased a new Laptop or Desktop within the last year, chances are you have a webcam or they normally come with one built in (depends on the model) you may just have a useful tool to help combat cyber bullying and keep you and your family safe while online and not even know it. I’m not saying it’s a new concept, but it is long over due, I’m surprised that it has not been made public, especially those of us that are concerned about online safety, security and the treats we face online everyday.
n1 - Copy
We are not always aware and at times have to be reminded of some things right under our noises, tools, options or just every day items laying around the house that have more than one use, their real potential. This one enables you to record your desk top, your computer screen, meaning, no need to worry any more about your family or even yourself while online, you will now have the proof on video, if a intruder invades you or your family’s privacy, knowing you will always be good to go and safe to surf the web and have fun.
I had this option for two months before I realized it’s real potential, only wishing I had it this past 2 years. I can’t stress enough how great it is and how much better I feel online because I’ve had really bad experiences of cyber Bullying while online as well, and the first thing I do now is turn on my webcam. It will continual recording until you push stop or turn off your computer, not only will you have video, but it also records all sounds.
The following link will take you to my facebook where I have included a video so you can see exactly how it works, just click this link to see the demo:


On a personal note I want to welcome everyone to our blog, your blog posts are very interesting, so much great readings, on important subjects and important issues that are relevant to us all, unfortunately I can only read certain or select post, comments and emails due to the quantity and time I have available, but will get around to it when I can, but remember if I followed your blog then what you have to say is important and matters to me, and I will share some of it on my blog for other readers.
The web is the door way to the world, information and technology, and yes for some a world all it’s own, with that it’s also a world where we can be taken advantage of as well, so when online, check for profiles, pictures speak words, and information on individuals before giving your complete trust, just one way I protect myself online, and I learnt the hard way, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.
Bullying in today’s society is out of control, I believe Bullying & Anxiety go hand in hand, it takes many forms, shapes and sizes, and It’s not restricted to schools or kids but also includes Cyber Bullying (online), workplace Bullying, which leads to metal and social issues for the victims, in some cases suicide.
Yellow roses
Our list “Find information here” provides links to pages (web & Facebook) where you can find information and help, or just someone to talk to, I recommend “Everyone Needs Someone” to start, all are from legitimate sources, and I will share some important facts right here on my blog. We are always updating the list so check back often, because we aim to be your one and only source to find & supply help and information about Bullying, and life after Bullying, also other organizations we support, all in one place.
Don’t forget to stop by Eyecatcher’s (click link above) or click here; and yes we are still donating to non-profit charities.
We know Amway is a world wide company, so check us out, we might be right in your neighborhood, if we are not then speak with me and I can set you up as a Independent Business Owner (IBO).


Bullying: What Everyone Needs To Know

Workplace bullying is when one a person or group of people in a workplace single out another person for unreasonable, embarrassing, or intimidating treatment. Usually the bully is a person in a position in authority who feels threatened by the victim, but in some cases the bully is a co-worker who is insecure or immature. Workplace bullying can be the result of a single individual acting as a bully or of a company culture that allows or even encourages this kind of negative behavior.

Workplace bullying can take many forms:

Shouting or swearing at an employee or otherwise verbally abusing him or her
One employee being singled out for unjustified criticism or blame
An employee being excluded from company activities or having his or her work or contributions purposefully ignored
Language or actions that embarrass or humiliate an employee
Practical jokes, especially if they occur repeatedly to the same person
There are also some things that are usually not considered workplace bullying:
stop it
A manager who shouts at or criticizes all of his or her employees. While this is a sign of a bad manager and makes a workplace unpleasant, it is not bullying unless only one or a few individuals are being unjustifiably singled out.
A co-worker who is critical of everything, always takes credit for successes and passes blame for mistakes, and/or frequently makes hurtful comments or jokes about others. Unless these actions are directed at one individual, they represent poor social skills, but not bullying.
Negative comments or actions that are based on a person’s gender, ethnicity, religion, or other legally protected status. This is considered harassment and, unlike bullying, is illegal in the United States and gives the victim legal rights to stop the behavior.
According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, up to a third of workers may be the victims of workplace bullying. About twenty percent of workplace bullying crosses the line into harassment. The New York Times found that about sixty percent of workplace bullies are men, and they tend to bully male and female employees equally. Female bullies, however, are more likely to bully other females. This may be because there is more pressure on females trying to succeed in male-dominated workplace, and more competition between females for promotions.

Regardless of its source, workplace bullying can have serious negative effects on employees, such as:

Absenteeism and low productivity
Lowered self-esteem and depression
Digestive upsets
High blood pressure
Trouble with relationships due to stress over work
Post traumatic stress disorder
Workplace bullying is also bad for business. Some of the ways that companies suffer due to bullying include:

High turnover, which is expensive for companies as they invest in hiring and training new employees only to lose them shortly thereafter, possibly to a competitor
Low productivity since employees are not motivated to do their best and are more often out sick due to stress-related illnesses
Lost innovations since the bully is more interested in attacking his or her victim than advancing the company, and the victims become less likely to generate or share new ideas
Difficulty hiring quality employees as word spreads that the company has a hostile work environment
Because workplace bullying can be devastating to employees and companies, some companies have instituted zero-tolerance policies toward workplace bullying. In these companies, if an employee is being bullied he or she needs to document the bullying and present the problem to the proper person in the company, usually someone in human resources or upper management. Companies with good anti-bullying policies usually hold meetings from time to time to remind employees what workplace bullying is, how to report it, and the consequences for bullying.

In some companies, however, there is a company culture of workplace bullying. Usually companies do not purposefully support bullying, but they may develop a problem with it either through not taking workplace bullying seriously or by developing the habit of placing blame and fault finding instead of solving problems. In these companies, employees who make a case against bullies may find that the bullying only gets worse. In this situation, employees often have to either make the best of the situation or find different employment.

Employees who are or have been victims of workplace bullying should realize that it is not their fault that they are being bullied. If they are suffering negative effects from the bullying they should seek help from a doctor or counselor and, if the bullying is ongoing, from a career advisor who can help them plan a job or career change.


Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, “Workplace Bullying: What Everyone Needs to Know” [online]

BTWF January’s Featured Page

Born This Way Foundation; A non-Profit Organization Led by Lady Gaga & her mother Cynthia, founded in 2011 to foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated. The Foundation is dedicated to creating a safe community that helps connect young people with the skills and opportunities they need to build a kinder, braver world.
We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe, to be empowered and to make a difference in the world. Together, we will move towards acceptance, bravery and love.