If you only read one article this week it should be this one, it’s serious warning that is in your best interest not to ignore because your personal and financial information, is in the hands of individuals that can if they choose to can turn you from a millionare into a thief, steal the very fabric of who you are, all in the blink of an eye, I know this to be a fact because they did it to me, read the story below that is based on fact and contains no fiction, it’s your choice but I would not be so trusting, but you be the judge…………………
On June 26, 2004 a battle began regarding a vehicle I purchased, the motor failed approximately 3 weeks after I took ownership, after placing a call to the finance company Nelson Financial Group, they requested using my CAA have the vehicle towed to a dealership in Hamilton, Ontario (Outside The Box Financial) for an engine install, this I found ode but did as they requested, I did not know this dealership and was curious as to why Hamilton considering I purchased it in Woodbridge, Ontario from Westview Auto Broker, I would never see the vehicle or hear anything more about the condition or progress of the repairs, even after all and every enquiry I made, would all be in vain. After 6 weeks of placing calls, leaving messages that would go unanswered, not able to get any updates, having to get rides to work from other staff, the boss also was growing concerned as well because she asked me a few times to go to one of the other facilities to pick up a piece of equipment, not impressed having to ask a technical member of the staff to go because I was not able to without a vehicle, resulting in her saying without a vehicle you are not able to do your job, also saying I would soon have to get a vehicle or she would have to replace me with someone who could do the job. I was really pissed at this time, again making 4 or 5 calls through out that day, again no response, I told the receptionist it was important that I speak to someone immediately telling her my concerns, but everyone she transferred my call to, was hiding behind voice mail, at this point totally fed up with the run around and with the realization of possibly loosing my job, I just gave up and purchased a 1995 Dodge Caravan for $1500.00, after about 8 month’s I would be rear ended at a stop light, RBC Insurance would write the van off and take it, leaving me again without a vehicle. The accident happened the first day of the starting my holidays. The next day, not having a vehicle again, and not willing to tolerate being without one, due to the issues currently in litigation I was not able to obtain financing so I went to Enterprise Car Rental, and for the next year I would pay $1000.00 a month for a vehicle and went on with my life until I discovered it a few month’s later in my credit file (Equifax Canada) that would begin a 2 year court battle at the Brampton Small Claims Court. During that 2 year period I would purchase my credit file online from the Equifax website approximately eleven times, one time in particular I purchased the file only to discover, after comparing it with the one 2 days before finding that in the matter of 48 hours the information had been changed, totally different entries then the previous one purchased just 2 days before, concerned I contacted Madame Adrian Mochca’s, the Director for Equifax Canada, she placed the blame on, in her exact words, that’s them doing that, but never took any action in regards to my concerns. I still have these credit files in a safe place, knowing that one day Justice would be requiring those documents. I did finally finance a vehicle in April of 2006 from Parkway Chrysler, who would in writing confirm the information from RBC in my credit files, was not there in April went I purchased my vehicle, as the entry date said March 2002, which was not there a few month’s before.
On June 27, 2006 the judge after granting them numerous adjournments, no shows and at times not having the files they required, he also had enough, he looked at me and stated, Mr. Kinden this is the small claims court, the most you can sue for is $10,000, the balance is now more than $40,000, have you tried to settle this, standing up I stated your honour they have made no effort to settle the matter, and I sued for $10,000 but due to the incompetence of the defendant and their tactics of prolonging the process, dragging their feet, purposely delaying and wasting your honourโ€™s time is the main reason for the accumulation of interest which has directly affected the balance, increasing it to $40,000 your honour is referring to and not any fault of mine The Judge then stated in a very agitated tone, I am going back to my chambers, I want you both to come to an agreement, once that is complete have the bailiff summons me to return, he then left the court room.
As soon as the judge was gone the one guy immediately said your not getting any money, at which time I made the worst mistake I would ever make of my life, responding, I don’t want your dam money, agreeing with him and settling for no money, also saying all I want is for you to honour my request. At this point after two years, the removal of the derogatory information they added to my credit file is all I wanted, because it was there prevented me from securing vehicle financing, so for me it wasn’t about the money, I just wanted what I ask them 2 years before, get out of my credit files.

After all the necessary documentation was completed I put all my belonging together and proceeded to the exit, as I exited the court building main entrance, just outside the doors were two individuals one from Outside the Box and the other from Westview Auto Broker, as I passed one of them said “never feel comfortable at your job” I did ask what it meant, I just kept walking but I would come to find out what they did mean by the statement.
Now I realize that there would be no money and financially I was in trouble, due to the 2 years that I wasted, really for nothing, but that would not be the worst of my problems. In July of 2006 RBC who had no claim in the proceedings, assuming for their own reasons and an act of revenge, would make an illegal and derogatory entry in my credit files, basically stating that in 2004 I deposited checks to my account, making withdrawals on funds that were not available, the statement read ” stolen, forged worthless N.S.F checks” all enquiries would be in vain. Just when you are asking yourself what could possibly happen next? about a month later I would receive the message from my brother, at the time it was not clear to me what he was talking about, mostly because he was so angry, yelling then hanging up leaving me scratching my head, wondering what just happened, it would be almost 2 years before I would find out. One day at work in passing a individual, one of the customers contractor’s at SunGard just out of the blue said to me, you are very stupid and an idiot, why would you insult a federal employee, using your own email and in your home town, then just walked away. I did not know what to think but began to put it all together, understanding possibly why the email termate88@yahoo.ca was deleted, and all attempts of contacting yahoo went unanswered, so assuming it had something to do with the fact that it was the only email that I used to send and receive information during the trail but now realized, that was not the reason at all. Realizing now that this was the next strike against me. Not far behind came the next blow, a message to Canada Revenue Agency, stating that I would not pay Taxes any more, which I would not know about until 2 years later, mean while I have to change banks 4 times, due to missing funds, direct debits returned NSF even though the money was there to cover it, charges to my credit cards that I did not know about or authorize, RBC Insurance cancelled my home and auto insurance even though it was up to date, I contacted my MP after which it was reinstated. All while I am going through major Bullying and Mobbing at work, by the staff, management and all customer’s and on Sept 9, 2009 I was eventually fired and also resulted in Bankruptcy.
So the process was to destroy my life, which is now plain to see the measures they took to do that: