BGC launches video contest to counteract bullying

seaway2It’s cool to be kind

girlsCORNWALL, Ontario ~ That’s the message from the Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG as the non-profit readies for ‘Pink Shirt Day’ on Wednesday (Feb. 24) girl2– a national anti-bullying campaign.

In addition to the annual fashion statement, BGC launched a new ‘Kindness Contest’, encouraging children and youth ages six to 18 to send a PSA video or vlog (video blog) about what local residents can do to make Cornwall/SDG a bully-free region.

dreamstimeEntrants have an opportunity to win one of six prizes, including an Apple iPad mini or an Xbox One console.

“This year, we decided to take a different direction with the campaign and focus on positive behaviour since the antidote of bullying is kindness,” said Jacquie Richards, the club’s executive director.

Kindness Contest submissions should be one to three minutes long.

The entry deadline is Wednesday (Feb. 17).

Hello-hello-telephone-phone-smiley-emoticon-000317-facebookArticle by Cornwall Seaway News  published on February 10, 2016 ~ The event is sponsored by TVCogeco Cornwall ~ For more details on contest rules and to request a submission form, email or call the BGC office at (613) 935 -9015.


The Great American NO BULL Challenge

BULLYFREESDG: Cornwall Transit tickled pink by revamped Boys & Girls Club campaign

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We Are The World 25 for Haiti

This post is dedicated to the memory of the late, great king of Pop Mr. Michael Jackson R.I.P sir. 

The New Bullying Prevention


small-heart ” Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life.”  ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer small-heart


human-rights-1listening-to-boombox-smiley-emoticonRecorded on February 1st, 2010, in the same studio as theoriginal 25 years earlier(Henson Recording Studios,  formerly A&M Recording Studios) “We Are The World 25 For Haiti”, in which Quincy Jonesand Lionel Richie serve as executive producers and producers, was created in collaboration with executive producerssmall-heart Wyclef Jean, Randy Phillips and Peter Tortorici; producers Humberto Gattica and RedOne; and co-producers Rickey Minor, Mervyn Warren and Patti Austin to benefit the Haitian earthquakesmall-heart relief efforts and the rebuilding of Haiti.

PartyAcademy Award-winningwriter-director Paul Haggis(Crash, Million Dollar Baby), whose own personal efforts as well as those of small-heart Artists for Peace and Justice have already saved countless lives in Haiti, filmed the private recording session to create the accompanying video and behind-the-scenes production,

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Queen’s professor receives Order of Ontario for work on bullying prevention


“The vision and the dream is a bully free Canada and we are on our way.” ~ Wendy Craig

News – When Wendy Craig received a phone call telling her she had been appointed to the Order of Ontario, she couldn’t believe it.

smile“I was totally surprised. I got a call on a Saturday afternoon and I was in shock,” said Craig, a professor and head of the psychology department at Queen’s University. “It was a good surprise, but still a surprise.”

wendy1For the past 25 years, Craig has been working on bullying prevention. Most notably, she is co-founder and co-scientific director of PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network) and has consulted on bullying prevention initiatives with some of the world’s most prestigious international organizations, but she didn’t always know that working on bullying was what she wanted to do.

queen-smiley-face-869049“My work started through a chance activity while trying to decide what to do my PhD dissertation on,” she explained.  “I was working on a project where we had put remote microphones on children on a playground and one of the things that struck me was how aggressive their interactions were. I started to see that it was repeated individuals being aggressive on the playground and that spurred my interest.”

That interest eventually turned into PREVnet, a network that has brought together over 100 researchers and 65 national organizations to look at bullying and how to prevent it.

Mac-mac-apple-busy-smiley-emoticon-000712-facebook“We learned quickly that what was lacking was the prevention element,” she said. “One of the things that our partners told us was that they have a lot of policies about how to address bullying when it happens, but they actually, in their training, don’t talk about how to promote healthy relationships, which is the number one way to prevent bullying.”

Through her work on bullying prevention, Craig helped develop a training module that has now been taught to over 300,000 people across the country and internationally through partners like Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Red Cross.

Her work has also gained Craig quite a bit of recognition, including her recent appointment to the Order of Ontario, something she finds both humbling and encouraging.

“It was incredibly humbling to listen to the other recipients and learn about the work they have done, and to be among them,” she said. “But for me it was really a call to action to keep going and really accelerate the work. I felt like getting the acknowledgement was validating the work and recognizing the importance and significance of the work and challenging me to do more.”

6042493058023424The Order of Ontario is the province’s highest official honour and it recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a high level of individual excellence and achievement in any field benefiting the people of Ontario or anywhere in the world. Craig’s work definitely fits these criteria, but she points out that she couldn’t have done it alone.

“It is extremely flattering, but I am constantly reminded that it takes a network,” she said. “The impact we have is because of all the graduate students and organizations we work with. It just makes you realize that it really does take a village to take on a project like this.”

So what’s next for Craig and her ‘network’?

“We are trying to structurally engage government, engage corporations and then take some of the most successful projects we have been working on and scaling them up and out across the country,” she said. “The vision and the dream is a bully free Canada and we are on our way.”

Article for Kingston Heritage By Mandy Marciniak ~ Feb 3, 2016

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“The standard you walk by is the standard you accept.” ~ Australian of the Year David Morrison

Studies on workplace bullying suggest as many as 96% of people have been victims, and it leaves a permanent impression. Petrina Coventry outlines some things we can do about it.

Despite increasing measures to combat workplace harassment, bullies remain entrenched in organisations. Changes to law and regulation aimed to stamp out the practice altogether, but instead they have transformed bullying into an underground, subversive set of behaviours. Now hidden, these behaviours often remain unaddressed.

drawing-the-love-sign-smiley-emoticonIn others cases anti-bullying policies can actually work to support perpetrators. Where regulations specify what bullying is some people will cleverly use those rules as a guide to work around. Although these people are no longer bullying in the narrow sense outlined by policies or regulations, their acts of shunning, scapegoating and ostracism have the same effect. Rules that explicitly define bullying create exemptions, or even permissions, for behaviours that do not meet the formal standard.

Anti-bullying rules can help bullies to manipulate without being punished.

749e22b0b3ee4102fdaaaef442a2f74fThese insidious behaviours can remain undetected for long periods of time because they are more difficult to notice or prove. As Kipling Williams and Steve Nida argued in a 2011 research paper, “being excluded or ostracized is an invisible form of bullying that doesn’t leave bruises, and therefore we often underestimate its impact”.

“Ostracism” Consequences and Coping

thumbsOstracism means being ignored and excluded by one or more others. Despite the absence of verbal derogation and physical assault, ostracism is painful: It threatens psychological needs (belonging, self-esteem, control, and meaningful existence); and it unleashes a variety of physiological, affective, cognitive, and behavioral responses. Here we review the empirical literature on ostracism within the framework of the temporal need-threat model. 


smileys-cz-7The bruises, cuts and blows are less evident but the internal bleeding is real. This new, psychological violence can have severe, long term effects. According to Williams, “Ostracism or exclusion may not leave external scars, but it can cause pain that often is deeper and lasts longer than a physical injury”. 

This is a costly issue for both individuals and organisations. No one wins. Individuals can suffer symptoms akin to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Organisations in which harassment occurs must endure lost time, absences, workers compensation claims, employee turnover, lack of productivity and the risk of costly and lengthy law suits as well as a poor reputation.

So why does it continue?

continueFirstbullies tend to be very good at office politics, working upwards and attack those they consider rivals through innuendo and social networks. Bullies are often socially savvy, even charming. Because of this, they are able to strategically abuse co-workers whilst receiving positive work evaluations from managers.

Secondly: policies aren’t the panacea they are sometimes painted as. If they exist at all they are often ignored or ineffective. Areport by corporate training company VitalSmarts showed only 7% of workers know someone who used an anti-bullying policy in their defence – for the majority, it didn’t work. Plus, we now know some bullies use policy to craft new and seemingly licit means of enacting their power.

Thirdly: cases often go unreported, undetected and unchallenged. This inaction rewards perpetrators and empowers them to continue behaving in the same way. This is confusing for the victim, who is stressed, unsure and can feel isolated in the workplace, undermining the confidence necessary to report the issue. Because of this, many opt for less confrontational path – hoping it will go away in time. It usually doesn’t.

We always need to be mindful of the possibility one of our colleagues is being subject to unacknowledged bullying.

zipWhat can you do if colleagues are being shunned and ostracised by peers or managers? The first step is not to participate. However, most people are already likely to be aware of this. More relevant for most people is the need not to become complicit by remaining silent. It’s not enough to abstain from being a bully ~ the onus is on you to take positive steps against harassment where you witness it.

Watch Australia’s Chief of the Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison’s message about unacceptable behaviour, this attitude is the ONLY attitude that should be acceptable for any ethical leader in a professional role, or as General Morrison’s states, “GET OUT” and go do something else with your life!

good-luck-2By doing nothing you allow psychological attacks to continue. In this way, silent witnesses bear partial responsibility for the consequences of bullying. Moreover, unless the toxic culture that facilitates bullying is undone, logic says you could be the next victim.

However, merely standing up to harassment isn’t likely to be a cure~all solution. Tackling workplace bullying is a shared responsibility. It takes regulators, managers and individuals in co-operation with law, policy and healthy organisational culture.

It’s not enough to abstain from being a bully – the onus is on you to take positive steps against harassment where you witness it.

your-wealthOrganisational leaders in particular need to express public and ongoing support for clearly-worded policies. In doing so, policies begin to shape and inform the culture of an organisation rather than serving only as stand~alone documents. It is critical managers understand bullying’s implications for culture, employee wellbeing and their own personal liability.

When regulation fails ~ the dilemma most frequently seen today ~ we need to depend on individual moral character. Herein lays the ethical challenge. “Character” is an underappreciated ethical trait in many executive education programs, but the moral virtues that form a person’s character are the foundation of ethical leadership.

What can we do about it? Challenging workplace bulling takes vigilance, awareness and courage.

A return to character might diminish the need for articles like this. In the meantime, workplace bullying provides us all the opportunity to practice courage.


Article by Professor Petrina Coventry ~ Feb 7, 2016 ~ As Industry Professor and Director of Development at the University of Adelaide, specialising in the area of organisational and business ethics. She is also a Vincent Fairfax Fellow.


Kindness: Glenn students fight bullying with compassion

National children’s theater company to perform anti-bullying show locally

Girl Scouts use grant to share anti-bullying message


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The WorkPlace and Mobbing

The New Bullying Prevention


923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nwork-schoolEmployed under contract from April 3, 2003 to Sept 9, 2009, we were a team of thirty (30) the staff were like family but one day that all changed, for reasons unknown as I can only speculate, they all turned on me and with extreme hate better known as Mobbing. Try to imagine going to work everyday knowing you were going to be harassed by twenty (20) or more people, I did for three (3) years, tried to do my job and no matter how much hatred they showed I always retaliated with “LOVE” until they finally broke the contract.

06b0d8e9b941e43e1dd480db2d16e45dMobbing can be understood as the stressor to beat all stressors. It is an impassioned, collective campaign by co-workers to exclude, punish, and humiliate a targeted worker. Initiated most often by a person in a position of power or influence, mobbing is a desperate urge to crush and eliminate…

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A Search for Kindness


Don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, my Kindness for weakness ~ unknown

923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nAs the end of the day draws near and my journey of Kindness which started Jan 16, 2016, the day of the workplace accident I have not received any information from the WSIB in almost three weeks since filing, only one phone call from the adjudicator which was on Jan 28, 2016 advising me the claim seemed all in order. On Jan 26, k109419182016 I decided to call the WSIB to enquire as to the status of my claim, now 10 days later I didn’t even know if there was a claim established or not, I was advised at that time I had to file a form 6, I was also given my claim number during that call. Below information is taken from the OWA website how to file a WSIB claim.

What is WSIB e-filing?

If your employer filed an Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease (Form 7) and the WSIB has assigned a claim number to your accident, the WSIB will send you a letter asking you to file a Form 6. You may complete and file an electronic Form 6 (eForm 6) on the WSIB website. You must print the electronic Form 6 before filing it as you are required to give a copy to your employer.

Your employer must provide you with a copy of the Form 7 that they sent to the WSIB.

You should receive a letter from the WSIB providing you with a claim number. A claim number does not mean that your claim has been approved. It only means that the WSIB knows about your claim and has started a file. You should refer to the claim number every time you contact the WSIB about your claim.

If you do not receive a claim number, it may mean that the WSIB does not know about your claim. You should contact the WSIB right away to check. The WSIB will tell you how to establish a claim if you do not have a claim number.

5582489700007936I called the WSIB call centre today to request a status update but the call centre agent that I was speaking with would not give me any information as to the status of my claim.

My employer was also suppose to forward me a copy of the form 7 they filed with the WSIB but have not done so to date, I was required to send my employer a copy of the form 6 which I did the same day it was filed with the WSIB.

Anna from easyhome HR contacted me today by way of email to request more information on the details of what I experienced at work since starting my employment Oct 23, 2014 which I forwarded to her via email today which I have listed below.

Mac-mac-apple-busy-smiley-emoticon-000712-facebookI believe that even though I was told verbally by the adjudicator that my WSIB claim was approved on Jan 28, 2016, after 17 days I have not received any information regarding my claim since it was filed or if one even exist.

6331376438083584My Doctor returned me to work on Feb 1, 2016 but my employer refused for me to come back to work if my health and safety was in question. I received a letter by email requesting I stay off work with pay, while they investigate my allegations, staying off work was not my wish, I SHOULD BE WORKING NOW, not sitting at home. My next scheduled pay-day is Feb 12, 2016 lets see if I actually get paid for one week!

A Sample of what I endured at Work

  1. Putting razor blades in with the screws and nuts which I used my hands to sort through and almost sliced my finger but only got a paper cut, after this incident I used a screwdriver or pen to search through them, which I also brought to the Manager’s attention.
  2. Making sofa’s, love seats and other unit’s dirty after I steam cleaned them, then degrading my work as poor.
  3. Totally defacing a Stainless steel refrigerator and stove by way of scratching it up with a sharp object after I cleaned it, then blaming me.
  4. Carts and dollies used for moving heavy furniture not available for weeks (disappeared and then reappeared).
  5. Company Tools (screwdriver’s, wrenches etc) used for assembly went missing, I had to get my own tools from my car to finish the task.slide2
  6. Being yelled at by manager’s, name calling and threats etc .
  7. Being lied to constantly regarding work duties, withholding important information to complete assigned tasks.
  8. Thief of personal items from my brief case (phone chargers and documents), drinks and other items from the staff refrigerator such as my lunches went missing, I stopped bring lunch.
  9. Being pushed when carrying heavy furniture causing me to fall.
  10. loading furniture on the truck after which we were told the customer cancelled, so we had to unload it back into the store which happened frequently.
  11. Being locked out of the store in the morning when arriving for work, other staff would look and wave and just go about their business leaving me out in the cold, so I would go back to my car and wait for them to decide to let me in.


These incidents happened almost everyday and much more frequently, then others which occurred at least two to three times a week. There are more I can list but these are the ones that had the most impact on me due to there frequency, also I filed a complaint with the HRTO on Jan 27, 2016 and still nothing from them either.

I am going to wait until tomorrow to see if I get any results and or answers, if not I have already started a complaint to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, I will also start contacting federal MP’s.

Getting to yesTo think that all I requested was a transfer, a non- monetary request away from Ottawa stores because all staff have made it very obvious that they didn’t like me and want me there, considering it’s my job and until the company changes that, berufe_smilie_0079I will fight for my rights.

Why then in November 2015 did you transfer two employees, one from each store I had worked to other stores which only pissed everyone else off.

I can suggest a very easy way to fix this problem and my first thought would be to honour the transfer and there will be no need to continue these proceeding and everyone will be satisfied, better known in the courts as “MEDIATION” where there is no winner and no loser, everybody wins, I am still waiting for an answer to my question, an answer you are refusing to give, Why can’t I get a transfer to a safer work environment?

Article by Terry.K ~ Posted Feb 4, 2016


Office of the Worker Adviser

Ontario Ministry of labour

Workplace Safety Insurance Board (Wsib)

Workplace Bullying (Archives)

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Davey Wavey makes a case for respecting LGBTI elders


 With a Trillion Tons of Gratitude to Davey Wavey

The YouTube celebrity will curse anyone unable to show respect to the older members of the LGBTI community

davey3troubled-old-man-smiley-emoticonThe title of Davey Wavey’s recent YouTube video is all you need to know: ‘show some f**king respect.’ The YouTube sensation is done with older gay men being mocked.

‘I am so sick, and so tired, of seeing young gay guys walk into a club…and they’ll be like, “Ewww, that old creepy gay guy is so disgusting. He’s so gross. He looks like Santa Claus.”‘

The reason this attitude spikes DW’s anger is because us older gay men have made a lot of things possible, from marriage equality to gay/straight student alliances in high schools.

angry-old-man-smiley-emoticonpeace-gay‘The people of his generation are literally the only reason that you can walk down the street, in your pink f**king tank top, holding your boyfriend’s hand, and not get your ass beat,’ Wavey says.

Somebody is preaching today! While Davey’s words are focused on gay men, we at GayStarNews raise our coffee cups to all our LGBTI elders.

Watch DW’s clip below. Share it. Let’s try to to be respectful of each other, no matter where we are on this crazy, beautiful, journey!

Article by James Withers for GayStarNews ~30 January 2016


Survivors of 1980s AIDS crisis reveal what happened to them

‘HIV killed my friends, took my lover from me, and tore up my life. During that time, I did what I could. But nothing I did then or have ever been called to do in my life puts me anywhere near the example set by the lesbians I knew in the 80s and 90s. I’ve felt obligated to remember what they did, and to make sure other people remember it too.’

The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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A flashback to Feb 2013 and a Courageous Lady

The New Bullying Prevention


I would like to share the following from a dear friend who is going through a difficult time right now that touched my heart and I’m sure it will touch yours.

courageTerry, Keep up the great work! You are going to help so many people. I am so happy to see there are others writing on “Bullying”. I wish there was writings out there when I was a child going through it. I am sorry for the pain you have had to endure in your life because of it. You really can make a difference in someone’s life.
I am going through a second battle in my life, as I have breast cancer. They had removed ten tumors from me. I was at a Stage 3, Grade 3! The doctors found it just in time but unfortunately even after my cancer removal treatment cancer was still left behind. I am hoping…

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To be kind and respectful of our (the people) saving and investments, through personal experience, I would not put your trust in the Royal Bank of Canada but don’t take my word for it.

5743655227228160When you invest your money in an RRSP with your bank, (RBC) they use your money to invest in a wide range of companies which operate all over the world.

Do you know if your bank (RBC) supports human rights through its investments?

Your bank (RBC) has more than just a duty to you to be financially responsible with your investment: it has a responsibility to ensure that the projects it finances with your money do not contribute to human rights violations.

(Foot note: pay attention “YOUR Money”)


Many of Canada’s largest banks (RBC) have human rights or social and environmental policies in place – but are their investments consistent with their policies?

(Foot note: Since when do having human rights or social and environmental policies in place mean anything to corporations?)

A-ROTFLMake sure your bank (RBC) invests in line with your values and lives up to its commitments to human rights!

(Foot note “Human Rights”)

Even if you don’t bank at a major Canadian bank, (RBC) you can still have your voice heard by writing to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). All working Canadians (outside of Quebec) over the age of 18 have a portion of their salary deducted for CPP retirement savings. Urge CPP’s Investment Board to do more to respect human rights.

bankers.web_Select your bank (RBC) to view and send Amnesty International’s message about human rights to your bank and add your own personal comment >>>>

This my friends is the politics of the future when big corporations rule! Put a stop to them now while you have the chance because remember, it’s your world now.

2016 Amnesty International Canada | 312 Laurier Ave E. Ottawa, ON. Canada | K1N 1H9 1-800-AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789)


The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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Springstead students sign pledges to be kind, stop bullying

Kindness is every where, grab some while your here :-)

The New Bullying Prevention


“We’ve all got both Light and Dark inside us…what matters is the part we choose to act on, that’s who we really are” ~ Sirius Black

“Our whole goal is to have them sign a petition and be aware that they pledge not to bully other students, not to call names and (to) intervene when it can be done safely and support efforts to end bullying and name-calling,”

signinggrin-smiley-emoticonSPRING HILL — Variously colored half-sheets of paper covered portions of two walls and a window in the Springstead High School cafeteria by the end of the lunch periods. The papers had been signed by students pledging to be kind to one another.

The pledges were a kickoff for Celebrate Kindness Week, a national activity sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educational Network. Linda and Karen Schrader, secretary and president, respectively, of the local chapter of Parents, Families…

View original post 466 more words

“The Great Kindness Challenge.”


Smile at 25 people. Hold the door open for someone. Learn to say “Hello” in a new language.


smile-face-heartThese are some of the acts Whiteaker Middle School students have been challenged to perform next week.

Using a 50-item checklist, the students have been challenged to do as many kind deeds as possible in one week as part of the national anti-bullying campaign,be_kind_to_me “The Great Kindness Challenge.”

One out of every four students, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, reports being bullied during the school year, most often concerning their looks, race or body shape; yet one study showed 64 percent of those bullied did not report it.

An assembly on Friday kicked off the challenge week, which will run Jan. 25 through Jan. 28.

Each day has a theme — Monday is superhero day, superhero-smileyTuesday is sports day,7_8_127 Wednesday is hippie day,sg3agMirmag3ag and Thursday is crazy hair day.chuckie

Students will have the opportunity to take part in daily activities during lunch. They can make kindness posters for their lockers, sign a poster for their feeder elementary schools and write thank-you cards for staff.

They will also be able to write their names on slips of paper, which will all be connected into a chain symbolizing all the individuals committing to ending bullying and promoting kindness. Since the feeder schools have already held their challenge weeks, the middle school students will be adding their links to about 1,000 already created.

The Great Kindness Challenge started at a school in California in 2012. It has spread to nearly 200 schools.

This is the second year Whiteaker has participated in the challenge.

“The whole idea is to have a positive attitude about kindness, instead of a focus on bullying,” said Tami Badinger, vice principal of Whiteaker. “There is already enough negativity.”

Students took a pledge in the gymnasium Friday afternoon, beginning, “I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way; I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day …”

To introduce the students to the challenge, the eighth-grade leadership class did different skits, games and activities.

They began by changing the ending to a few memorable stories.

For instance, Captain Kindness, a superhero of the challenge, went through traditional stories and spread kindness:

When the big, bad wolf was about to huff and puff and blow the three little piggies’ house down, Captain Kindness told him to stop and do something kind instead, so the wolf brought the pigs some flowers as a housewarming gift.

Captain-America-Captain-America-Captain-America-Smiley-Avengers-smiley-emoticon-001101-facebookWhen Jack fell down the hill, Jill stopped laughing when Captain Kindness pointed out she should help him instead.

And when Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, the spider decided to give her coffee to have with her curds and whey.

The leadership students also showed a couple videos that promoted kind acts.

Whiteaker has partnered with local organizations and businesses, which have donated to the school’s literacy programs for participating in the challenge.

Pat Curran, the school’s counselor, said he hopes to make this a communitywide challenge, including all Salem-Keizer schools and businesses.

“We want to treat everyone with kindness and generosity,” Badinger said. “It can make or break someone’s day.”

Article by Natalie Pat for Statesman Journal ~ January 22, 2016

The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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Cruelty in the face of Kind


Kindness is the Language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~ Mark Twain


trustOttawa, ON: Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, Kind remained open this past holiday season, to offer compassion and companionship for members of Ottawa’s queer community who may face isolation in other areas of their lives. Public support was high for the first year of this holiday drop-in, and Kind intends to carry on this new tradition in years to come.

peace-gayThese extended hours were unfortunately not without cost. At an unknown time during the holidays, Kind’s cash deposit box was taken, along with over $700 contained within. As the case would be too open ended, due to the amount of people who access the centre, the Ottawa Police Service has refused to file a report for this theft. Kind instead would like to appeal to those responsible to return what was stolen. The deposit box, along with the missing funds, can be returned to Kind at 331 Cooper St. with no questions asked.

Any information concerning the whereabouts of the deposit box can be delivered anonymously to Kind staff at (613) 563-4818. Please bear in mind that we are not interested in accusations or hearsay. 

sunny_smilesThe communities that Kind serves and represents are disproportionately affected by poverty, and Kind acknowledges that these situations can happen as a matter of necessity. As such, we urge the public not to pass judgement on the person or persons responsible, but instead consider how important it is to support ongoing services and spaces for LGBTTQIA communities.

gayheartKind is Canada’s oldest registered charity run by and for the LGBTTQIA community, but that history does not come with an overabundance of funds. While Kind recognizes that the money taken may be of great importance to those who took it, it also helps keep our lights on and our doors open. If concerned members of the public don’t have information leading to the return of these funds, we urge them to otherwise become monthly donors, so that Kind may confidently continue to serve and support Ottawa’s LGBTTQIA population.

The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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Workplace Bullying (The Living Poison)

UN UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Interviewed by DPI
Zeid RaÕad Al-Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is Interviewed by DPI

923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_n20f9964ea1707dee2444c26e68ec775aAs the week progresses I find that my injury is much better today and continues to heal nicely, this sort of sprain should not had happened if I were under the supervision of an ethical management team, a team with leadership abilities, unfortunately I am not. After just over one year with this company I have come to the reality that this will not ever change, a poison company does not start out as such rather the poison is spread over time throughout the company starting in the ranks of management trickling down through the ranks of employee’s creating a poison environment right across the board.

Throughout and over the course of the last 12 years, 2004 to present day how the mobbing started was through “Bribery” which I have witnessed several times from SunGard to Easyhome, whereby a manager or employee has been given money or through vehicle purchases as payment to single out and target an employee(s) which has become a growing problem in Canada and around the world, “Would you trust an employee known to take a bribe?

e0e65bf6e7b87ab2a948e59a65c9ff69If we continue to turn a blind eye and look away, future generations will find hardship and difficulty in reaching a productive and fulfilling life, so are you concerned about your future and your children’s future?, maybe you don’t care because it don’t directly affect you in the present moment but mark my words as the media show that Mental illness is becoming more and more visible in today’s society only to become a greater strain on future generations.

We are talking about a silent war lead by greed and the power to obtain it, but don’t take my word for it after all it’s your world now, I am just waiting for my number to come up. 

UN News Centre: What are the biggest challenges ahead in 2016 for human rights?

Article by Terry.K ~ posted January 20, 2016 


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Open Letter to David Ingram, CEO, easyhome, LTD

This post remains at it’s position until I am transferred out of Store 556 and out of Ottawa to another store for a more suitable position please.

The New Bullying Prevention


There will be no Global Goals until issues such as these cease to existletter-of-request-%20to-dave-ingram1

Who is Easyhome

easyhome is part of goeasy Ltd. and is Canada’s largest lease-to-own company, offering brand-name household furniture, appliances and electronics to consumers under weekly or monthly leasing agreements through both corporate and franchise stores. With no down payment, no credit needed and flexible payment options that work within your budget, leasing is the quick and easy way to get the merchandise you want. All of our leases include free delivery and set up and with over 180 stores to serve you, its no wonder we have helped over 600,000 Canadians own the products they want.
As part of the goeasy family, we also offer personal loans from $500-$10,000 through easyfinancial. With the highest approval rates, flexible payment terms and a decision in 30 minutes, we have helped Canadians get access to the funds they…

View original post 36 more words

The Courage Game


Bullies are predators who carefully analyze potential targets.
~ Margaret R. Kohut

4902982345293824The Courage Game, created to support gay youth and rebuke bullying, was one of the feel-good stories of the year. It sprang from the relationship between former pro lacrosse player Andrew Goldstein and 12-year-old Braeden Lange, a gay lacrosse player who contemplated suicide until he found acceptance.

Now Lange and his parents, Mandy and Scott, are trying to lacrosse-emoticonhelp LGBT homeless youth in the Philadelphia area by building a home for them, called the Courage Home. Braeden explained the need for such a home in an email to me:

“I think the Courage Home is so important because over 40% of homeless youth are LGBT and I think that is a big problem. This is, because sometimes, when kids come out, they don’t get supported the way I did and they eventually either get kicked out of their homes, or they choose to leave because of how hard it is.

larcross“A lot of the time when LGBT teens try to stay in a homeless shelter, they experience bullying and don’t get the proper support they need. So if we were to make a homeless shelter for all LGBT youth, it would be a  much more supportive environment than normal homeless shelters. Me and my mom have been working really hard on this but we need all the support we can get because this will actually save lives.”

“We need all the support we can get because this will actually save lives” ~ Braeden Lange

flagge-regenbogen-whirlpool-60x90Braden’s mother, Mandy, said the family is working with the Ali Forney Center in New York for help with development and modeling.braedenlange.0“Right now in Philadelphia there is no shelter specifically for homeless LGBT youth,” she said. “Staying in the shelters for chronically homeless doesn’t feel safe, because there are no supports for what they are going through. These are kids who have been rejected by their families and they need to be in a space that will fill in where they were failed.

The Courage Home would provide emergency and transitional housing and access to all the medical and mental health they need in addition to job or school opportunities. There would be community support and nurturing that would enable them to accept themselves for who they are.”

41tTfs2XomLWhile the family waits for approval on its 501c(3) tax exempt status, it has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise private donations. If you are looking for someplace good to spread some holiday cheer, the Courage Home would be a great choice.


Lady Gaga and Intel Announce New Anti-Bullying Project

Brothers’ emotional letter to stop bullying goes viral following youngest sibling’s suicide  

Anti-Bullying Ad Tells the Story of a Girl Whose Brave Facebook Photo Went Viral

Article By Jim Buzinski ~ @outsports on Dec 17, 2015

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A Constitution of Trust


Trust is like paper, once it’s crumbled it won’t be perfect again

923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nWith another year upon us, contained within the coming year is a future of events that hasn’t happened yet, a future you can carve, but only if you decide how it will play out rather then letting others decide for you! What worked for me was setting goals and I aimed high for them, never taking my eyes off the ball. smile-e-smiley-che-salta-immagine-animata-0141Set obtainable goals that will have a positive result to your benefit but be realistic, sincere and honest, also choose to do what you would want and love to do the rest of your life when setting your goals.

b3738e59ba1e78f8e9868bc8f052d89eSometimes you will experience hurdles which may appear there is no jumping over, going under or around, a blocked pathway and yes without a doubt there will be hurdles. I felt like giving up many times but when the going got tough I always turned to what I loved doing most, helping others, doing good, something that gave me gratitude and a since of purpose & pleasure, which indirectly gave me the motivation and determination to conquer and move past my own hurdles. 

I have also been quoted a few times regarding my patriotism, canada (1)the love for my country, to that I will add this, I love Canada because it is my home and it’s one of the best countries in the world to live, we as Canadians are known red_heartas a unique people with caring hearts for all humanity but as in every barrel their are rotten apples. Yes I was disappointed in my country and it’s peoples because I was being treated in a manner that Canadians actually condone (accept and allow, behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive to continue), and nobody would listen to flag-of-canadaor believe me but I never gave up and had faith in myself and my country knowing that eventually I would live again.

scratch-head03-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000416-designIn closing I want to ask a question, there seems to be a hurdle that defies me, regarding a characteristic that it’s said cannot be bought or purchased, it cannot be stolen or taken by force rather it has to be earned and once it has been taken away you can never get it back!  left scratching my head, over the course of the last ten to fifteen years it seems without my knowledge I lost all my “TRUST” totally and I would welcome your opinion on how, if possible to regain it?

Article by Terry.K posted Jan 7, 2016

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Hereford school’s unique anti-bullying video


“People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people, the more we hate ourselves the more we want others to suffer” ~ Dan Pearce

smileys-show-happy-positive-faces_fknqgQvO-298x300EVERY pupil at a Hereford school has taken part in a remake of an iconic Eighties pop track in a bid to spread an anti-bullying message.

More than 400 youngsters at St Paul’s Primary School in Tupsley starred in their own version of The Proclaimers smasher I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).

The four-minute video, called 500 Smiles, was produced with the help of the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC).

Headteacher Andrew Teale said the production has been a hit online, adding all the pupils enjoyed taking part.

“We always try and make a bit of a splash during anti-bullying week to do something memorable for the children to help them think about how they think about each other,” said Mr Teale.

SMILYSLove-Mail-animated-animation-love-smiley-emoticon-000378-facebook“It’s not that we have a huge amount of bullying here but we try to do something that is a bit different and that’s why this time we thought we would do something that involved the whole school.”

Viewers see each school year group performing part of the song before walking from the school’s main hall to the playground.

Mr Teale said the production help provided by the Venns Lane-based RNC was invaluable.

103006574“When doing things like this we always look to our friends at the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), who have helped us before, and they helped out with the technicalities and for that we are very grateful,” he said.

“We thought we would use the 500 Miles tune but with different words which our music co-ordinator came up with.

“The college recorded the audio, which was wonderful in itself, and then the filming was done.

moon-walk“Logistically it’s difficult as we’ve got about 430 pupils. But they loved it, particularly the singing. They showed great enthusiasm.

“We’ve had lots of positive feedback from parents and positive reactions on Twitter and we’ll definitely do something during anti-bullying week again next year.”

The video can be viewed here or you can watch it below

500 Smiles from thechapel on Vimeo.

Article by Reporter for Evesham Journal ~ Paul Broom ~ Dec 20, 2015

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LGBT rights’ forum held in Sutton


“If anybody can find someone to love them and to help them through this difficult thing that we call life, I support that in any shape or form” ~ Will Smith

congrats-smileyFollowing on from the successful Marriage Referendum in May, the passing of the Gender Recognition Act and the recent amendment of the Employment Equality Act to give better protection to LGBT teachers, Minister for Equality Aodhán Ó Ríordáin held a meeting in Sutton recently to discuss the next steps for LGBT equality in Ireland.

5924263878459392Brian Sheehan, the former campaign director with Yes Equality and director of the Gay & Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN), and Anne Marie Lillis, chairperson of INTO LGBT, joined Minister Ó Ríordáin as guest speakers.

Minister Ó Ríordáin said the Marriage Equality Referendum was a huge moment in Irish life.

“I am very proud that Ireland is the first country in the world to vote for Marriage Equality by popular vote,” myDSm21he said.

cfbc18782436b6029da11f87a5ef9e0a“The meeting was an opportunity for local activists who had worked hard on the Marriage Equality campaign to comment on what they believed were the next steps for tackling the difficulties faced by LGBT people in Irish life.

“Attendees at the meeting highlighted other recent successes in addressing LGBT inequality including launching an anti-homophobic bullying campaign in schools, the passage of the Gender Recognition Act and the Children and Family Relationship Bill 2015.

99d95fe418930b0111e276e416755ffd“There was also a huge support from the meeting for my recent amendment to Section 37.1 of the Employment Equality Act to give LGBT teachers and medical professionals greater protection in their workplaces.”

Minister Ó Ríordáin added: “The meeting provided for a lot of food for thought and I look forward to pursuing the Equality Agenda and working with local activists in the years to come.”

1st January, 2016 ~ Article by Pat O’Rourke

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Love Yourself – Anti-Bullying Song


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” — Lao Tzu


I was bullied through most of my childhood and teens right here in SW Michigan

I didn’t get good grades.  I wasn’t athletic.  I certainly wasn’t attractive.

If a friend set me up with a girl.  They would tell her “Dana has a great personality.”  Which upset me.  To me that meant, “Dana’s the ugliest kid in our school.”

Now that I’m “old man Dana” I realize that I did have a great personality.


Today a couple of my friends from high school shared this video on Facebook today.  It hit close to home.

This song is very well written and I agree with 100% of these lyrics.

Share this on the facebook profile of anyone you care about that may need it.

Happy Holidays ~ Dana Marshall


relatedNew law could put psychological bullies in jail for up to five years

Lawmakers push bill to fine students $50 for bullying

Managing Bullying in the Workplace

The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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And The Winner Of Your LGBTQNation ‘Newsmaker of the Year’ Is…


The fact that he was a hand-picked conservative, chosen to uphold the right-wing orthodoxy, makes his evolution as a world class defender of liberty and equality even more striking.




timejudge-smiley-emoticon-1We picked the nominees. You picked the winners. Out of ten distinguished candidates — from a heterosexual Supreme Court Justice to Utah‘s first openly gay mayor — you chose which contender made the splashiest headlines, graced us with the grabbiest news stories, and, ultimately, made the greatest strides toward LGBTQ freedom.

Five judges constitute a majority on the Supreme Court, but one stands out: Anthony Kennedy. The Reagan-appointed justice — also voted Queerty’s 2015 ‘Person of the Year’ — has become the most forceful advocate for LGBT rights on the bench, taking the lead on opinions striking down sodomy laws, anti-gay ballot measures and, most notably, bans on marriage equality.

He’s done this by using language that goes well beyond legal reasoning to recognize the validity and even integrity of same-sex relationships–and their children as well. billard He’s become a kind of poet laureate of same-love, with such eloquent musings in his rulings such as this:

“There is dignity in the bond between two men or two women who seek to marry and in their autonomy to make such profound choices.”

prideKennedy’s legal mentor was a gay man who clearly had a profound impact on his student. Would we have been quite as successful  in our ascent if someone else held Kennedy’s spot on the bench? Certainly not if it had been Robert Bork, the man the Senate rejected before Kennedy was chosen to replace him by Reagan. But here was little in the biography of the obscure California jurist to suggest that Kennedy would eventually become our champion–and he’s still a reliable conservative vote on many other constitutional questions.

To celebrate his Kennedy’s election as LGBTQ Newsmaker of the Year, here are ten of the most eloquent quotes culled from the legal rulings of this unexpected poet laureate of same-sex love »»» 


The New Bullying Prevention © 2016

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Apple CEO Tim Cook: I get messages from gay teens considering suicide


“And so if I could touch just one of those Kids, it’s worth it. And I couldn’t look myself in the mirror without doing it.”

smileys-show-happy-positive-faces_fknqgQvO-298x300pu687tnApple CEO Tim Cook has opened up about his coming out journey, revealing why he chose not to address his sexuality until last year.

Mr Cook, who succeeded Steve Jobs as the head of the Cupertino firmspoke about his sexuality for the first time last year, having previously insisted on maintaining his own privacy.

He has shown his support for LGBT rights on a number of occasions since, however, even marching at Pride events.

press-press-female-lady-smiley-emoticon-000235-largeSpeaking to CBS 60 Minutes this week, the CEO explained why he has described his sexuality as a “gift”.

He said: “When you’re in a minority group it gives you a sense of empathy, of what it’s like to be in the minority.

You begin to look at things from different point of views, and I think it was a gift for me.”

Of why he didn’t come out sooner Cook added: “Honestly, I value my privacy. I’m a very private person.
smiley-face_bullhorn_jpg_w300h210“But it became increasingly clear to me that if I said something that it could help other people.
“And I’m glad, because I think that some kid somewhere, some kid in Alabama, I think if they just for a moment stop Elvis-smileand say ‘if it didn’t limit him, it may not limit me.’
“Or, this kid that’s getting bullied. Or worse, I’ve gotten notes from people contemplating suicide.

Cook is the only openly gay CEO across the top 500 US companies.


Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘I am proud to be gay’

Rights Activists Honored

“SunGard deflated Weekly Football Award”

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This Christmas, help us defend freedom

Flashback to Dec 15, 2014

The New Bullying Prevention


Eliasson accused those who do not embrace the LGBT revolution of “petty bigotry.” “Family comes in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately family is about belonging,”

LifeSiteNews is the #1 free online news source that offers investigative reporting on the issues that matter the most: life, family, faith, and culture.

2796We are the source you can count on to provide you with the facts – the facts you need to stand strong for life and family.

With millions of people visiting our site each month, it would only take a fraction of our readers to donate as little as $25.

Click here to donate today.

On Human Rights Day, homosexual activists converged on UN headquarters to make the case that “LGBT rights are human rights.” But only a few countries within the United Nations agree On Human Rights Day, homosexual activists converged on UN headquarters to make the case that “LGBT rights are human rights.” But only a few countries within the United Nations agree

Read the complete story….LGBT activists meet at UN, promise to keep fighting

View original post 6 more words

The True Colors Fund


923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nAfter careful and timeless consideration, If I were to pick my choice for” Artist of all Years” for 2015, only one awesome lady keeps jumping out at me for her very own special qualities, I’ve knownchristmas-carol-smiley-emoticon her 25+ amazing years, and through out those years and to this very day, she has always shown a strong desire of caring, love and understanding of all humanity but mostly for her compassion for LGBT homeless youth, let it and as a co – founder of  True Colours Fund  be examples of the aforementioned, something she helped create, from her heart, one reason for which I have always cherished her & her music “Cyndi Lauper“. ~ Terry.K


A Message from Cyndi

When I was growing up in the ‘60s I was inspired and empowered by the Civil Rights Movement. Not only was the minority standing up for themselves and saying enough is enough, people in the majority stood alongside them as this country went through one of the most transformative periods in its history.

Cyndi-Lauper-eA moment like that is upon us again and this time the minority is the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. This time it is straight people who are beginning to stand side by side with their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to say that this country is about equality, fairness and that never ending pursuit of happiness.


That is one of the reasons why we founded the True Colors Fund, to lend a helping hand in encouraging my straight peers to get informed and give a damn about equality.

rainbowWhile great strides have been made in recent years, when people can still be fired in over half the states because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender… when couples cannot get married simply because they love someone of the same gender… when young people are so bullied and tormented that they feel their only way out of that hell is to end their lives… it’s clear we still have a long, long way to go before we achieve full equality and acceptance in this country.

red rose love facebook chat codeIn particular, we need to help young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Kids who are coming to terms with their sexual orientation or gender identity are often told by their families, peers, and other influential people in their lives that who they are is somehow shameful or unacceptable.


They are often rejected and thrown out of their own homes.

smiley-1We all hear statistics that are shocking, but when I learned that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth make up to 40% of all homeless youth, yet only 7% of the general youth population in this country, I was furious.

As a parent, I cannot understand those who would kick out their kid simply because they are gay or transgender. Your child is a part of you, throwing them out on the street is like ripping out a part of your own soul. That is why the True Colors Fund continues to work to raise awareness about this issue and develop solutions to ending this epidemic.

We will not rest until that percentage goes from 40 to none.

Everyone—whether straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender—should be allowed to show their true colors, and be accepted and loved for who they are. Every American should be guaranteed equal treatment, at school, at work, in their relationships, in service of their country…and in every part of their lives.

It’s time for us all to join together and say enough is enough. I hope you will stand with us as we continue to move our work forward.

All my best,


Our Work

polls_Awesome_mc_HT_Smiley_5316_120461_answer_2_xlargeIn America, it is estimated that up to 1.6 million youth are homeless each year and that up to 40% of them identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). Yet, LGBT youth make up just 7% of the general youth population. The True Colors Fund is committed to reducing that disproportionate percentage from 40% to none.


We believe that LGBT youth homelessness is a community issue. We believe that real change can happen when people come together with a shared vision. We believe in thinking outside the box – and that means working innovatively and collaboratively, as well as engaging unlikely partners in our work. In order to end LGBT youth homelessness, we need to think both proactively and reactively to come up with solutions that will lead to systemic change. That means working to not only end homelessness among LGBT youth, but to prevent it.

THANK-YOU--thank-you-thanks-ty-smiley-emoticon-000280-facebookPeople often think that, because they don’t work at a shelter or service provider, they don’t have a role to play in the effort to end LGBT youth homelessness. The reality is: Everyone can make a difference! You can make a difference.

Together, we can directly impact the lives of LGBT youth, the service providers with whom they work, and the communities in which they live. Learn more about True Colors Fund work and how you can get involved!

donatezcXogE5niThe True Colors Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, creating a world in which young people can be their true selves.

The True Colours Fund on Facebook


The New Bullying Prevention © 2015

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An Awful Choice: Pay Rent or Buy Groceries?


That’s a small price to pay for the benefits that come from addressing the causes, rather than the symptoms, of food insecurity and poverty.

923004_10151331384711890_1479766938_nMy thoughts on this recent issue by the Homeless Hub are:  After relocating to Renfrew in September 2009 I had to apply to Ontario Works whom requested during the application process my credit history, at that time I was told if I didn’t supply one, my application would be denied, and or they would request one from Equifax Canada so I honoured their request.

On November 28, 2009 I started a position at a local Hardwood floor Candy-Cane-christmas-candy-cane-smiley-emoticon-000944-largemanufacturer in Renfrew subsidized by Ontario Works. On Dec 29, 2009 after being severely harassed by staff and employees I was fired.

Mostly confined to relying on Food Banks, over the course of the next couple of months I tried desperately to get assistance from Ontario Works to relocate to Ottawa to search for employment which were all denied. After obtaining employment at Richcraft in Ottawa through Handyman personnel (Whom would also later fire me) On May 1, 2010 I relocated to Gatineau, QC using my monthly benefits from Ontario Works.

goal-gayWhy? because while looking for accommodations in Ottawa I discovered that rents were at least 30% lower in Gatineau than Ottawa. Now when you see that big a difference in two cities less than one KM apart, this only goes to prove and makes it more than obvious that Canada lacks legislation on “RENT CONTROL” again affecting the number one “Global Goal for Sustainable Development NO POVERTY”. ~ Terry.K


5350942483415040This week’s infographic takes a look at the relationship that exists between affordable housing and food accessibility. The infographic comes from a series published by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) that were designed to help raise awareness christmas-tree-3about Canada’s affordable housing crisis. ONPHA is the voice of non-profit housing in Ontario, and the organization regularly works with its members to provide tools to develop and deliver high-quality affordable housing in the province


Christmas-Smiley2The infographic states that housing is the single largest expense in most families’ budgets. As a result, families living with insufficient income are forced to choose between paying rent and buying groceries. According to a report by Campaign 2000 released last year, the average food bank client spends over 70% of their income on housing. The infographic also establishes that food bank use has rapidly increased in recent years. Food bank use in Ontario has increased by 45% over the past 20 years. A significant portion of this increase has happened very recently, particularly in 2014 the number of households using food banks increased by 20% for the first time.

Across Canada, food bank use has also been rising in recent years. From 2008-2014, Manitoba saw a 52.5% increase in the number ofsanta food bank users. Similar increases were observed in Saskatchewan (51.1%) and Alberta (48.2%). Canadian territories, in turn, have seen a 247% increase over the same period.

The Daily Bread Food Bank, the largest food emergency centre in Canada, recently surveyed clients to get a better understanding of what was driving growing food bank imagesuse in the GTA. The organization found that after paying for rent, clients had an average of just $6.13 per day remaining for additional expenses. That’s just $6.13 left over to cover meals a day, transportation needs and any other expenses. Over 40% of respondents of the same survey who were receiving social assistance stated that there were times when they did not eat for an entire day.

When discussing what steps can be taken to address food insecurity, the conversation needs to be about more than just increasing funding for existing36_15_2_28401 food bank services. Housing, food insecurity and poverty and inextricably linked for families struggling to afford housing. By investing more in affordable housing, Canada is in turn helping to address issues of food insecurity.

merry-xmas-smiley-emoticonchristmas-tree-3Affordable housing investments can be viewed as a preventative approach against homelessness. While preventative approaches often require greater investment and commitment in the short-term.

That’s a small price to pay for the benefits that come from addressing the causes, rather than the symptoms, of food insecurity and poverty.

5350942483415040Vineeth Sekharan is an undergraduate student in a psychology major at York University. His interest in the elimination of barriers to accessing vital services like housing and healthcare led him to work as a research student with The Homeless Hub. Vineeth’s other research interests include epidemiology, theories of power and persuasion, and literacy education. In his spare time, he likes to read a lot, write here and there, and then read some more.


Fostering Aboriginal Partnerships and Cultural Competency During your Point-in-Time Count

Addressing Core Housing Need in Canada

The New Bullying Prevention © 2015

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Wrecked Lives, Corporate Losses and Sluggish Growth: the Real Cost of Discrimination

Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex people doesn’t just hurt people; it hurts corporate profits and costs countries tens of billions of dollars in lost economic output. That’s the message of a new United Nations video, “The Price of Exclusion”, narrated by the actor Zachary Quintosc_xN-space1 and launched at UN Headquarters in New York today as part of a global campaign against homophobia and transphobia.

Free-and-EqualIn recent years, the United Nations has documented serious human rights violations against lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex people in countries around the world. In a report presented to the Human Rights Council earlier this year, UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein pointed to evidence of “pervasive, violent abuse, harassment and discrimination affecting LGBT and intersex persons in all regions.”

peace-gayStigma and abuse begin early – often in school wreathplaygrounds. According to studies carried out in the United States, the United Kingdom and Thailand, between half and two thirds of LGBT students are regularly bullied at school and up to a third skip school to escape harassment.

Bullying, isolation and family rejection drive many LGBT youth to abandon their education altogether, with many ending up homeless on the streets. Up to 40 per cent of homeless youth on the streets of major U.S. cities identify as LGBT or queer, compared with likely less than 10 per cent of the overall youth population.

Peace-Hand-Peace-Sign-Pink-Triangle-Gay-Pride-Flag-ColorsIn study after study, rates of poverty, food insecurity and depression have been found to be far higher in the LGBT community than in the public at large.santa A U.S. study found gay and lesbian youth are four times more likely to contemplate or attempt suicide, compared with the general population – trans youth are ten times more likely.

Those most directly affected are of course the victims themselves – the individuals being discriminated against. gayheartBut it’s not only LGBT people who pay the price; we all do. Every trans youth thrown out of home or forced to miss out on an education is a loss for society. Every gay or lesbian worker denied work or driven to emigrate is a lost opportunity to build a more productive economy.

These losses quickly add up. School drop-outs and talent flight shrink the size of a country’s labour market, lowering economic output, putting pressure on corporate profits, and reducing tax flows – leaving less money for schools, healthcare and other essential services.

According to a pilot study conducted for the World Bank last year, discrimination against santaLGBT people in India could be costing that country’s economy up to $32 billion a year in lost economic output. No wonder UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently called ending discrimination against members of the LGBT community “a human rights priority and a development imperative.”

The economic damage caused by discrimination is substantial – and entirely unnecessary. With different laws and policies in place – and, imagesimportantly, a different mind-set – we could and would achieve a different result. The UN is working with governments and, in a new initiative, with companies to bring about change.

In recent years, businesses large and small have taken steps to make the work environment safersanta and more inclusive for their LGBT employees. Many have changed the way they do business with a view to better serving LGBT customers and, in some cases, extracting anti-discrimination commitments from suppliers up and down their supply chains.

waving_crossed_gay_pride_flagsFor the most part, companies are taking action because they believe it’s the right thing to do. But they are also acting in their own interests – and those of their shareholders, customers and the wider community.

clipart-pretty-sexy-lady-smiley-emoticon-371bWatch the UN’s new video to learn more about the business case for inclusion, and visit for more information on Free & Equal – the UN’s global campaign to end discrimination against LGBT and intersex people everywhere.

Article Posted: Dec 10,2015 ~ Charles Radcliffe Chief, Global Issues, U.N. Human Rights Office, New York

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