Dashing through the Snow…on Dogsleds


Way back in 1981, long before the 1000 kilometre Finnmarkslรธpet became the intensely branded and marketed dogsled race it is today, Sven Engholm and his determined team of huskies ran across snowy Finnmark and wonโ€ฆagainst 2 other teams.

Sven Engholm Sven Engholm

It was no small feat however, no matter the number of teams. A sleddog race run continuously over 5-6 days, in extreme weather conditions, is a challenging trial against the elements, for both man and dog alike. Nonetheless, Sven Engholm continued to compete, and to win. Another 10 times in fact, with his last 1000 kilometre race in 1994, seeing him beat the closest challenger by 5 hours and 30 minutes.

These days, heโ€™s traded all the grit and glory of racing, for the decidedly tamer business of taking tourists on dogsled day tours or more arduous week long trips.

Sven Engholm's Sleddog Tours Sven Engholmโ€™s Sleddog Tours

On the morning of our eagerlyโ€ฆ

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