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ME-1968Another forced sleepless Night gives me this opportunity to finally do what I have been putting of for a few months now, to write a post on my true feeling, what is really happening in my life and the struggles I still confront everyday, a behind the silence that no one sees or knows about, a ruthless evil, an Encounter of the unknown that I call the “The Fourth Kind”.

Anyway let me start by confirming, I try my best to be the best, no the most exceptional person I can be, I have always respected my upbringing, I was taught “To honour and respect everyone” and I applied it to my own existence, I stuck my neck out many times for others only to get a kick in the face, but I kept sticking my neck out for the right reasons, I also lent a hand when I new it wasn’t the right thing to do, not illegal mind you but rather against my morals only because it made someone Happy and smile. Most of all I helped if it was at all possible for me to do so, and mattered most, when it hurt my heart.

For example the following is the kind of thing thatย trulyย bothers and upsets me to see, it’s only one of many good deeds I ย done out of kindness that I am proud of to this day:

I had friends that lived in the country a few years back, as I would visit them frequently it brings to mind an issue one winter with their sump pump, to make a long story short, the current pump seen it’s last day, a new one would cost $380.00 plus Taxes, money those friends never had. After making some phone calls, we removed the old pump and headed to town.

What kind of person would I be to sit back knowing I had the money while a family had no water, also being February month, I could never live with myself after if I never, so I purchased the new pump for them.

JUSESSo what’s my point you ask? well today I received in the mail a ticket I surprisingly had received on Nov 16, 2015 for, and I QUOTE : “Drove a vehicle while under a Sanctionamount $460.00 ~ Date Nov,16 2015. It also gives me 30 days from the date of the infraction to “PAY” or enter how I “Plead”, “Guilty or Not Guilty” receiving it today leaving me two weeks to respond. My Friend also came down and spoke with the officer on that day in question and said there was no ticket issued, it ended without incident.

From my experience with past parking tickets, once you pay the fine at City Hall as I did, they then contact the SAAQ (in this case), the City then informs and forwards that information to the SAAQ to adjust their records accordingly, this case removing the operating restrictions on my “Driver’sย licence”ย and my “Licenceย Plate” which were both free and clear, which I received in writing from the SAAQ.

I paid these parking tickets in question in two payments, one on Sept 14, 2015 for $40.00 and the other one on Sept 28, 2015 for $160.00.
The tickets were $30.00 ea. and I didn’t pay them immediately (as if everyone does) so they ended up costing me a total ofย $100.00 each. I did not dispute that, I paid the $200.00, so why now then do I have to go and explain and show my evidence to a Judge! This I will do, as I am pleading “Not Guilty” and definitely going, only If a judge orders me to pay the $460.00 shall I.


I really think this has gotten out of hand, and they shall never leave me be, as long as there is a lack of justice, crime Thump’s. It baffles me why these people are so determined to destroy me, because in All Honesty, I don’t have no idea who they are or why they hate me so!


Steamed but this video I recorded on that walk home Nov 16, 2015!

It was requested by a Gatineau Police Services officer when he stopped me at 36 Tasse on Nov 16, 2015, in front of my friends building. After the officer checked my information I provided, he informed me of my licence plate suspension for unpaid fines and asked me to park my car and leave it in my friends parking spot until morning after I went to the SAAQ to clear up the misunderstanding,ย which I did and renewed my plates at the same time for another year. I told him I paid the fines in Sept 2015 and had receipts to prove it, but I did as he said, I parked my car and walked home. This video I recorded on that walk home Nov 16, 2015!



In closing: The tension in my work, home and social life is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. I have loved and losted and I have losted and loved but now I am at the stage in my life, where there are so many great and amazing people surrounding me and offering there help, and don’t get me wrong, I am so Grateful for you and your devotion in showing me the universal road to Love, redemption and freedom but evil still prevails along my path, and until and only until serious measures are taken to put an end to this torture, or I relocate, my road will always lead to failure and disgrace and I am sorry but I will not walk that road lined with demons no longer as I await death.

Article posted by Terry.K ~ Dec 4, 2015

The New Bullying Prevention ยฉ 2015

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    In the last 10 years I’ve seen hundreds of lives destroyed, jobs taken away or loss, family break downs, marriage break downs, women and children inched closer to poverty, increase in homelessness, and massive Human Rights violations which only touches on the direct and not to mention the indirect effect that a certain disorganized crime unit has and it’s major impact on the success of the Sustainable development Goals whom are also partially responsible for the harassment, havoc and torture, I myself have endured over the last 10 years. That entity is better know as Equifax, a credit bureau located right here in St Laurent, Quebec, they must be stopped and we need to find a better answer to credit reporting, because it’s a proven fact my personal information is not safe in their hands and neither is yours or anyone’s for that matter.


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